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 [Public Disorder] Methos vs Cornwall - Dismissed

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Dr. Rino

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PostSubject: [Public Disorder] Methos vs Cornwall - Dismissed   Tue 30 Jan - 16:12

Lawsuit between Methos and Cornwall

Methos was charged with commission of public disorder.

The sentence has been passed
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been discharged.
Following up on the linked case with Count Seawarrior, the verdict finds the Count of guilt in this matter. Through that act, he has taken all responsibility for the subsequent actions, meaning the Methos was acting under direct orders of the Count.

As such, he is deemed not guilty.

Bill of indictment
Your Honour,
As per the results of the Regents inquiries into the events of a month ago, we Charge Methos with Public Disorder.
The regent reported:"Results of the Investigation, post as you deem appropriate.

Royal Investigation of Events in Plymouth Revolt and Legalities

The revolt in Plymouth was a breach of procedure, however treason was neither implied or the intent.

Methos, on orders from Seawarrior and in collaboration, held a meeting on MSN to determine who would become the next mayor. The parties notified include:

Methos (Non-council at the time)


While they all believed in the legality of the revolt, it contradicts previous precedent, and written laws within Cornwall Council.


Final Recommendation:
While many have already apologized for this incident, it does not erase what has happened. Therefore, this investigation concludes that Count Seawarrior and Council member Methos be charged for the crime of Public Disorder with a recommendation of a fine of no more than 25 pounds.
The restlessness among the populous of Cornwall is a direct result of the recklessness of these two individuals, whether intent was good or not, procedures were purposefully ignored."

Since Methos did illegally revolt, and this revolt caused disorder in this county, we are required to try Methos in this matter.
We request that this court find him guilty, but request a light sentance, as no malice was intended.

The defendant is allow a lawyer. If needed, please contact the Lawyer's office, at :http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=12859

First defence pleading
Your honor,

I throw myself on the mercy of the court. I think we are all well-versed in the facts of this case, but I will recount them for the record.

As everyone seems to agree, I did not intend to do anything wrong. When Spellfire became Trade Minister, a new Mayor of Plymouth was needed. When the appearance of wrongdoing was explained to me, I resigned, and an election was held. I received 71% of that vote.

I have apologized for the appearance of impropriety, and I do so again. I have declined a lawyer because I would like to abide by the Regent's decision. Honestly, I was only trying to look out for my town's best interests.

Thank you for listening.

Prosecutor indictment
Your Honour,
The good intentions of the defendants are not in question. However, the legality of the actions is important, especially considering the positions that the defendants hold.

Your Honour, the defenadants and this office agree on the events in question. Also, we now all recognise that they were against the law, even though that was never the intention.

The independant review suggested a fine not exceeding 25 pounds. This office will follow the will of the review, and ask for a fine in the amount of 25 pounds.

Last defence pleading
Your honor,

There is nothing more to say. It is agreed that Council (of which I was not a member) violated voting procedures, and that created an appearance of impropriety. I am very sorry. It has been a month and a half, I would like to see this behind us all.

I will abide by the court's decision. Thank you for your time.


The prosecutor called Lynet
His statement:
On Sept 20th Methos posted in the council Forum that there had been a revolt in Plymouth to swap him in as mayor to replace Spellfire. He later posted that “Tony is accusing me of an illegal revolt. It was, in actuality, quite legal. I made sure to obtain more than half of the Council's permission.” He then listed the council members who had given permission, which the council members confirmed. Seawarrior posted “It is true it was a legal and sanctioned revolt.”

The rules about Council votes are posted in the Council Forum as well as in Cornwall Inn. Those rules require a “discussion thread” and a “voting thread”, though for simple matters the two threads are sometimes combined.

On Sept 22, Seawarrior, who was now Count, appointed Drrino and I to “conduct a internal investigation into the rights and wrongs of this.”

When Drrino and I issued the results of our investigation we presented it to the Regent asking for his guidance in how to proceed.

The Regent appointed the Earl of Somerset to investigate further. The results of his investigation are presented in the Bill of indictment for this trial.

I would like to state again that I do not believe that Methos or Seawarrior ever intended to do anything illegal or wrong.
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[Public Disorder] Methos vs Cornwall - Dismissed
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