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 [Slavery] Worcester vs Quangx - Guilty

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Dr. Rino

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PostSubject: [Slavery] Worcester vs Quangx - Guilty   Sun 4 Mar - 10:07

Lawsuit between Quangx and Worcester

Quangx was charged with commission of slavery.

The sentence has been passed

Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of slavery.
Quangx, while it may be true that you were unaware of the minimum wage law in this county this provides no excuse for your actions - as the prosecutor has already stated, it is the responsibility of every citizen to ensure they read and understand the laws of the land they reside in. Even more so in your case as you have admitted that you were informed of a minimum wage by a member of the public, yet didn't see fit to check the figure before you adjusted the job you had on offer. In the eyes of this court your actions can only be considered irresponsible and more importantly, in breach of county law in Book II-001.

You are found guilty of slavery. In spite of testimony that this is not the first time you have acted in ignorance of minimum wage laws I will impose a reduced fine upon you, taking into account your current financial situation, of only 10 pounds. I also order you to bestow upon the victim of this crime, FieryFox, one trust point. You must mail me a screenshot of this act within seven days or you will be back for contempt of court. I also recommend you acquaint yourself with the laws of your county and town immediately.

Quangx, you are getting off lightly - if you appear before this court again, do not expect any leniency.
The defendant has been sentenced to 10 pounds fine.

Bill of indictment

The defendant is charged with Slavery-001-minimum wage in that he did hire FieryFox, a citizen of Evesham, at 14 pounds, 2 pounds below the legal minimum wage.

First defence pleading

My plead is that i didnt know what the minimum wage was,since there is no mayor in this town to post the complete guide and the minimum wage in the town hall.The full story was like this.I first posted 12 pounds for hiring a person to work in my field,but then Ailyta told me that was below minimum wage, so then i posted 14 pounds and thought that was a fair wage.That all i have to say.

Prosecutor indictment

Your Honour,
The plea of ignorance is common amongst those whom are prosecuted for the first time. However as KillerRob has testified below Quangx is not a first timer. We as the prosectution state here and now that ignorance is not an excuse, all laws are clearly stated in the county forum, it is the obligation of employees to follow these laws. For a society to work it is the obligation of eah citizen to know the laws that apply to them.
Given the newness of the county and the lack of a mayor, but also considering past offences the prosectution asks for a fine of 15 pounds and a trust point to be given to the victim.
Last defence pleading

your honor, i have been living in barnstable on my other account that has been erraticated and there the minimum wage is only 14 pounds and i supposed it was the right ammount.ALso i am not an activist on the forums, as you an check, my account anme is aznvietthugx2.Also i feel unfair that killer rob is an prosecutor becasue he and I had fights back in marlborough and he is very hatred of me.Also if you check all my hiring, i always follow the ruleback in marlborough by paying the minimum wage.
The defence called Ailyta

The prosecutor called KillerRob

His statement:
Quangx and I are both former residents of Marlborough, although he sat in tavern often asking people to sell him bread at 3 pounds this wasn't the worst thing about him. He often posted jobs below minimum wage in town, our town was small and had many offers and a great mailer so thankfully noone ever took his jobs at slave wages though he was warned many times. He is also a former cloner(Vietthug, Vietthugx2)
The prosecutor called Fieryfox
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[Slavery] Worcester vs Quangx - Guilty
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