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 [Slavery] Wiltshire vs. Krelian- Discharged

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PostSubject: Re: [Slavery] Wiltshire vs. Krelian- Discharged   Thu 9 Nov - 12:09

Lawsuit between Krelian and Wiltshire

Krelian was charged with commission of slavery.

The sentence has been passed
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been discharged.
I accept the testimony that this was pre-arranged in accordance with the law.

Case dismissed.

Bill of indictment
The defendant is charged with the violation of Wiltshire Law, Second Book - Slavery, Section 001 - Minimum Wage.

We charge that Krelian, the defendant, did post and hire Michaellb for 12 pounds, 3 pounds under the legal minimum. This crime was witnessed by Ashuri, who thusly reported it. All evidence for this crime is posted in the Wiltshire Inn for all to see.

First defence pleading
Sir Ashuri, it would seem that you are just a cynic who cannot stand to see someone get help that you do not have. I was level 1 for 1 day and yes, I saved money, what a revolutionary concept. I have to have money to do this thing called buy clothes and food, which I need to do this thing called level up to level 2. Sir Michaellb was kind and benevolent enough to help me out on my first day of Level 1 by offering to work for me at 12p wages.

The Law says that the burden of proof falls upon me to prove there existed an agreement, well I have done just this, yet you still proceed to protest and whine about the case and try to get me sentenced guilty. The law says that if there is a contract then it is legal. Hence the deed is legal. Maybe if you would have asked what was going on, instead of getting gleeful at seeing an opportunity to report a crime which may or may not have happened in hopes of bettering your status with the prosecutors office or the county court, this matter could have been resolved without the wasting of the courts time.

In response to accusations that my correspondent has harrassed you, I highly doubt this happened, as Sir Michaellb told me he sent you 1 PM. If you consider 1 PM admonishing you for jumping the gun harrassment, then you sir are not being realistic at all.

With reference to me having 50 gold and whether or not I need help getting started on my corn field, this is not of relevance at all. The law is the law, I could have -5000 pounds of 50,000 pounds and the law still remains the law, it says that should a contract exist between both the land owner and the worker for the job to be done for less than minimum wage, then it is legal.

So your honor, I ask that this case be dismissed and that I be found guilty. This is what was indicated to me would happen by Prosecutor Von Alrik.

With most humble respect,
Krelian von Liechtenstein

Prosecutor indictment
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

Last defence pleading
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

The defence called Strongdrake
His statement:
M'lord Judge and honorable Prosecutor,

The week before the issue in question I did witness the stated contract between Sir Michaelb and Master Krelian. Sir Michaelb did offer to work Krelian's field for a reduced rate as away of service to our fellow Clansmen and my retainer.

I swear these words to be true upon my honor.

In Service
Sir Drake Steward Bradshaw Baronet of Gloucester

The prosecutor called Ashuri
His statement:
Copy directly from Krelian's profile on 25th October 2006

"Born on the 15 October 2006
Last known address
Country : Kingdom of England
County : Wiltshire
Town : Gloucester
Level : 1
Reputation Points : 8
Money : 56
Krelian makes corn.
Last connection the 25 October 2006 13h33"

I am doing my duty as a citizen of Gloucester, Wilthsire to inform the county council of Krelian violating the Wiltshire Law on Slavery.

As posted in Gloucester Town Hall Mayor's message, any pre-arrangement of hiring below the minimum wage must be posted in the forum. Both the defendant and the correspondent failed to do that, hence my post to notify the judge and the county council.

Also, may i point out to the judge, with Krelian amount of at least 50 gold on hand, is it really necessary for him to hire below the minimum wage.

If our judge decides that a person with at least 50 gold still requires help to survive and getting started on his corn field, then i shall accept the judge's decision and judgement and i will highlight to the county council to look into lowering the minimum wage further to help these poor souls.

As mention in the law, if challenged before a Court of Law, the burden of proof of the existence of the agreement rests upon the land owner.

May i highlight to the judge that while i am just doing my basic duty as a mere citizen to inform and notify the council of this act, i have been harassed and blamed by the defendant's correspondent for notifying the council and accusing the defendant about the act of slavery and questioning my duty and right as a citizen of Wiltshire.

I shall leave it to the relevant authority to decide if the arrangement of hiring lower than the minimum wage of 15 pounds between the defendant and his correspondent is just and fair.


The prosecutor called Michaellb
His statement:
I Sir Michaellb Lord of Clan Bradshaw did make a privet contract with master Krelian the squire of my own squire and son Strongdrake. To work for him at 12p for two days to help him with his first farm. This is a legal contract between Krelian and My self, persuant to the laws of Wiltshire County and England.

May god bless and keep this august body of law.

Yours with respect a humble servent of God, King, and England.

Sir Michaellb Archdeacon of the Church Lord of Clan Bradshaw, member Knights of England, the Red Rose, Cue and the Meat Producers Guild.
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[Slavery] Wiltshire vs. Krelian- Discharged
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