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 [Fraud] Lazer vs Wiltshire - Discharged

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PostSubject: [Fraud] Lazer vs Wiltshire - Discharged   Thu 3 May - 9:07

Bill of indictment wrote:
The defendant is charged with Fraud-006, 001 Economic manipulation - creating and abusing a monopoly, in that Lazer who is balcksmith did buy two knives despite that he can produce knives by himself using his profession. He bought cheap priced knives creating environment for selling of more expensive knives creating and abusing a monopoly.
The evidences:
The prosecution call the witness to testify.

First defence pleading wrote:
Your Honor,

I've been sending and receiving mails with Lady Quinlynn for a long time, and I decided to go Warwick to see her. At that point I want to take some goods with me to sell there. As you may know, Warwick is a forest town and our town has shortage of wood in these days. Therefore i decided to make a little trade that i can manage. Yes i bought some knives, while i can create knives. But i never create a monopoly or abuse a monopoly. My knifes are always one of the cheapest one. All i want is to travel to Warwick to see Lady Quinlynn and to arrange a little personal trade, not for me but for my town.
On the other hand I was producing knifes for Simbo for wage 27p and he was trading for our town. And he told me to buy any knive under 17.00 to keep market stable. But my aim is not to benefit from it because I havent sold the kinfes I bought. they are currently on my inventory however I have sold my knifes in order to make some money and get some cheap meat, fish and wood from other cities for my town because I think we need them.

Finally, I personall always look for the market and prices. if I am that kind of person and try to benefit from market why did not I buy the bucket at 44.00 when I was selling it from 47.50? you can check it out that this was real at 3 days ago.

Under this circumstances, i humbly request my acquittal.

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
The Prosecution finds that Lazer did confirm the violation of the law.
Lazer said: "And he" This "he" is Simbo "told me to buy any knive under 17.00 to keep market stable." This is pure creating of monopoly. Buying these much cheaper knives just "to keep market stable" is violation of the law of Wiltshire.
It is clear that the defendant is creting and abusing monopoly in the town of Winchester. The Prosecution asks for guilty sentence.

Last defence pleading wrote:
The thought of keeping the market stable is Simbo's. My ait when I buy the knifes is to sell it in other town since I was preparing to visit Lady Quinlynn. I want to say again I did not sell the knifes that I bought from him. I want to sell it to other town and bring some cheap wood for our town. How can I think of being monopoly by just buying 2 knifes and without selling it. In other words, I am a blacksmith for more then 2 weeks. Simbo told me this about 'keeping the market stable' 2 weeks ago. However this is my first time to buy a knife under 17.00. This proves that my aim. My aim is to sell to another market and I guess it does not violate the laws.
As a person who thinks and lives for his town I really do not care about any profit from our market My goods are always one of the cheapest. I have a tavern and I am paying my taxes, I do not have any profit from tavern I earn less then 20 for a week which is the tax for a week. However I think about my friends and our people to enjoy from our RP. I am trying to be an active,a honest and friendly member of our town I am tring to work for my town and I always will.
Under this circumstances, i humbly request my acquittal.
Best Regards,

Jonathon_Frisby (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
Thankyou Good Sirs for this oppurtunity to testify. I am a blacksmith in the town of Winchester. on the 13/11/2006 I produced 3 knives which I placed on the town market at a price of 15.50 pounds each. These were the cheapest knives available on the market at the time as the other knives available were all priced at above 17 pounds. I wished to sell these knives at a cheap price to benefit the animal ranchers of Winchester thus I was somewhat distressed when I discovered Lazer, another blacksmith in Winchester who has no animal ranch, had bought 2 of these knives. I believe Lazer bought my knives at a cheaper price in order to force the animal ranchers of Winchester to buy his and other's knives at the higher price of 17 pounds or more. When I contacted Lazer to request an explanation as to why he had purchased these knives he replied that he had done so to keep the market stable. Therefore I contacted the public prosecuter for Wiltshire with my evidence against Lazer as I feel Lazer's actions are intended to manipulate the economy. My thanks once again for the county's vigilance in protecting the honest folk of Wiltshire and Winchester.

Statement wrote:
The defendant has been discharged.
The prosecution is correct that purchases (other than by the town hall) for the purpose of 'keeping the market stable' are illegal, particularly if they are resold on the same market. However, this does not appear to be the case. Purchasing goods for resale as a merchant in another town is legal. I am going to accept the defendant's story since he has a good reputation. Case dismissed!
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[Fraud] Lazer vs Wiltshire - Discharged
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