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 [Public Disorder] Somerset vs Martur - Discharged

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Dr. Rino

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PostSubject: [Public Disorder] Somerset vs Martur - Discharged   Sun 4 Mar - 12:18

Lawsuit between Martur and Somerset

Martur was charged with the commission of public disorder.

The sentence has been passed

Statement of accusation
The defendant has been discharged.
Martur I discharge you and please accept the courts deepest apologies. You have been found innocent because of the excellent and clear evidence provided.

Martur provided a way for me to see into his characters events and so I could see for myself that truly his drawing (OOC: screen shot) is not fake.

You did however wounded the robbers and left them to die in a cows field, but as it states in the Worchester County laws:

3. Whoever wounds or kills another person in the defense against an immediate and unlawful attack, is not punishable.

So I clear this allegation against you.

Bill of indictment

Martur, you are being charged with Public Disorder.

On 13/02 04:08 you robbed Servin, a crime punishable with a fine, imprisonment or death, at the discretion of the judge.

You have the right to legal representation. If you wish a lawyer, I recommend contacting the Law Society of England.

This indictment has been written by his excellency the Public Prosecutor of Worcester,under the terms of the judicial treaty binding Worcester and Somerset.Evidence has also been provided and can be seen here:

I bring to the attention of the witnesses that will be called to testify here that they have to do so under oath,as dictated by the Legal corpus of Somerset:
"Art. 1.4.10. : Testimony from witnesses are admissible in court. Witnesses must swear to state the truth only."

And also keep in mind this provision as well.:
"Art. 2.4.4. : An act of falsification of proof is defined as the creation of false evidence or modification of actual material evidence for use in a trial and that can affect the result of the trial.
An act of false testimony is defined as the act of stating false information or the omission of information as testimony before the court during a trial.
The falsification of proof and false testimony are light crimes. If these acts are committed to make false accusation, the accuser exposes himself/herself to receive the same degree of sentencing that the accused would have received. The sentences associated with this crime are set in Article 2.1.3."

It is with great sadness that I bring this case before you your Honour. Martur is a highly respected citizen of Somerset that has been sitting behind your august desk for some time. Nevertheless, it is the duty of every Public Prosecutor, not to confer justice but to bring alleged criminals before justice. So,it was my duty as Public Prosecutor to press charges against him, since this obscure case of robbery has to be resolved via a proper trial. Cause ,given the rule of interdiction of double jeopardy, this way Martur will have the opportunity to clear his name once and for all, if found innocent. And the alleged victims of him will have the opportunity to prove their allegations.

As to me, I will speak my mind in my 2nd bill of indictment, after the defendant and the essential witnesses will have testified. I also request our Constable, Ellsbeth to conduct a survey over the matter.

First defence pleading

Your Honor,
I was but travelling across the counties trying to sell my meats when Sevrin and Kazgorath attacked me. I found them off and reported to the athorities when I reached the next town. They will claim that I took corn from them, but my inventory nor my sales orders show any. my events show nothing about recieving any goods from the encounter. One of them admitted to changing his screenshot in the forums, though he says it was only to protect his clientele. I give the following screenshots as evidence.

Prosecutor indictment

Your Honour,

As I argued before you in the cases of Kazgorath and Servin (
),Martur can't have possibly intented to rob Servin. So I drop the charges and offer the county's apologies to the defendant for all the trouble caused to him.

Last defence pleading

I am satifyied with my defense.
The defence called Sajanzv

His statement:
I believe I have been called as a character witness in this case. Regarding Martur's character, I have the highest regard for him. He was a mentor to me when I was growing up in Winchester. He has also served England with great honour as the Judge of Wiltshire for two terms. He has been a great help to the town of Bridgewater where he currently resides.

Regarding the case, the Public Prosecutor has already stated that he is dropping the charges against Martur. So I dont see a need for me to add anything more here.
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[Public Disorder] Somerset vs Martur - Discharged
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