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 [Public Disorder] Somerset vs Servin - Guilty

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Dr. Rino

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PostSubject: [Public Disorder] Somerset vs Servin - Guilty   Sun 4 Mar - 12:21

Lawsuit between Servin and Somerset

Servin was charged with the commission of public disorder.

The sentence has been passed

Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of public disorder.
Servin, citizen of Gloucester I find you guilty of attempting to rob Martur, citizen of Bridgewater under the laws of VII. Seventh Book - Public Disorder from the Laws of Worchester County.

The following verdict has gone under deep decision making and is based on the drawings and statements given to me.

1. Whoever robs, or attempts to rob, another person of money and/or property, is punishable with a fine, imprisonment or death, at the discretion of the judge. The death penalty can be applied in the case of a third conviction for violating this section.

It is clear to me that you, Servin, robbed Martur. Apart from the fact that I was able to log into Marturs account and see for myself that his drawing (OOC: screen shot) is real unlike the fake one you provided. But that fact that your story on how the robbery happened, just doesn’t add up.

Your defence does not make sense at all. You state, “and some money to hire to hire workers from abroad.” But then you go on to say, “have discovered that I will not be able to hire another worker to sow my field for the next harvest and seeing the market full of corn thought it was impossible to sell corn there.” I didn’t realise you were relying on your corn to sell. (Just wanted to point that out to you that your story of lies is corrupted with many holes).

Allikath and Buddica are well esteemed citizens of Somerset. Great things they have accomplished for Somerset. They would only tell you that your unwelcome if you truly did something wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself for this statement. And anyway she is the prosecution, not a witness.

I have decided to add Allikaths statement and evidence to my judgement.

Having already decided to find you guilty, I will add to your sentence even more for lying and given false information and evidence to the court.

Servin, citizen of Gloucester I fine you 30 pounds and 7 days in jail.

If you wish to appeal this case, please approach the Court of Appeals at the following address : http://forum.renaissancekingdoms.com/viewforum.php?f=98

The defendant has been sentenced to prison penalty 7 days.

Bill of indictment

Servin, you are being charged with Public Disorder.

On 13/02 04:08 you attempted robbery of Martur, said attempt being a crime of robbery punishable with a fine, imprisonment or death, at the discretion of the judge.

You have the right to legal representation. If you wish a lawyer, I recommend contacting the Law Society of England.

This indictment has been written by his excellency the Public Prosecutor of Worcester,under the terms of the judicial treaty binding the two counties.Evidence has also been provided and can be found here:
First defence pleading

Your Honour, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have gathered here to take part in a trial againts me. A trial that should be the other way around but it isn't. If I was a herold, I would call it: A Chaotic Law trial. Where the bullies become victims. But let's start from the beggining...

On the ninth of February Anno Domini 1455 because of having serious budget problems I decided to look for my way of surviving in another county. My corn fields were overloaded with corn and the local market was stagnant. I am well known to local authorities of criticism againts them. But on this day I thought of going out of town to nearby Evesham to sell my products there at a local price. I asked my friend Kazgorath to accompany me on this journey, but we didn't set off immediately. We left to Evesham leaving a job announcment back in Gloucester. I took 72 corn bags with me Kazgorath as a bodyguard and some money to hire to hire workers from abroad.

Unfortunately after reaching the town I have discovered that I will not be able to hire another worker to sow my field for the next harvest and seeing the market full of corn thought it was impossible to sell corn there. So we had to turn back. It so happened that we landed on a node between the cities. Kazgorath explained to me that he got confused using the map, as it was the first time he ever saw one. And I followed him as he led the way. So we had to camp in the nearby forest. But this night was far from calm. Before going to rest we've met a man with some strange writing on his rags. Kazgorath says it said Martur on it. He was a robber and hearing our refusal he single handedly stunned Kazgorath and attacked me. I tried to defend myself but was too weak and had to give away my possesions in order to live. Next day, Me and Kazgorath have reached Gloucester and tried to get to the prosecutors office as fast as possible. But there we only saw that our offender has turned the tide againts us again.

Not only have I lost my corn what was mostly all I had by myself then, but he accused us of the crime we were victims of. The case was already on. I have delivered the evidence I had but the court didn't take it into consideration. I do not understand why. I heard that Kazgorath gave false statements, or something, but Kazgorath was not the one robbed. I was the merchant and it was my goods that were stolen!

On the same path we have encountered Enigma. This information our oppressor failed to deliver.

Although Your Honour I am not here to question Your judgement, I would like to ask where is our "victim" now?!? Dear jury, Why is it that we present ourselves before you today and not hide somewhere where the hand of justice wouldn't reach us for the crimes we didn't commit? I know where Martur is Today... He hides himself, keeping a low profile in one of the monasteries in Bridgewater. My friend, a monk says he is all fine in there, having luxuries of life, while we are being trialed. Probably my corn is already gone and while the trial is on he will hide there until he will avoid justice.

I like You Your Honour am a lawful citizen and demand that justice had triumphed in this hall... But this cannot commence, until the real robber runs loose in the County looking for another victim. I ask that the real suspect was finally engaged by the law and brought here for a fair trial to commence.

Thank You. The defence rests...
Prosecutor indictment

Your Honour,

At this point I would like to present you some pieces of evidence and my conclusions:

The first piece of evidence was provided by Martur, the last two from the defendant and his companion. Although the first is contradicting the last two as to who attacked,it is beyond doubt that either Martur or the defendant's and his bodyguard's group attacked to rob.

And the attacker, Your Honour, couldn't have been Martur. Because,as Allikath, who I call as a witness, can testify,Martur was in Gloucester the 13th of February 1455 (OOC:by reset). That means that the previous day he led himself to travel in haste through the nod where the incident occured and had no intention of robbing anyone.(OOC: Martur pressed the "travel to Gloucester" button the day before. He couldn't have pressed "rob the travellers",or he wouldn't have arrived in GC by reset. Doing both actions is not allowed by the game.) Allikath is keeping a record of the people present in Gloucester every day as part of her duties in the Somerset Armed Service.

So that leave us with one option Your Honour. Servin,who was the one who hired Kazgorath as stated in their testimonies, tried to rob Martur. The fact that he ended up in the meadow ,unconscious but not dead ,only shows Martur's magnanimity,who ,at the risk of his own life and goods, spared his opponent's life.

As this case has been brought before you ,Your Honour, under the terms of the judicial treaty binding Somerset and WOrcester, we have to apply Worcester's law which dictates:

001 Crimes against Person and Property
1. Whoever robs, or attempts to rob, another person of money and/or property, is punishable with a fine, imprisonment or death, at the discretion of the judge. The death penalty can be applied in the case of a third conviction for violating this section.

I therefore propose jail time of at least 3 days for Servin.
Last defence pleading

Your Honour,

From what I hear I do not know what to say... I will try and put an order to it all.

Firstly I am in great shock. The so claimed great former judge - Martur, is inspiring the noble jury sitting here to be posessed by the judges! This is againts all laws in all the England. Witchcraft is forbidden and calling Satan to takeover bodies no matter the aim is a serious crime. I do not object searching through Marturs inventory, but accessing the mind and searching for events is dark magic! Since Martur was a judge and offered you this solution I am begining to fear that other court officials will commit crimes in order to deliver no proof or false truth to the courts. I however believe that this was just a tactical manuever to gain trust - willing to do anything that he can to show that he is not afraid showing anything. I have provided you with all the necessary documents that I could, without witchcraft and by all legal means. I do not wish to offer Your Honour the same as Martur did, because it can be evidence to another crime. I have provided all the evidence I could and by all legal means. However addressing to Your Honour as to a heretic is an insult to all the representatives of the law in this country and insult to all who abide this law. It's an insult to me as well... I object at such statements being presented before the courts... (OOC: http://www.renaissancekingdoms.com/Proces.php?affaire=13473)

Secondly, the prosecutors indictment... Like I mentioned before Your Honour local authorities don't like us. I do not question the great work the prosecutor has just presented. However he has failed to notice few things though. Please allow me to present the full image before You make Your verdict.

Allikath of Gloucester, Sheriff of Sommerset is Buddica's... Mayor of Gloucester... great friend. Me and Kazgorath many times have come discussing and criticise on Buddica's ideas. Allikath however in a very rude way has insulted us, told us we were not welocome and such... She was very hostile towards us in the past for... critisism of the mayor, what is not a crime. Fury and hate was in every word she wrote. Calling her a witness is at least a mistake. Evidence provided by Allikath, in which the prosecutor states evidence againts us, cannot be treated like proof. Firstly I believe it is not an official document (screenshot), because the prosecutor failed to deliver the link before Your Honour. I believe it's a copy that can be manipulated in any way. This plus Allikath's attitude towards us makes the evidence completly unreliable and I strongly believe that it was forged for the means of this trial. Allikath tries to make her revenge. Before I finish, I would like to present you evidence of Allikath's antipathy towards us. The witnesses of Allikath being an unreliabe witness are the censors (OOC: of the forums). The evidence can be found from here:


and here where her entire posts were being deleted:

I believe that the information that Martur was in Gloucester on 13th has been forged.

Thank you.
The defence called Kazgorath

His statement:
Your Honour,

When Servin asked me to help him in getting to Evesham safe I agreed to help him since we are friends in work.He makes for me unchooped buckets to help our ranchers in getting cheap buckets...

When we arrived to Evesham we saw their market was also full of corn so there was no point in selling our there so we turned back to Glouchester. As Servin said I took the wrong way and we landed on node as he was following me.
Then we saw Martur as we refused to give our good to him he attacked us I tryed to defend Servin but he knocked me down. When i woke up I saw Servin but the goods he had were gone.
After we return to Glouchester i saw that from victims we became criminals and here we are today to defend ourselfs.

Thank You..
The prosecutor called Martur

His statement:
Your Honor,
I was but travelling across the counties trying to sell my meats when Sevrin and Kazgorath attacked me. I found them off and reported to the athorities when I reached the next town. They will claim that I took corn from them, but my inventory nor my sales orders show any. my events show nothing about recieving any goods from the encounter. One of them admitted to changing his screenshot in the forums, though he says it was only to protect his clientele. I give the following screenshots as evidence.


I would also like to add that I have not been "hiding out" in the church. I have been ill of late and could not tend my properties.(ooc: I work 10 hr shifts now and do not have much time to play anymore)
The prosecutor called Allikath

His statement:
Greetings to the court.
I am Allikath, Sheriff of Somerset county and a member of that council since it's inception, also Earl of Dean.
As a member of the Somerset Army Service, also from it's inception, one of my duties as assigned by Sajanzv is to monitor and report the town list on a daily basis.
I have checked the records and I can attest that Martur was indeed in Gloucester as stated by the prosecutor and not able to have both moved and robbed anyone on the same day.The same day Martur arrived in Gloucester Servin and Kazgorath were not listed as being in Gloucester in the town information. However they are both listed in the town information on the following day indicating they were still on the node the day Martur arrived in Gloucester allowing them to commit the robbery as he passed through the node.

I submit the following links to the town lists in question.

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 12:49 am
The day Martur arrived in Gloucester. Servin and Kazgorath are not listed as being in the town.

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 11:13 pm
The following day Kazgorath and Servin arrive in Gloucester.

The times are EST-USA, GMT-5. The first post was made after midnight and the second before midnight right after reset. That is why they both are listed as posted the same date.

I will be happy to provide any more testimony the court requires.
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[Public Disorder] Somerset vs Servin - Guilty
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