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 [Public Disorder] Wiltshire vs. Chupa- Guilty

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PostSubject: Re: [Public Disorder] Wiltshire vs. Chupa- Guilty   Thu 9 Nov - 12:09

Lawsuit between Chupa and Wiltshire

Chupa was charged with commission of public disorder.

The sentence has been passed
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of public disorder.
Chupa, it appears that you have fallen in with bad company. Dry and Giapettin are known criminals. I am prepared to believe that you stood helplessly by while they robbed their victim. However, you also did not report the case nor aid the victim. Because of your financial hardship, I am giving you a prison term instead of a fine.
The defendant has been sentenced to prison penalty 3 days.

Bill of indictment
The defendant is charged with violation of Wiltshire Law 007 - Public Disorder, Section 001, the crime of Robbery.

We charge that the defendant, Chupa, did rob Diannathedaring, the victim, while she was travelling. He was in a group composed of Dry and Giapettin. Evidence has been posted in the Wiltshire Inn for all to see.

First defence pleading
Hi...this is what i have to say for my self...i'm not guilty of anything

i was traveling with Dry and Giapettin from Glaucester to bath to buy a field there because i was scarred not to get robbed. I was inactive for a few days and when i logged i saw that Giapettin already left the group and i didn't got any reply from Dry too and also i got a mail from Dianathedaring i guess, i can't remember for sure cuz i deleted it, saying that he/she wanted to join our group for protection...it was too late cuz i want inactive when he/she wanted that...and i decided to leave the group too and go to Bath for buying a field and settle there...now i'm broke cuz when i moved from glaucester to bath i loosed my field booth in BAth and also all that i had in Glaucester's property inventory :(...this is my first time that i'm accused for something and i don't understand why me cuz i done nothing...

Prosecutor indictment
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

Last defence pleading
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

The prosecutor called Diannathedaring
His statement:
While traveling from Gloucester to relocate in Bath I was robbed of 410 pounds and three loaves of bread by Chupa and two of his fellow thieves, also charged. If I had been weaker it would have been murder rather than robbery.
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[Public Disorder] Wiltshire vs. Chupa- Guilty
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