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 [Public Disorder] Wiltshire vs K2 -Guilty

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Dr. Rino

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PostSubject: [Public Disorder] Wiltshire vs K2 -Guilty   Sat 3 Mar - 20:19

Lawsuit between K2 and Wiltshire

K2 was charged with commission of public disorder.

The sentence has been passed
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of public disorder.

K2 you have presented no defence for your actions. I sentence you to two days prison time for each of the robberies you committed.
The defendant has been sentenced to prison penalty 4 days.

Bill of indictment
The defendant is charged with Public Disorder-001-Crimes against Person and Property in that he did rob JackFack, a citizen of Gloucester, at the crossroads. Evidence has been posted in the Wiltshire Inn for all to see. Your honor it is my understanding that JackFack was stranded at the crossroads and the defendant attacked him repeatedly for several days. This shows a callous disregard for the laws and I seek the fullest punishment allowed under the law.

First defence pleading
JackFack will explain the real facts (he have to do so)

Prosecutor indictment
Your honor the prosecution has already called JackFack is the complaining witness and victim in this case, I find it hard to believe that the defendant believes that he can force the victim to defend him ridiculous. We must keep our roads safe for innocent merchants and travelers, lest we watch the economy of our county grind slowly to a halt. Robbery is a serious offense, not to be taken lightly and this particular crime of a failed attempt and then repeated thefts shows a callous disregard for the saftey of the public.

Last defence pleading
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

The defence called JackFack

The defence called JackFack

The prosecutor called JackFack
His statement:
I was indeed stuck at the crossroads for about four days and was robbed by K2 several times. I fought him off the first time, but he succesfully robbed me the next two times.
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[Public Disorder] Wiltshire vs K2 -Guilty
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