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 New lessons propositions

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Lady Vaness

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PostSubject: New lessons propositions   Tue 29 Nov - 5:53

Fed up with Basis of history ?
Over the cap with Greek ?
Sleep on Biology course ?

Propose here new lessons you would like to see in our University !

My proposal is : - COOKING

And I propose myself as teacher for that (because it just does not make sens to me to have an English Cooking teacher Laughing )
Moreover I'm well known in my family to be a perfect Blue ribbon !
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PostSubject: Re: New lessons propositions   Sun 8 Jan - 7:11

I would like to learn trading, but Mortaurat learns Study of government institutions and Tetsu : Basis of Medicine, every days, why ?
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PostSubject: Re: New lessons propositions   Fri 27 Jan - 5:35

Would be interesting to have "Ship building" and "Navigation" for the harbor towns, this could lead to two new level 3 jobs as "Harbor Master" and "Ship Captain" and maybe something like "Fortifications" that would lead to a job like "Military Engineer". Also "Mining techniques" and "Road and Bridge Construction" that would lead to the job of "Civil Engineer".
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PostSubject: Re: New lessons propositions   

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New lessons propositions
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