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 [Fraud] Wiltshire vs. Wilfric- Guilty

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PostSubject: [Fraud] Wiltshire vs. Wilfric- Guilty   Thu 9 Nov - 12:04

Lawsuit between Wulfric and Wiltshire

Wulfric was charged with commission of fraud.

The sentence has been passed
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of fraud.

While Wulfric has been derelict in his duty by selling steel in such a wanton fashion, I have a reasonable doubt that it explicitly violates the law of Wiltshire.

Wulfric attempted to flee justice. For this I find him guilty of contempt of court and fine him 5 pounds.
The defendant has been sentenced to 5 pounds fine.

Bill of indictment
This is the second of four charges to be set against Wulfric by the County of Wiltshire.

The defendant, Wulfric, Mayor of Salisbury, is hereby charged with violation of Wiltshire Law 006 - Fraud, Section 003 - Staregic goods. On Sunday, October the 22nd, Wulfric placed 15 ounces of Steel on the market for one pound each. At the same time he claimed responsibilty for his actions to the Wolves of Sherwood and selling the entire town inventory for one pound. This action would allow people who normally would not think of buying or having any reason to purchase and/or possess Steel to do so. In addition, he states that he is leaving, not to return. This action prevents the County from knowing who is in possession of the items. You may see the evidence of this action posted in Salisbury Hall here: http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=1476

First defence pleading
My pleading here will be identical to the iron charges as it is exactly the same set of laws.
1. Steel is routinely placed for sale on Town Hall all the time, not just by myself.
2. I did not purchase any of the steel myself and you have no evidence to the contrary.
3. I cannot control who purchases the steel from Town Hall, nor can anyone else. If crooked non-blacksmiths choose to buy the steel and take advantage of the situation it is out of my control and you can't lay the blame on me for their greed.
4. I have violated NO section of this law as it is currently written.
Just as the first charge, you have no case against me here.

Prosecutor indictment
Your Honor,
I shall address each of Wulfric's defense statements herein:

1. Yes, Steel is routinely place for sale on the Town Hall, it is the Mayor's duty to do so for Blacksmiths who need it to ply their trade. No one else can sell Steel in towns, save someone who holds a grant containing it and they must sell it to the town hall.

2. Nothing was ever stated that Wulfric purchased the Iron for himself. This charge is for the reckless selling of Steel, not about if he purchased any.

3. By placing the Steel on the market, Wulfric has the ability to see who purchased the item in charge. As Mayor, he is duty bound to make sure that only blacksmiths or agents approved by Wiltshire county purchase the Iron. If someone other than a blacksmith or agent does purchase it, the mayor should report the crime (unless said mayor is illegally moving the Steel).

4. I feel that I have addressed his point #4 in my previous point by showing how he has violated this law.

As with the first charge, Wiltshire county does have a case against Wulfric

Last defence pleading
Addressing the prosecutor's points:
1. How do you know I wasn't selling it for blacksmiths? You don't.
2. No need to address, he agrees with me.
3. Town Hall only lists the last 8 sales, none of which are blacksmiths getting steel. How do I recover these items or file charges when I don't even know who bought them? No mayor could do that. Add to this, I am overthrown so I don't even have access to the mayor's office.
4. No you really still have no case.

As with the first charge, you still have no evidence that says I violated the law, remember you must read the law to the letter. As it is currently written I have no violated it at all.
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[Fraud] Wiltshire vs. Wilfric- Guilty
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