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 [Fraud] Wiltshire vs. Firegun- Guilty

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PostSubject: [Fraud] Wiltshire vs. Firegun- Guilty   Thu 9 Nov - 12:05

Lawsuit between Firegun and Wiltshire

Firegun was charged with commission of fraud.

The sentence has been passed
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of fraud.
I am not sure where Firegun bought the iron, I presume any mayor of Wiltshire would have come forward if the iron was illegally bought.

He is liable only for the 2 ounces he sold.

Firegun, you are sentenced to 20 pounds fine and must work one day in the mines of Wiltshire.
The defendant has been sentenced to 20 pounds fine.

Bill of indictment
The defendant is charged with the violation of Wiltshire Law 006 - Fraud, Section 003 - Strategic goods, SubSection 002

We charge that Firegun, the defendant, did place 30 pieces of Iron for sale on the players market in Bridgewater. Upon inspection of Firegun's profession, it was found that he is a Butcher, not a Blacksmith as required by our law. Furthermore, Firegun is a resident of Gloucester, not Bridgewater where he was selling the iron. This crime was witnessed by Dani_ddd, who first reported it to me. Myrnia, mayor of Bridgewater is also a witness to this crime and purchased one iron and has provided the visual evidence. All evidence for this crime is posted in the Wiltshire Inn for all to see.

First defence pleading
Sorry for my language, i'm belgian.
Yes, i sell iron on market.
I did not know that one could not sell

2006-10-21 16:08:48

Hey, man, do you know that selling iron is illegal? "

I answered that one could sell but not buy

"From : Dani_ddd
Date : 2006-10-22 10:34:37

Check the law. Only blacksmiths, mayors and county can hold iron. you are in direct violation of the law."

the following day, I have to remove iron


Title : Iron

From : Xtron2
Date : 2006-10-24 11:31:34


I have been bought few iron ore from you on Brigwater market, and I wonder did you sell everything or just did you take it from our market ??
There are no iron on our market.
Do you going to sell iron on market in this week or this was a single action??


Prosecutor indictment
It is with a heavy heart that we hear the defendant say he did not know that it was against the law to sell iron if one was not a blacksmith, county agent or mayor. The law is available for everyone to look at and not knowing the law does not excuse one from heeding it. The fact that he had 30 pieces of iron for sale leads us to question where it came from and how he came upon it. Nevertheless, two people say they purchased iron from the defendant and it is plainly against Wiltshire's law.

Last defence pleading
The following day, I have to remove iron

The defence called Xtron2
His statement:
I don't check his profession, but sometimes law and system isn't perfect.
If he didn't sell this iron to me I probably couldn't work in my forge in the last week.

The prosecutor called Myrnia
His statement:
Your Honour,
I'm here as witness of the crime of fraud commited by Firegun. He is since september in our Town and when Dani_ddd calls my attention of the fact he was selling iron, I ask Cleophas, our Town Agent to buy a Iron ore with the grant so we can see who's is selling it. The print screen was a event from Cleophas.
I want to apologize for not bringing this before to the court.
Myrnia, Mayor of Bridgewater.

The prosecutor called Dani_ddd
His statement:
First I want to rmark that not knowing the law is not an exuse.
I did buy 1 iron ounce from Firegun for 20.95 (that is the max allowed by the admin price as far as I remember). I informed him that he is committing crime, also I informed the mayor and the PP. I am sorry I cannot offer screenshot of the purchase due to technical problems.

I would like to add that it is vital to get to the bottom of the problem because Firegun must have got the iron from somewhere. I thing the court must search for the source of this iron.
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[Fraud] Wiltshire vs. Firegun- Guilty
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