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 [Public Disorder] Wiltshire vs. Giapettin- Guilty

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PostSubject: [Public Disorder] Wiltshire vs. Giapettin- Guilty   Thu 9 Nov - 12:03

Lawsuit between Giapettin and Wiltshire

Giapettin was charged with commission of public disorder.

The sentence has been passed
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of public disorder.
I find you guilty of robbery. By your own admission you are guilty of some robbery, though you deny this one. It is my sincere hope that you mend your ways.

I give you three days in the tower, which is better than the dungeon. The prisoner is to be given one loaf of bread and two cups of water per day.
The defendant has been sentenced to prison penalty 3 days.

Bill of indictment
The defendant is charged with Public Disorder, Section 001, the crime of Attempted Robbery. The victim is one JackFack, a citizen of Gloucester, while he was travelling. Evidence has been posted in the Wiltshire Inn for all to see.

First defence pleading
i declare myself guity as charge, and beg for the mercy of the court.

also i my defence i want to say i did not rob any now, but i did in the past becouse like you can see i'm was a vagrant(n00b mistake) and was forced to rob people so i can get a piece of land...so if i will be accused i want to be acused for the actions of my past.

Prosecutor indictment
Your Honor,
The defendant has pleaded guilty as charged. The fact that he is a vagrant should not be used as a defense. I ask for the maximum penalty to be applied to him due to further evidence now having been posted that he is still committing acts of robbery. He assertion that someone could fake a screenshot may be true, however I will point out that most people will not go to that length to do so. A greater inspection of the screenshots show no evidence of tampering.

Last defence pleading
thank to the second lawsuit against me i can prove that i dont lie and i'm not crazy when i say this is a conspiracy against me...at the time of my second presumed robery i was here in Gloucester defending me in this trial. so probably i did something to this guys before in Cornwell and now are wanting to destroy me.

so thank you guys for helping me prove that i'm not crazy and you have something personaly with me.

The defence called Giapettin
His statement:
i tell you that in this case i'm inocent, but guilty in the past, so if you want to put me in jail do it becouse i want to start clean from now on...i got my piece of land and now i want to settle down...so if you are to trial me only for this action, declare me inocent.

about the evidence in the Inn i can put you as many as you want becouse they are so easy to be made(i know i a pasionate grafic-design) so if you want me to prove it give a text and i will put it in a event. it takes me less then 30 minutes.

my one true question is: why me?

The prosecutor called JackFack
His statement:
I was robbed Giappeten while I was traveling to Bath.
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[Public Disorder] Wiltshire vs. Giapettin- Guilty
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