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 [Public Disorder] Reading vs Bleez - Discharged

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PostSubject: [Public Disorder] Reading vs Bleez - Discharged   Sat 31 Mar - 11:10

Bill of indictment wrote:
08/11 10:23 : Bleez hires PC12 for 14,00 pounds

First defence pleading wrote:
i arrived here 4 days ago and i don't how much are the wages here, it's not written !! i come from Toulon in France and here it's ok for 0 points... why i never received a message for this error but direct a proces ??? i never had a proces and i am a level 3. I saw a lot of proces for that here, maybe there is an organisation error, say to the mayor to write the wages in his message !!

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
Everyone should know the law in order not to do crimes. The defendant should have read the law or at least the important for the daily live parts of it. The prosecution recommends a light sentence that will learn the defendant to know the law better.

Last defence pleading wrote:

i'm ok with that. it's just i did not knew that the wage for 0 point is 15 pounds because i am a new Reading member. No problem, now i know. I recommend to all mayors to write a wages matrix in their message like all cities in france.

PC12 (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
To all in the court here present, I also was unaware of the minimum wage in these parts, if I had known I would cetainly have refused to work for the man they call Bleez. In saying that, I am also aware that Bleez is new in these parts and therfore should be given the benifit of the doubt. Perhaps he could see his way to compensating a poor dame like me, by way of monatary compensation or/and a TP. Good Wishes to all. PC12

Statement wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been discharged.
While the court does not condone slavery, the defendant's mistake is understandable.

Also, this is not a case of public disorder, it is a case of slavery.

So I'm going to dismiss on the technicality that the charge was filed incorrectly. If the prosecution wishes a new trial, please file it under slavery.
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[Public Disorder] Reading vs Bleez - Discharged
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