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 Edition of March 03, 1455

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Dr. Rino

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PostSubject: Edition of March 03, 1455   Sat 3 Mar - 20:09

The London Herald:

Kingdom News:
Edward Halliwell wrote:
Peace Returns to Scotland
Word came from Scotland recently that the "Octavian uprising" was quelled, the forces that had siezed a small number of fortifications and threatened Argyle are reported to be surrendering to King James under terms.

Proclamations from the throne:
The Regent HRH Lorudce, Sat Feb 17 wrote:
It is with a heavy heart that I accept the resignation of Talwin Tudor, Duke of Northumberland from the position of Royal Chancellor of Foreign Affairs. He is to be commended for his faithful service for England and shall remain a trusted adviser and friend to me.

In no small part to Duke Talwin's endorsement, I name my daughter, Alexandrine Of Artois, Marquess of Cheshire to be the new Royal Chancellor of Foreign Affairs.

Her previous duties as chamberlain of Compton Castle shall go to Lady Brianna, and I authorize her to seek out staff suitable to meet the needs of the castle.
Lady Han, Baroness of Sevenoaks has resumed duties as Royal Secretary.

Petition for action from the throne.
A petition, a call for the throne to act against a law passed in Wiltshire concerning a registration and conditions set upon travel in Wiltshire for convicted criminals.
It seems the petition has overwhelming support from all sectors of society, noblese and commoner alike.
The Prince has stated he is following the situation but is divided in his feelings and has called for calm.

Crisis in Cumberland
Ross on Rye appeared today in the Royal court supplicating to the Prince for support of his claim to certain estates in Cumberland. Estates that are being threatened with being siezed by Duke Cumberland. He was escorted by an Emissary of the House of Dudley whom presented a public letter to the Prince noting that Ross on Rye's entitlement enjoyed endorsement during the previous Regency and offering force of arms in support of Ross on Rye.
The Prince is deliberating on the matter.

Knight climbs in precedence
While it is well known that our Regent is first and foremost a man of Jah, it appears that the consolidation of power near the throne works as much from the church as the throne. Sir Michaellb "the True", reknowned Knight and Commnader of the Prince's Guard has been; asked, accepted and appointed by His Eminence Father Syounger Chancller, to the post of Chaplin for the Regent.

Rodrigio Returns
The Right Hon. The Lord Rodrigo de Balboa, Count of Lerin, Baron of Lewes, Lord of Balboa, announced his return to the Royal Court. Presenting a Carnival mask from the Republic of Venice.


Cornwall: wrote:
Pangea ~ Exeter (Cornwall) ~ Wednesday, February 21st, 1455

Anto Capone the famed vs. Dark Devil the flamed!
"Horses and wolves in the streets of Cornwall's capital, as Count Anto Capone rode into town on the same morning as Dark Devil and his Wolves of Sherwood sleekly entered Exeter. A city revolt in the making? A robbery campaign in the brewing? The Cornwall Redcoat Guard readied itself, and Lord Mayor Methos alerted the Town Militia, while Anto 'AC' Capone and Dark 'DD' Devil exchanged letters... and were both seen in the 'Mother Earth' tavern. It seems the WoS were only slipping through Cornwall, and up to no nefarious actions. Will the old enemies, 'AC' and 'DD', thus not meet in battle this time?"

News from abroad:

JackFack wrote:
Quote :
Bulgaria: A land of freedom and opprotunity.

Maybe not.

When Bulgaria's borders first oppened, once the Turks had been driven out, peasants and nobles from all the kingdoms began arriving in the new Kingdom. Many of the new arrivals were eyeing the position as Mayor of the only town in the new Kingdom.

There were seven candidates for mayor, the favorite being Der_jager, the player who had been made Duke by the admins. It was a surprise to see Der_jager behind some of the other candidates in the polls.

It was an even bigger surprise to see the other six candidates on trial.

Five have been charged with Traitorousness, and one with Witchcraft. Two have been sentenced to death.

One Bill of Indictment:

Quote :
Hmmm.... Let me think.....Oooo I see you want your chance to be a mayor.AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Are you crazy. French mayor who doesn't know a single word in bulgarian.You are insane.Guardsss throw him on the sharks.HAHAHA french mayor in bulgarian kingdom-the people madness don't have limits. Very Happy


Quote :
Running for a mayor without understanding bulgarian is very bad deed. The verdict is dead, because the law say so. Rest in hell.

I was hoping that would be the end of the trials, but my hopes were dashed when I saw 6 more men on trial. This time: Half of the political list opposing Der_jager.

May God help the Englishmen in Bulgaria, they'll need him.

Inside Views:
An interview with Dark Devil, by Bimber wrote:
well for the start... What have you been doing lately... Anything interesting???

DD: Lately? My last public action was a duel against Sajanzv, until then I'm just traveling around England...

-What led you to choose the life of crime? Rumors say a troubled childhood, but I chose to ignore that and find the truth.

DD: That's kind of true. I was an orphan, and then never accepted authority and was of freedom, so that's why the path of crime was my only choice

-They say crime doesn't pay... in your own experience how true is that?

DD: Unfortunately, in our world, that's true (OOC : I wish it could be true iRL too ) in terms of money, the criminal life is not very valuable, there's no way to escape the Justice, so one choose a criminal lifestyle for the "beauty of art" rather than for the money...

-it must be hard maintaining a relationship being most of the time on the roads. How do you manage?

DD: I don't have this problem. My beloved Laurente is following me on the roads. I must say I';m very lucky.

-They say ladies prefer "bad boys" more ...do you feel you get allot of attention from them?

DD: Ah ah ! it depends on the ladies ! I always had good relationship with women in general, but I think it's more because I'm a gentleman than because I'm a robber...[/b]

-Well how often do they try to change your life way,or do you change theirs ?

DD:If you're still talking about women, let me say that no one ever try to make me change my life way

-How is WOS these days, considering lots of its members died or left?

DD: Not very well I must admit. The main problem is that most of the people joining us are just willing to "test the dark way" before leaving, in order to know all sides of the game. So there's a huge turnover. in the other hand, people staying in WOS can easily climb the hierarchy as long as they're active.
But I don't mind, WOS is existing for nearly 2 years now, I don't know another criminal organization lasting that long, even in France. We had up and downs, that's life, we'll bounce again.

-WOS gets allot of attention from all military and law guilds who keep sending spies.
How far did some manage to reach,and does WOS still have problems with spies?

DD: Absolutely. We are the main target for all military guilds. I'm catching half of the spies attempting to infiltrate us, but I can't prevent some of them to reach sensitive area. (There's skilled people everywhere ). But that's life. And most of the time, the spy is seduced by our lifestyle and overturn to counterspy. I have many double-agent.
Anyway, trust is a matter of feeling. You know quickly when you can trust someone, and my intuition have rarely betrayed me.

-How would you describe your relation with the previous regent HRH prince Dugustus, and what's your current relation with the new regent?

DD: With Dugustus, there was a relation of "love-hate". it can only be explained OOC : we were respecting each other RP, but our roles were logically opposed, so we tried to annoy each other the most possible, in a pure RP frame, but without real intention to hurt... I had much fun with Dugustus.
But I have no relation with the new regent. He seems too distant.

-What are your planes regarding the future, if they are not too secret...

DD: I have a big one, a bit secret, but I'll tell you as so much people already know it : I'd like to trigger a war. We had no war ever in England, but I watched what happened in France and they seem to have a lot of fun with wars. I have a shield and a sword and I'd like to use them in a real context. Problem is that wars cannot be started by individuals,
but only by Counties. Anyway, Wiltshire is working for me with this new law they published (about travel regulation), they upset so much people that we may have a war finally...

-Biggest crime your proud of...

DD: I stole once 6000 pounds to a merchant (Justice took me back everything, but that was a score !) . But it was a lucky shot. The crime I'm the proudest is a RP one : the Murder of Princess Nordicnorn.

-Any advice when one travels alone??

DD: Have good shoes ! . Seriously, the risk of being robbed is pretty low. People transporting a lot of money usually travel escorted (or granted : grants cannot be stolen)

-Would you like to say something to your victims?

DD: I usually send a PM to my victims, explaining them the situation and trying to find a friendly arrangement : it's a better solution for the robbed victim to get back half of his goods in a friendly arrangement, than complaining, see the robber giving everything to the Justice and not a penny for him (the victim).

-How are your relations with moderators?

DD: I usually have good relations with moderators because my character speaks quite only as RP, so they don't need to "moderate" my posts.
But the WOS have had some problems because of the iP-scan ability of moderators. Some of them used this ability to unmask some of our members, which is very unfair :
Everybody should be able to disguise himself under a secret identity to accomplish his dark deeds, it makes sense in RP to disguise himself (by wearing fake hairs, fake berb, hiding in a cloak,...) .
The situation is a bit better now LJS removed this ability to moderators and only left it for player-admins... But 2 Wolves were recently discovered due to this ability. it's a pain !

Well I thank my guest for this interview I hope the viewers enjoyed it as I did... Rarely does one have a chance to talk to such a gentleman thief...
if only robbers in RL would offer to give back half what they took.... where would the world be...

Thank you all and stay tuned as the next interview is with AntoCapon... Don't forget my PM box is always opened for your questions regarding my guests...

Weather: Our sage offers that It shalt be cold and snowy for another week or so then shalt begin to clear up. We may have some warm days by mid March.

The London Herald need reporters!!!
If you'd like to join the London Herald, Englands first Kingdom wide newspaper apply at the Press Box.

Serve your town join your local Militia:
Look around at your town Hall, if there are jobs available help defend your town by joining the local militia.

If you have something to advertise send a letter to the staff of Prince John (PM to: Dugustus)
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Edition of March 03, 1455
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