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 [Treason] Shewolf Vs. Cornwall - Dismissed

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Dr. Rino

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PostSubject: [Treason] Shewolf Vs. Cornwall - Dismissed   Tue 30 Jan - 15:49

Lawsuit between Shewolf and Cornwall

Shewolf was charged with commission of traitorousness.

The sentence has been passed
Statement of accusation

The defendant has been discharged.
After in depth review, I find not a single piece of hard evidence indicating Shewolf did not fulfill her Captain obligations to the best of her abilities. The prosecution offers only supposition, personal belief, and theoretical leaps of logic to project possible motives. This Court cannot rule guilty on such inconclusive evidence.

We find the defendant, Shewolf, to be Not Guilty.

Bill of indictment
Your Honour,
Shewolf is here by brought before the County Court of Cornwall, on charges of Official Treason. The Official Treason law states:
III Official treason
Defined as the abuse or attempted abuse on any office.

*Seeking election to public office for the purpose of breaking any Law.
*Using the powers of any office, elected or otherwise, to defend oneself against prosecution in this or any other county.
*Seeking office, elected or otherwise, for the purpose of defending oneself against prosecution in this or any other county.
*Gaining any office, elected or otherwise, for the purpose of harassing another citizen or subject of England.
*Gaining, or using, any office to the detriment any person, for personal reasons.
*Using the powers of any office, elected or otherwise, for personal gain
*Using the powers of any office, elected or otherwise, for the personal gain of friends, family or organizations to which one is affiliated.
*Using any office, elected or otherwise, to break, or aide in the breaking of, any law in any county.
*Not attempting to fulfill the requirements of any office, elected or otherwise, to which one has chosen to accept.

We find the defendant to have be in breach of the final point, not fulfilling the post of Captain of the Cornwall Red Guards to the best extent possible.
During the War in Barnshire, the response of the Cornwall Red Guards was slow, and unco-ordinated. It is the belief of this office that the County forces could, and should, have been better organised.
Part of the reason, in the opinon of this office, that Shewolf was sympathizing with, and later an active member of, the Wolves of Sherwood. The CRG were activly at war with this organisation. Clearly, Shewolf was in a conflict of interest, which prevented her from fully executing the role of Captain.

You have admited to being a member of the organisation known as the Wolves of Sherwood. Proof of this admition is located at:http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=20104

Your Honour,
as per the law, the sentance is your choice, and yours alone. "V Punishment:
The punishment shall be to the Judge's estimation and can reach Death penalty.

It may also include court orders to help repair any damages, or as public service. The punishment shall be dependant on the success of the acts in question, the severity of the acts in question, and the character that the guilty person(s) show before the acts, and after the acts, including the trial. "
We do not request the death penalty, as shewolf has conducted herself with some honour since it was proven that she was a member of the WoS. However, this office requests a prison term, public service and public humiliation be used should the defendant be found guilty.

Shewolf, you are allowed a fair trial. You may hire, or request aide, from any number of lawyers in the county. If you cannot find on for yourself, the office is located at :http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=12859

May God guide us well in this matter.

First defence pleading

The indictment stipulates possible treasonous acts but does not stipulate nor provide evidence of any act, merely speculation that such an (unspecified) event may has occurred. Speculation has no weight in a court of law. In addition the response of the CRG listed above is the opinions of individuals and no official inquiry was held.

I’d also like to the court my own confession as evidence… The confession can be found here: http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=20104&start=0

I’d like the court to note specifically this line from my confession: “I first joined them as an infiltration mission”

I’d like to enter here a screenshot taken from the WOS forum of my profile, I’d like the court to take notice that the date I joined was August 7th 2006

I’d like to enter here the post by Dark Devil that marked the beginning of the “Barnshire Crisis”

I’d like the court to note that the date of this post is August 9th, merely 2 days after registering on the WOS forum.

I’d like to note the last post in that thread was dated August 15th

The “Barnshire Crisis” Lasted for a total span of 6 days, and at its conclusion I had only been among the Wolves for 8 days at this point in time. During this point I was also mayor of Launceston, and asked Nogwa to lead the troops for this mission. I ask the court how could you possibly think that someone that entered the wolves with the intent of spying could change their loyalty within a period of 8 days. My actions at this time were in fact restricted due to my mayorship, not lack of loyalty. As such, I’d like to Call Dark Devil to my defense, to show that I was still only a registered member of the forum, and not among the organization at the time that “Barnshire” had concluded.

I hereby swear to the court that during the Barnshire crisis, my loyalty was still to both the CRG, and the Crown. I even testified against those involved in the “Barnshire” event before the court. I in no shape of form misused my position as captain for the gain of the Wolves of Sherwood.

Prosecutor indictment
Your Honour,
As well as the information that witnesses will provide, this office has several specific examples of possible problems during the term of Shewolf.
The first is the Barnshire Crisis, also know as the Wiltwall Mission or the Barnshire War.

Shewolf says that she was a new member in the WoS at this time, and her evidence supports that. However, her evidence supports that she had inflitrated WoS prior to the announcement of the new county. Further, the Fort Barnshire had not been announced yet, and would not be annouced for several days.
While I have not even been a member of WoS, I find it hard to believe that any member of that organisation, regardless of rank, was unaware of the upcoming events. Further, in setting up a Fort in Barnshire it is unlikely that WoS would not have communicated with most of there members these intentions, looking for soldiers to man the fort.
Dark_Devil admits that he did not know of Shewolf's identity. Therefore the WoS would have been less suspect of her motives, and would have been more forthcoming with information.
If she was a spy for CRG against WoS, her duty would have been to discover this plot. Even if she did not find out the plot, she should have been able to find information about the fort. However, she did not.

During the same war, she did not lead the troops. The office understands that she was Mayor at the time, and could not reasonably leave Launceston. However, she could have given direction from behind the lines, or acted as a liason with Wiltshire, KoP or normal citizens. However, she did not. Frm. Captain Nogwa More controled the troops, Elite Drrino was (and continues to be) the WA-CRG liason, and the CGR seemed to be competing against Anto, not working with him. Now, some in CRG wonder why we were not lead by our leader, in what was the most important mission we had undertook up to that point.

A final note about the witlwall mission. Several troops admitted to conflicts of interest which could hinder their participation in the mission. Some were members of WoS, or sympathized with them. One soldier was working for Dark_Devil, and told this to the CRG. However, even with other soldiers admitting conflicts of interest, Shewolf did not. This would have been a reason for her not to lead the troops, but she never let on. Nobody knew why she did not lead CRG, because nobody knew of her mission.

During her time as a double agent, she flushed out an informate of the CRG who had infiltrated WoS. This was a direct action against the intelligence section of CRG. The informant was flaming_dog.

Finally, she knew of WoS rumors after the most recient council elections. There were several sets of rumors of WoS attacks against several towns. At this point shewolf had been a member of WoS for near 2 months, and is believed to be the informant who started this rumor. The Mayor of Launceston recieved the following message, from the Council Spokesperson:
"This was passed from nogwa to seawarrior, who asked me to send this out.

Push this to the mayors. It came from Nogwa. Also form your informant's point of view - is it true?

CRG intel has confirmed it. WoS are about to make a move against Launceston or Barnstaple. Currently they are mobilising towards Fowey, where DD is running for mayor.

I'm assembling the entire CRG as our intel may be bad-intel about the specific location. It is however clear, that this is an imminent threat.

I rang the alarmbell of the CRG publicly, that might scare the WoS off for doing stupid stuff, or delay their plans.

The infiltrant reported that WoS wanted to abuse the fact that council wasn't ready yet.

please contact Nogwa, Seawarrior, or Leonardwashington regarding this."

However, there was no attack against any of the towns. The Mayor of Launceston later recieved information both confirming that the target was Launceston, and finally denying it was Launceston. However, no attack against Launceston, Fowey or the final location of Dartmouth ever happend.
It is the belief of this office that Shewolf knew that there was no attack, and (proverbially) wanted to see how high the Council and Towns would jump.

The wintesses will present different points of views, of these and other questionable orders of Shewolf.

While each of these is, in and of itself, fairly minor, as a whole they start to question the actions of Shewolf. She was a member of WoS, perhpas a spy against them, yet could not find any hint of the WoS plans to claim Barnshire, or later to construct the Fort.
She, as a member of WoS, revieled Flaming_dog to be an informant.
She spread, and possibly created, rumors of a WoS attack, when she knew that there was no attack planned.

Your honour, please don't look at the specific event. Please look at the whole of her job as Captain, and deside. Did her secret membership to WoS hurt CRG, or did it hinder her ability to complete the role of Captain to the best of her ability.

<continued in next post>
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Dr. Rino

Number of posts : 59
Registration date : 2007-01-08

PostSubject: Re: [Treason] Shewolf Vs. Cornwall - Dismissed   Tue 30 Jan - 15:49

Last defence pleading
Mr. Prosecutor you are correct when you say you have not been a member of WoS. Since its conception it has been naturally weary of spies given the nature of some criminals to serve themselves before any outside organization. The nature of these attacks is to have the group participating know about the plan and all others to find out immediately before it occurs....meaning if you aren’t online you don’t find out about it until afterwards. I was not part of this attack and not privy to such information. Trust and respect in the wolves is earned at hard prices at is never just given therefore i could not have conceivably found out about the fort. Lastly as its leader Dark Devil does not trust anyone he does not know. As has already been agreed he did not know whom I was.

Next point raised by the prosecution is my decision to give leadership of the operation to Nogwa. The prosecution has SPECULATED without evidence that my decision as mayor of Launceston to stay and give leadership to a former council captain who at the time was still a current captain of the CRG leadership. So to rephrase the prosecution has alleged that to give command to a former, proven leader of the CRG (its founder no less) was a negligent decision. I refute that and still say it was a sound decision that was detrimental to noone. Furthermore Nogwa’s experiences exceed my own making him an even better choice.

Even though the indictment indicates that this trial would be restricted to the Barnshire incident the defense is happy to let this be a judgment on the captaincy. The prosecution has alleged that flaming dog was compromised, possibly on his word though he has not yet been called and no evidence supplied. What actually happened was a counter spy operation launched by members of WoS in which flaming dog unwittingly gave himself up. Furthermore this can be extended to the incorrect intel gathered immediately following the elections. Upon a target coming out from a real intel source a members of the WoS proceeded to add fake “intel” and rumors to confuse the information held by the CRG and the council. Attacks on Dartmouth and Launceston weren’t ever planned to happen. WoS has evolved to combat CRG with some real mastermind projects, I was not the catalyst for CRG’s intelligence defeat. Even now with full knowledge of my position and my full reliance on the organization for my protection I am not privy to much information beyond what I am required to know.

The letter referred to by the prosecution was not made during my time as captain, but as spokesperson (after being captain) and thus it is requested that this evidence be rejected.

In short as captain I was a spy that achieved not a great deal due to upgraded security there. As spokesperson I was confused and did nothing for either organization. When I left the council I became a wolf though and through. Since this trial is on my captaincy I have explained my actions and it can be seen that I acted to the best of my ability on the information available. What the prosecution has attempted to do is scapegoat me for the failings of the CRG without evidence and only with opinion. The defense agrees that the entire captaincy be looked at but also requests that the fact I did not have hindsight as you do now be considered.

The defence called Dark_Devil
His statement:

Your honor; I hereby bring my testimony that Shewolf did enter the Wolves late days after the Barnshire crisis, and I assume at this point her goal was still spying us. Actually, I only learnt who she was really a few days ago, once I supposed, she was seduced by our lifestyle, and decided to choose her side.

As I said, I only learnt her real identity few days ago and I can swear in front of this jury that she didn't bring to the WOS any crucial information related from the CRG; actually, by thinking of it, she didn't even bring us any information from the CRG at all.

Being member of the wolves is not a crime by itself. Prosecuting her on this only accusation is abuse of power.

I think the Court should rather investigate on the source of this revelation. I hereby accuse Malachia to have used witchery means to get this information I and Shewolf, were the only one to know (OOC : By witchery means, I think about IP scan ability of moderators, a totally NRP method). I suggest the Court to bring here the testimony of Malachia explaining how she knew something I myself ignored one week ago !! The Court of Justice can't work on witch assumptions !

The prosecutor called Nogwa
His statement:
I quote the Regent of England, Prince John Dugustus his proclomation made on the 14th of august of this year.

"We Decree there shall be no quarter, no mercy, and no passage for any of the Wolves of Sherwood. All those under the banner of the Wolves of Sherwood shall be put to death. All those speaking support of thier ideals and designs shall be held to account for treason. There shalt not be any quarter given. We hence forth declare that no surender shalt be accepted from any one raising arms against Loyal forces for the duration of this action."

As I have no evidence of Shewolf leaking information to the WoS. I can however inform the court that Shewolf has not fullfilled her task as Captain. She has not recruited sufficiant new members, she has not taking command of any field operation and has attempted to change the CRG regulations withouth informing the council or awaiting permission. You can call Lynet as witness to that.

Due to security reasons I can not reveal the name of the most important CRG spy inside the WoS, only myself and the present Count Seawarrior should be aware of this persons name. However his report on september 11th mentioned:

- Dreamaster being a Heavy Supporter of the WoS.

A report on september 18th mentioned that the CRG was infiltrated by at least 2 WoS spies, as Shewolf was also running the Counter-espionage departement, she didn't not mention one name of the WoS spying on us, also she kept it hidden that she herself a member of the WoS.

I can no longer see how she is not guilty of treason. She willingly let the WoS spies operate inside the CRG, endangering this county, and its men serving it. Neglecting her tasks given by the people of Cornwall and appointed by Count Methos. This is no common treason, this is HIGH treason to me, your honour!

Judge: Zymurge
PP: Drrino
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[Treason] Shewolf Vs. Cornwall - Dismissed
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