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 [Public Disorder] Somerset vs Kazgorath -Guilty

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Dr. Rino

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PostSubject: [Public Disorder] Somerset vs Kazgorath -Guilty   Sun 4 Mar - 12:20

Lawsuit between Kazgorath and Somerset

Kazgorath was charged with the commission of public disorder.

The sentence has been passed

Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of public disorder.
Kazgorath, citizen of Gloucester I find you guilty of attempting to rob Martur, citizen of Bridgewater under the laws of VII. Seventh Book - Public Disorder from the Laws of Worchester County.

The following verdict has gone under deep decision making and is based on the drawings and statements given to me.

1. Whoever robs, or attempts to rob, another person of money and/or property, is punishable with a fine, imprisonment or death, at the discretion of the judge. The death penalty can be applied in the case of a third conviction for violating this section.

It is clear to me that you, Servin, attempted to robbed Martur. Apart from the fact that I was able to log into Marturs account and see for myself that his drawing (OOC: screen shot) is real unlike the fake one you provided. But that fact that your story on how the robbery happened, just doesn’t add up.

You state, “I keep secret as it is a merchants secret and revealing this to the public would break my lucrative trade contracts.” Obviously you don’t really want to be find innocent but instead make it harder for yourself to and easier to fine you guilty You also state, “But to the good of this case I would like to present my evidence to Your Honour and only Your Honour in private. No other way is acceptable for me.” But I have never received a letter from you which again proves that you really don’t want to be found innocent.

Having already decided to find you guilty, I will add to your sentence even more for lying and given false information and evidence to the court.

Because you were the leader of the group I will add on more punishment for your sentence.

Kazgorath, citizen of Gloucester I fine you 30 pounds and 8 days in jail.

If you wish to appeal this case, please approach the Court of Appeals at the following address : http://forum.renaissancekingdoms.com/viewforum.php?f=98

The defendant has been sentenced to prison penalty 8 days.

Bill of indictment

Kazgorath, you are being charged with Public Disorder.

On 13/02 04:08 you attempted robbery of Martur, said attempt being a crime of robbery punishable with a fine, imprisonment or death, at the discretion of the judge.

You have the right to legal representation. If you wish a lawyer, I recommend contacting the Law Society of England.

This indictement has been written by his excellency the Public Prosecutor od Worcester under the terms of the judicial treaty binding the two counties. Evidence has also been provided and can be found here:
First defence pleading

Your Honour,

I would like to present my point of view on the matter of the whole event.

I was asked by Servin to accompany him on his way to Evesham as a bodyguard. We have set of from our mothertown of Gloucester and traveled to Evesham in a group. In Evesham it appeared that Servin has no money to sow his corn field and our journey was a complete failure. I need to mention that we have gone there so that Servin could sell his corn. For the journey I have taken 3 loaves of bread and 10 pounds. The market however has appeared to be overstocked from corn so we were on our way back home. Unfortunately I accidentally pressed the button to go to the node instead of going to Gloucester and Servin has already pressed follow the leader. So we went to the node instead of going to the town we wanted to land in.

On the road, a muddy, stinky, ugly, oh Your Honour you have no idea... Uhm... I mean a person with "Martur" written on his pants, crossed our path. He said in a nice and calm tone: Hand over your belongings. Not wanting to grant him his wish, we nicely refused and said we'll be on our way. Passing him by I lost conciousness and woke up, when the nearby cow moooo'ed. First I thought it was Martur again, but it was only a cow... I was beaten and can't sit till this day.

We finally reached Gloucester after a day. The agressor has taken my possesions, but can be considered as not much.

The same day he rushed to the prosecutors office to report the crime, only switching sides with me and Servin. He delivered the false proof before we could deliver ours. My proof has appeared fake to the judges of both Sommerset and Worcester, because I admit, have edited it in some part. The edited part concerned my business deals I keep secret as it is a merchants secret and revealing this to the public would break my lucrative trade contracts. In this state of market revealing those documents could be treated as manslaughter. I did this to protect my wares and my good reputations as a trader. But to the good of this case I would like to present my evidence to Your Honour and only Your Honour in private. No other way is acceptable for me.

I however feel insulted, by the authorities way of actions. The true criminal is still running loose, probably plundering all he finds in his way. From the latest gossip he is said to be hiding in some monastery in Sommerset, to keep low profile and avoid judgment. A fair trail, all three of us deserve.

That is all Your Honour... for now...
Prosecutor indictment

Your Honour,

At this point I would like to present you some pieces of evidence and my conclusions:

The first piece of evidence was provided by Martur, the last two from the defendant and his companion. Although the first is contradicting the last two as to who attacked,it is beyond doubt that either Martur or the defendant's and his companion's group attacked to rob.

And the attacker, Your Honour, couldn't have been Martur. Because,as Allikath, who I call as a witness, can testify,Martur was in Gloucester the 13th of February 1455 (OOC:by reset). That means that the previous day he led himself to travel in haste through the nod where the incident occured and had no intention of robbing anyone.(OOC: Martur pressed the "travel to Gloucester" button the day before. He couldn't have pressed "rob the travellers",or he wouldn't have arrived in GC by reset. Doing both actions is not allowed by the game.) Allikath is keeping a record of the people present in Gloucester every day as part of her duties in the Somerset Armed Service.

So that leave us with one option Your Honour. Kazgorath,who was the leader of the group as presented in the evidence and the testimonies tried to rob Martur. The fact that he ended up in the meadow ,unconscious but not dead ,only shows Martur's magnanimity,who ,at the risk of his own life and goods, spared his opponent's life.

As this case has been brought before you ,Your Honour, under the terms of the judicial treaty binding Somerset and WOrcester, we have to apply Worcester's law which dictates:

001 Crimes against Person and Property
1. Whoever robs, or attempts to rob, another person of money and/or property, is punishable with a fine, imprisonment or death, at the discretion of the judge. The death penalty can be applied in the case of a third conviction for violating this section.

I therefore propose jail time of at least 3 days for Kazgorath.
Last defence pleading

You Honour,

There have been no proof showing what Martur was doing from 13-16 February. There is no real proof showing he was in Glouchester as there was no screen made that day.
The only thing that is certain is that many people that where waching Martur's screen are saying that it is fake.
I was many times flamed by Allikath (moderators where cutting it of from topic) without reason which is worrying me that she testifys here...
I showed You honourable jude proof that shows I am innocent I am known form helping new players with getting their trust points and fair prices for my buckets and knifes...I don't need to rob others..

Thank You..
The defence called Servin

His statement:
Your Honour, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have finally got to know the motives that drew my companion into changing the evidence. A most valuable information indeed as he didn't share it even with me. As far as a peasant like me knows law I don't think that sharing business contracts with surroundings is a good deal. Though if he agrees to share this information with Your Honour, and You will relieve him of duty keeping the secret to himself, he should immediately do so without hesitation.

We all have heard what Kazgorath has said. I have nothing more to add than to acknowledge and say that this was the true course of action. I echo after my friend, where is the ... ekhm... "victim", and why is he hiding in retreat, when the courts have started lawsuits? Is he afraid to stand trial in front of the representative of Temida?

Thank You for your attention.
The prosecutor called Martur

His statement:
Your Honor,
I was but travelling across the counties trying to sell my meats when Sevrin and Kazgorath attacked me. I found them off and reported to the athorities when I reached the next town. They will claim that I took corn from them, but my inventory nor my sales orders show any. my events show nothing about recieving any goods from the encounter. One of them admitted to changing his screenshot in the forums, though he says it was only to protect his clientele. I give the following screenshots as evidence.

The prosecutor called Allikath

His statement:
Greetings to the court.
I am Allikath, Sheriff of Somerset county and a member of that council since it's inception, also Earl of Dean.
As a member of the Somerset Army Service, also from it's inception, one of my duties as assigned by Sajanzv is to monitor and report the town list on a daily basis.
I have checked the records and I can attest that Martur was indeed in Gloucester as stated by the prosecutor and not able to have both moved and robbed anyone on the same day.The same day Martur arrived in Gloucester Servin and Kazgorath were not listed as being in Gloucester in the town information. However they are both listed in the town information on the following day indicating they were still on the node the day Martur arrived in Gloucester allowing them to commit the robbery as he passed through the node.

I submit the following links to the town lists in question.

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 12:49 am
The day Martur arrived in Gloucester. Servin and Kazgorath are not listed as being in the town.

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 11:13 pm
The following day Kazgorath and Servin arrive in Gloucester.

The times are EST-USA, GMT-5. The first post was made after midnight and the second before midnight right after reset. That is why they both are listed as posted the same date.

I will be happy to provide any more testimony the court requires.
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[Public Disorder] Somerset vs Kazgorath -Guilty
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