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 [Slavery] Wiltshire vs Pirken - Guilty

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PostSubject: [Slavery] Wiltshire vs Pirken - Guilty   Sat 31 Mar - 11:34

Bill of indictment wrote:

The defendant is charged with Slavery-001 Minimum wage in that Pirken did hire Drestakil for 14 pounds, 1 pounds under the legal minimum.
The evidence: https://2img.net/h/i120.photobucket.com/albums/o184/tropinha/crime1.jpg
The prosecution call the victim and the witness to testify.

First defence pleading wrote:
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
The defendant didn't present to the Court. This is sign of disrespect. The witness and the evidence undoubtedly show that Pirken is guilty.

Last defence pleading wrote:
Oh ooh. I wasn't aware of the salarylimit. The dropdown menu asked me to choose a number.. and I thought 14 pounds wasn't to bad.. since working in the mines is paid 15 pounds

Guttermanek (called by the defence) wrote:
Pirken hired me on the 14th of November for 14 pounds. I did not, however, make any effort to inform him of his wrongdoing. I know that ignorance of the law does not make it right, but I myself, in my youth and ignorance, made the same mistake and was forgiven.

Thank you.

Drestakil (called by the prosecutor) wrote:

Tropinha78 (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
I confirm that pirken hired Drestakil for 14 pounds. I am a witness of this crime

Statement wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of slavery.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse. You are found guilty and sentenced to a 9 pound fine.
The defendant has been sentenced to 9 pounds fine.
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[Slavery] Wiltshire vs Pirken - Guilty
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