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 [Slavery] Worcester vs Charlesdelatour - Guilty

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Dr. Rino

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PostSubject: [Slavery] Worcester vs Charlesdelatour - Guilty   Sun 4 Mar - 10:08

Lawsuit between Charlesdelatour and Worcester

Charlesdelatour was charged with commission of slavery.

The sentence has been passed

Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of slavery.
Charlesdelatour, ignorance of the law is no excuse for violating it - as a citizen of this land it is your responsibility to make sure you have read and understood the laws of this county. I am glad to see that you have recognised this and are going to read the laws of Worcestershire.

I found you guilty of what you have already admitted - slavery. As I believe this was a genuine accident and you have expressed your remorse at this incident I will only fine you 10 pounds. You have expressed a desire to help your victim and I commend this, and order that you give Uvis one trust point. You must mail me a screenshot of this being done within seven days or you will be charged with contempt of court.

I hope you will not appear before this court again, Charlesdelatour.
The defendant has been sentenced to 10 pounds fine.

Bill of indictment

The defendant is charged with Slavery-001-minimum wage in that he did hire Uvis, a citizen of Hereford, at 15 pounds, 1 pound below the legal minimum wage.
First defence pleading

One thing to say
i m sorry but i dont see the law

escuse me

Prosecutor indictment

Your Honor, the laws are clearly posted on the forum of our great County, and they are also viewable here in game as they were decreed by Count Urshak before he resigned. This crime may have been an accedint, but I think it should be neccesary, as part of his sentence, to read and become familiar with the laws of our County.
Last defence pleading

I am so sorry and i promisse to help the poor fellow i spoiled ! and now i know the existence of the law i ll quickely learn how to read in order to know the "Laws of Worcestershire County"
The prosecutor called Uvis

The prosecutor called IvoLeite

His statement:
On the 2nd of November, upon checking the County of Worcestershire Public Prosecutor's Office I noticed that the minimum wage is 16 pound. So I decided to see the Hereford contract history. I noticed Charlesdelatour had hired Uvis for 15 pounds. Probably a simple mistake by both players because the county is new and they problably didn't knew the law for this council, thus I reported the matter to the prosecutor.
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[Slavery] Worcester vs Charlesdelatour - Guilty
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