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 Frustrated student

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PostSubject: Frustrated student   Fri 2 Dec - 11:52

I believe that the time zones conspire against me.

The daily reset occurs at 7 PM local time for me. I'm usually checking in at reset and afew time following, at least until 10-11 PM (and often up until 1 AM), so up to about 4-6 hours post-reset. Rarely if ever do I find anyone teaching anything at the time.

In the morning, generally around 8-9 AM local (reset -11 hours) I usually see that there are two teachers, and at least one lesson that I'm interested in. Alas, every time but once when I check the class it is full Shocked

What I'm wondering is at what time do the teachers usually offer the classes, how many students each can they handle, and from whomever is typically grabbing the last spots, around what time is this occuring.

I'm also hoping that some teachers can begin their teachings closer to the post-reset hour, if that's possible given your own time zone alignments.
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PostSubject: Re: Frustrated student   Tue 6 Dec - 4:14

This problem occurs in France too, workers/students/people not at home can't manage to attend a lesson because the class is full when they come back home and they'd like teachers to be able to handle more students. Levan doesn't seem to have given an answer yet but admins will have to raise the numbers of students per class anyway when more people level up so they can do it now, can't they?
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PostSubject: Re: Frustrated student   Wed 14 Dec - 14:36

duh, I missed this post, sorry it took long for me to realise it was here.

as a rector, I accept or deny teachers, and once they're accepted, students can follow their lessons.

I usually accept the teachers between 10am and 1pm GMT (reset +6/+9) during the week, and around 2pm GMT (reset +10) on weekends (I'm accepting some right after the reset on friday nights, but that's not a habit I want to have Smile)

if it's a problem, we can agree on me accepting the lessons later in the day (lets say reset - Cool for given days of the week. I wonder how many students are impacted but I don't want to prevent you from learning quickly because of this.
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PostSubject: Re: Frustrated student   

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Frustrated student
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