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 [robbery; Public Disorder] Segundette vs. Cornwall - Guilty

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Dr. Rino

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PostSubject: [robbery; Public Disorder] Segundette vs. Cornwall - Guilty   Tue 30 Jan - 15:53

Lawsuit between Segundette and Cornwall

Segundette was charged with commission of public disorder.

The sentence has been passed
Statement of accusation

The defendant has been proved guilty of public disorder.
The accused, by admitting to this crime, is by default ruled as Guilty. However, the accused has also shown sincere remorse for his actions. It also is shown that the accused did fail in his attempt and indeed received a beating from the 'victim'. Therefore this Court shall show leniency with the sentencing.

You are ordered to one week's hard labor in the mines nearest your location. You are responsible to report to your Mayor each day to prove your efforts. In addition, you shall forfeit your first day's wages to repay the Court for time spent on this case.
The defendant has been sentenced to 15 pounds fine.

Bill of indictment
you are accused of Attempted robbery.
You unlawfully attacked Ka and attempted to steal from him as evidenced by this event reported by Ka
"16-09-2006 04:09 : A bad guy named Segundette (Fight coefficient 2) tried to rob you. You just destroyed him, and he went away limping and crying, after he apologized and kissed your feet."

First defence pleading
You can see that i have been humiliated by this action.
It's yet a correct punishment.

But it's right that I tried to steal Ka.

I'm sorry.

Prosecutor indictment
No further comments, your honor. The facts are clear and even admitted too by the defendent. I commend this case to your wisdom in metting out just punishment.

Last defence pleading
Your honor,

I hope you will be indulgent.

I apologize for having tried to steal Ka.
I apologize for wasting your time.

I'm waiting serenely after the punishment.

The prosecutor called Ka
His statement:
Your Honor,

Lucky me that I was in a very good mood, healthy and strong... The court should think about all the people who had not this chance. Maybe he robbed or killed some other citizen... They might be dead and may be thus unable to state in this court...

Moreover, I now feel very depressed about this story. I was usualy traveling a lot but I know feel that the roads are unsecure and I do'nt dare travelling anymore... As a mercant, this situation make me loose money and customers.

That's why I ask for the maximum charge and some compensation for my business.

Your hornor, thanks for listening to my statement.
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[robbery; Public Disorder] Segundette vs. Cornwall - Guilty
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