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 [Slavery] Wiltshire vs. Beggggeeeeeeer- Guilty

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PostSubject: [Slavery] Wiltshire vs. Beggggeeeeeeer- Guilty   Thu 9 Nov - 12:01

Lawsuit between Begggggeeeeeeer and Wiltshire

Begggggeeeeeeer was charged with commission of slavery.

The sentence has been passed
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of slavery.
It seems you knew better, but committed slavery anyway. I find you guilty and you are fined 20 pounds and must give a trust point to Misty420.
The defendant has been sentenced to 20 pounds fine.

Bill of indictment
Count 1 - Your Honor The defendant is charged with Slavery-001-minimum wage in that they did hire Misty420 for 12 pounds, 3 pounds under the legal minimum. Accouding to Boomshine the constable of Bath. This is the defendants second offense, in that he did commit a slaver's act earlier but it was resolved in the town. The evidence of this act is posted in the Wiltshire Inn.

First defence pleading
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

Prosecutor indictment
Your Honor,
This is the second offence in as many days for the defendant. As per the testimony of the witness, Boomshine, he had been warned the previous day for the possibility of an error occuring when he posted the job. He ignored a friendly reminder from a citizen and repeated the offense. I would ask the court impose the maximum fine for a second offense due to the lack of response from the defendant and his apparant distain for authority.

Last defence pleading
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

The prosecutor called Boomshine
His statement:
As stated in the Bill of Indictment, this is Begggggeeeeeeer's second offense of slavery. The first was around a month ago, and was resolved out of court. Then we saw jobs posted at normal wages from Begggggeeeeeeer, so I presumed he had learned from his mistake.

Then when I noticed this incident posted, I said to myself "Aw, it's gotta be an accident. The guy's been following the law for over a month now." So I messaged him, and asked for either proof of contract, or a resolution out of court. I even gave him a three day box to do so.

That is until the next day. I noticed ANOTHER case of indecent wages against Starlight2k11. He had at least a good 9 hours to read my message before posting the job offer which Starlight took. So these incidents can only be taken as intentional.

Thanks for your time,
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[Slavery] Wiltshire vs. Beggggeeeeeeer- Guilty
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