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 [Fraud]Warriorice vs. Wiltshire -Guilty

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Dr. Rino

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PostSubject: [Fraud]Warriorice vs. Wiltshire -Guilty   Sat 3 Mar - 20:12

Lawsuit between Warriorice and Wiltshire

Warriorice was charged with commission of fraud.

The sentence has been passed
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of fraud.
By legal Precedent from Martur, and enforced in another case we have a definition for hoarding according to the law of Wiltshire.

"To buy a few [goods] at a time for trade in other towns is ok, but when you empty the market of [that good], it becomes illegal."

There is no law that says you must contact a mayor, but every trader should learn that it is the best way to avoid problems and achieve the most for all parties.

You should have heeded the warning of the mayor rather than respond with a threat. Your ideas about what is going on in Marlborough is only speculation and is not relevant to the court.

As a warning to all traders to respect the local economies, and to strongly encourage merchants to work with mayors rather than against them, I find you guilty and fine you 50 pounds.

The defendant has been sentenced to 50 pounds fine.

Bill of indictment
Your honor I bring charges of market manipulation at the behest of the citizens of Marlborough. The defendant from Arundel has travelled to Marlborough and bought the entirety of the wool placed for sale on the market although the defendant is only level one and cannot use the wool.

First defence pleading
I am leveling up to level 2 soon and am buying wool in readiness for that.

Is it really a crime to buy goods that are in the martket

Prosecutor indictment
Your honor, this individual claimes to be levelling up shortly and while that may be true, that doesn't excuse travelling to another town and buying all of a commodity and hoarding it for a future time when there are people in need. Also from the evidence presented from my witness, he not only didn't contact the mayor of the town, when he was asked about the transaction, gloated about his ability to control the market. Your Honor, people work hard in towns and produce goods not simply for profit, but for the benefit of their fellow citizens, especially with less available commodities such as wool. It is one thing to visit a fish town and buy fish, or a wood town and buy wood, quite a different thing to purchase a commodity that will result in the citizens who live and work in a town from bettering themselves.

Last defence pleading
they accuse me of market manulipation yet that is what they was doing anyway putting wool on the market so their friend could buy it at a cheap price to make them clothes which i susspect was going to be brought at a cheap price

I am aware of no rule that says you must contact the mayor regarding buying in the market or that it is against the rules of even going to another town to purchase items

this is a waste of the courts time in an attempt to get "even with me" cos he had to wait several days for their more wool to be in the marketplace at the correct price

the reason i said "be thankfull i did not buy your iron also" is that my town mayor told me when i said i want to be a blacksmith that the county only sell limited amounts to the towns and noone unless they the town blacksmith

as far as i'm aware free trade is part of the game and was in the middle ages when goods was sold in the market

I repeat again this lawsuit has been brought cos the people involved are upset that i messed their plan to "help each other out in fixing the market to their advantage"

The prosecutor called KillerRob
His statement:
I am in preperation for level 3 and had placed on the market a few balls of wool at a lower price so that I could get hose. I noticed after a few moments that the wool had been sold and that it had all been purchased by a level 1 from Arundel, as I was sitting in the tavern with the mayor and our town weaver I was also informed that all the wool the town had on market had also been purchased. This leaves our town in a position of having noone levelling past 1 for quite some time as there is now no way for us to get clothing. The defendant was also mailed by the mayor and replied with a few threats of further manipulating our market.

The prosecutor called Dralon
His statement:
Like KillerRob we were sitting in the tavern. I noticed that some guy from Arundel bought all the wool the TH put on the market. When Rob said that someone bought also his wool i asked him if it was Warriorice and it was. We both took screenshot because it was a clear violation of the hoarding law. Marlborough was 2 days without any wool at all and we are still very low because of his actions. I also mailed him, i said he should have asked before buying and that i would have said no the only reply i got was: "be thankfull i did not buy your iron also" Proof of this in this screenshot:
Now maybe he want to be a blacksmith also? We have no proof at al he will be a weaver when he reach level 2.

Your Honor for many month traders and travelers from other counties have manipulated the economy of town in our county. Do not let this action go unpunished.

Also here is the screenshot of the TH Dashboard:

Mayor of Marlborough
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[Fraud]Warriorice vs. Wiltshire -Guilty
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