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 [Slavery] Samiek vs. Fowey - Guilty

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Dr. Rino

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PostSubject: [Slavery] Samiek vs. Fowey - Guilty   Tue 30 Jan - 15:58

Lawsuit between Samiek and the town of Fowey

Samiek was charged with commission of slavery.

The sentence has been passed
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of slavery.
You are guilty of the crime of Slavery. The law is clearly stated. It is noted in the Town Hall message. You claim ignorance but make no effort to learn, even following this indictment.

Given that this is your second offense, per the law the fine is doubled. You shall pay 40 to the King. You are also obligated to give trust points to each person hired below the wage of 14 along with a message to them explaining not to take jobs under the County minimum.
The defendant has been sentenced to 40 pounds fine.

Bill of indictment
Samiek, you are hereby accused of having broken again the laws of Cornwall and those of Fowey.

Here is evidence :
22/09 19:23 : Samiek hires V.dracula for 12,00 pounds

26/09 18:23 : Samiek hires Palmacnee for 12,00 pounds

27/09 20:43 : Samiek hires Ellivia for 12,00 pounds

I understand you have already been convicted with the same crimes after hiring for the same wage of £12 on 03/09.
You are accused of profiteering and slavery.

I have to say that your crime is all the less acceptable as minimum wage in Fowey is very low already.
As you are a recidivist I request a very severe sentence.

First defence pleading
i am sorry
it was a mistake

Prosecutor indictment
The defendant does not even make an effort at being credible. He uses the very same eight words as on his previous trial. He should be punished very severely this time because he did repeatedly hire Foweyans for £12 and £13 wages (see the evidence), with visible contempt for the law and the court altogether. It took him three weeks to come at his trial, which shows how he despises the court.

Now we know that he is NOT sorry, that he will do it again as soon as possible, and that the laws and the court are unimportant to him.
Punishment should set an example.
We have a multirecidivist here, and a hypocrite too.

Last defence pleading
sorry but i didn't know the law...
And i never receive a letter to say me to stop that...
what can i do???
i am a poor person in this village...

The prosecutor called Doucedenuit
His statement:
Your honor,

I come here to testify at the request of our Mayor, Prospero.
Samiek engaged on several occasions with wages of slave system.

And I make a point of bringing to your attention that it makes fun of justice and you, your honor. I

t still engages with illegal prices :
05/10 07:43 : Samiek hires DiannaTheDaring for 13,00 écus
06/10 08:43 : Samiek hires IceAng3l for 13,00 écus.

Admittedly, it is not 12, but still illegal.

I hope that you will punish this recidivist as it should be. It is a shame!

DouceDeNuit makes reverence and eclipse discreetly.

The prosecutor called Prospero
His statement:
Samiek you are a multirecidivist even though you are currently on trial.

16/10 15:23 : Samiek hires Valascular for 13,00 pounds

That should add to the punishment.
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[Slavery] Samiek vs. Fowey - Guilty
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