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 Information: Updated Sussex Laws

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PostSubject: Information: Updated Sussex Laws   Tue 14 Nov - 11:32

Quote :

I. The Council
a. Voting procedures

1. An official poll can only be made by the Count.

2.1. Each poll will run for a maximum 3 days before it's closed.

2.2. Each poll shall have three options: Yea, Nay and Abstain.

3.1. A poll is declared valid with a simple majority of all non-abstaining votes and the majority shall determine the outcome.

3.2. A tied poll is considered as not passed (nay)

3.3. If the result of the poll is nay then a new poll can be created (if needed) with an adjusted proposal.

4.1. Not voting in two successive polls about the same proposal without
a good reason will lead to the removal of the right to vote in further
polls about that proposal.

4.2. Repeated abuse, defined as not casting votes in any polls for 5
consecutive polls (unless absent with advance notice), will lead to the
complete removal of the right to vote on any Council issue for the
duration of the council term.

5.1 A poll may be initiated by the Count to overturn the loss of voting rights resulting from section 4.2.

b. Accountability

The Council shall provide accountability to the citizens of Sussex at
the individual member level by providing reports on measures brought to
a vote within the Chambers. The reports shall contain the following

- The measure submitted for vote

- The tally and names of each Council member voting in favor

- The tally and names of each Council member voting against

- The tally and names of each Council member abstaining from the vote

c. Multiple Functions

In order to avoid a possible conflict of interest, a player can not be
a member of the council and a mayor at the same time. Should this apply
to someone, he or she will have to make a decision and give up one of
these functions. Giving up the mayor position will have to be dealt
with by the mayor and the running council, for the interest of the

in case of an enemy revolt on a town a council member may be allowed to
lead a counter-revolt on the occupied town. This action is the decision
of the count(ess).

d. Standards of Sussex Council Members

. No one who has ever been convicted of robbery or treason shall be
admitted as a council member. They are prohibited from entering council
and or registering a list for council elections.

Any convicted criminal can request a hearing in front of the current
county council of Sussex to ask permission to post a list or be on
someone else’s list for county council elections. The council will then
vote on the matter. The vote will last for 3 days and the simple
majority wins.

Any convicted criminal convicted of robbery and or treason who has
posted a list or is running on someone else’s list with out the
authorization of the council will be brought in front of the judge if
found guilty he will face a punishment of no less than 5 days in jail
with a 100 pound fine to a maximum of 6 days with a 1000 pound fine.

II. The Rights of a citizen in Sussex

a. Right to a Defense Council
Whosoever is accused of a crime in the County of Sussex, shall have
the right to Defense Council. This Defense Council shall have access to
evidence under the right of disclosure, and may provide mitigating
evidence, testimony, witnesses, and may argue points of law regarding
only the accused's criminal charges. Defense Council may be obtained
from, but is not limited to, the Law Society of England.

b. Right to a trial
No person shall be fined, censured, imprisoned, or otherwise punished
without first having a trial as defined by his Majesty the King.

c. . Citizens Actions in Courtrooms
Let it be known that the County of Sussex decrees that all citizens
should know how to properly conduct themselves in any of the courts of
England, else face a charge of Contempt of Court.

Should one find themselves in the position that they need to either
address a court as juror, witness, plaintiff, or defendant, they will
conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful. No person shall
mock, nor offend the court, by using foul language, speaking a language
other than the King's English (if the person does not speak English,
then they need to acquire a translator), or speaking out of order of
the rules of the court. the judge shall always be addressed as "Your
Honor". When entering the court all men must remove their hats, and be
properly attired (Level 1 and above).

The court may issue one warning and if the action continues, it will be
viewed as an affront to His Majesty the King and they will be charged
with Contempt of Court, in addition to any other charges that one may
be facing. If found guilty of a contempt charge, the offender faces a
fine of no less than 10 pounds. A second offence, shall carry double
the fine in addition to a loss of up to four intelligence points.

If a Public Prosecutor or Judge is found in Contempt of Court they
shall be held to the same standards. The current Count(ess) shall
remove the Public Prosecutor and appoint another to file the charges.
After the case has been resolved the Count(ess) can decide to reinstate
the person to his/her previous position.

III. The Laws of Sussex
a. The Official language

The official language of our Kingdom is English.
All other languages are prohibited.
The first two times someone is seen/heard speaking a language other
than English (on the official forum) will receive a warning by mail (in
game) and his/her post will be deleted.

If two warnings are not sufficient, the accused will be put in trial
and will have to pay a fine in relation to his/her level...

o Level 0 : 10 pounds
o Level 1 : 30 pounds
o Level 2 : 50 pounds
o Level 3 : 70 pounds

b. Witchery

Whosoever shall dare to create more than one account for any reason ,
shall respond for the offense of Witchery in front of the Holy
Inquisition tribunal. If found guilty, his/her clones are to be burned
alive in a public place. The accused will pay a very heavy fine, and
will be pilloried for up to several days. In case of repetition of the
offense, or well-known abuse, the accused will be hanged by the neck
until dead

c. Confidence racket/Swindling

Whosoever shall attempt to manipulate any market in the County of
Sussex, for their own purposes and attempt to destroy, either for greed
or malice, the economy of the County of Sussex, shall face a competent
tribunal for the crime of Swindling/Confidence Racket. If One person is
involved the charge shall be Swindling. If two or more persons are
involved it is defined as Confidence Racket. Additional charges of
Treason may apply at the discretion of the Judge appointed by the
Countess representing His Majesty the King.

If found guilty, he/she will be sentenced to pay a heavy fine in pounds
and reputation points. Any repetition of this offense will result in
imprisonment the duration of which will depend on amount swindled.

d. Profiteering
1.1. Whosoever shall profiteer at the expense of another, sustenance
foods (defined as bread and corn), at an inflated price shall be
charged with the crime of Profiteering and shall face a competent
tribunal appointed by The Count(ess), representing His Majesty the

This is a reprehensible crime that preys on the poor souls who toil for
their days wages. The offender shall be given one warning to re-price
his/her product. If the accused does not respond, they will be charged
with profiteering.

* Corn shall be sold at a price lower than 4.25
* Bread shall be sold at a price lower than 8.50
* Wheat shall be sold at a price lower than 15.00
* Flour shall be sold at a price lower than 18.00

Anything higher shall be considered profiteering.

1.2. No person* shall resell any goods purchased from the same market
they were purchased from for an increased amount in order to profit.
This is considered profiteering.
Merchants (anyone who sells or purchases more than 20 of the same item
in towns they don't live in) must get authorization from the towns
mayor prior to posting for sale or purchasing said items. We recommend
that merchants register with a merchants guild.

*This will exclude mayors who purchase from one market (player market)
to sell on another (townhall), tavern owners who purchase from player
market and resell in their tavern, and merchants who have mayorial
authorization to sell items purchased in other towns to be sold to the
local market.

If found guilty of part 1.1 the accused shall pay a heavy fine of ten
fold based on the amount over 3.5, 7, 14, or 17 (respectively) pounds.
A second offence and subsequent offenses shall be double the amount of
the previous fine, and a third offence will also result in imprisonment
for not less than two days.

If found guilty of part 1.2 the accused shall pay a heavy fine of 10
fold of the amount they rob the town or county by this practice. A
second offense and subsequent offenses shall be double the amount of
the previous fine, and a third offence will also result in imprisonment
for not less than two days

e. Slavery

All towns within Sussex boundaries have the right and privilege to set
and enforce their own level of minimum wage not to fall lower than
national minimum wage of 12 pounds. Towns may decide to have a
ordinance of up to 20 pounds for 0 stat jobs.

The process of establishing the minimum wage will be up to the
discretion of the current town officers in the way of their choosing.
If they cannot decide on a satisfactory way of evaluating and
establishing the minimum wage, they may take advantage of the county's
voting procedures, posted below.

The methods of enforcing the newly established min wage is to begin by
posting the local wage conspicuously in each town hall and in the
mayors message. They shall deal with slavery as before, per each town's
ordinances, criminals may be prosecuted as usual through the county PP.

f. Treason

opposing official Sussex county force anywhere or the force of our
allies or, willfully increasing the vunerabilty of a town or the county
or, trying to depose the King (RP or in game) or, willfully aiding
others in any of the above.

g. Robbery

Whosoever shall commit robbery against an innocent traveler and steal
his/her hard earned wages, or property shall respond to a competent
tribunal for the charge of robbery. If he kills said victim, he will
further face the charge of murder.

If found guilty, the accused shall face, imprisonment, loss of
charisma, heavy fines, or Death, at the discretion of the judge, based
on severity of the crime.

h. Perjury

Whosoever shall lie, deceive or otherwise misrepresent, with malice the
court representing His Majesty the King, shall face a competent
tribunal for the charge of Perjury. If found guilty, said person shall
pay a heavy fine, and serve one day in prison.

i. Contempt of Court.

A person who is called in front of the court and show contempt by
mocking the charges, offending the court, or speaking any other
language but His Majesty's English to the court shall be guily of the
charge Contempt of Court. A warning may be issued to the accused in his
native language if the court feels the accused does not understand.
Said warning will only be issued once. Continued or repeated contempt
will be viewed as an affront to His Majesty the King and will be an
added offence to the original crime for which the accused is charged.
The accused, if found guilty, shall face a fine of not less than 10
pounds. A second offence, shall carry double fines, and a loss of
intelligence of up to four points.

j. Obstruction of Justice

Whosoever shall deliberately hide, conceal aid or abet, any person who
has commited a crime under his Majesty's laws and governances shall be
guilty of the crime Obstruction of Justice.

This includes, but not limited to attempting to conceal or aid the perpetrator through witchery or false testimony.

Moreover, any official (appointed or elected) who is sworn to uphold
the law, who attempts to circumvent the valid judicial process or
attempts to minimize punishment through perjury, thereby abusing the
trust placed in them by the people of Sussex, shall face the charge of
Obstruction of Justice.

Punishable by up to one day in jail

k. Fraud

1. Contractual agreements:
Any person who shall take a grant of reduced price items, subsidy, or
loan from a town or other person for an agreed service or goods (i.e.
fishing, milling, merchant, etc.) and fail to perform said duty or
deliver said goods, and who has a complaint filed by one or more of the
contracting parties, will be charged with the offence of Fraud.

Documents of evidence must include the agreement between the two parties as well as the expected service or goods.

Sentence will include the cost of undelivered goods or service, plus
repayment of initial investment, and a fine at the discretion of the

2. Other agreements

- Tavern owners who fail to deliver the announced meals shall receive
one warning to replenish their stock and proof of this has to be send
to the official in charge (mayor, public prosecutor, ... ). If the
owner fails to do this then he will be charged with the offense of

- Taverns must follow the legal price limits for their product. It is
illegal to serve nothing (i.e. no food item is listed in brackets after
the meal name) if these laws are broken then the tavern owner will be
charged with fraud, and if found guilty must pay a fine of 10 times the
price of the meal. For each subsequent violation of this law, the fine
will be doubled.

- Organizers of lotteries, and other events with goods as a
reward, who fail to deliver the promised items, shall be charged with
the offense of Fraud.

Sentences will include the cost of the undelivered goods and a fine at the discretion of the judge.

l. Harassment

Is defined as any repeated action, within the context of the game
(Web/Forum), that offends or irritates another person. This can be
based on anything. Harassment includes intent to insult or upset other
people and is willfully malicious. For any action within the game to be
considered harassment, there must be attempts made by the victim to
stop the harassment. This includes talking directly with both parties
and explaining why the actions are objectionable. Everyone must
remember that people come from all different backgrounds, and have
different standards. If this does not work, the victim is to
(privately) go to the proper authority and ask for help. In the forums,
go to a MOD; for IG issues go to either the Mayor, his/her council, or
the count. Explain to them why the actions are not acceptable. Should
the problem continue, this may go to court. It would be the authority
you contacted who acts a prosecutor. That could be a MOD (via Mayor),
the Mayor and council, or the county.

**Penalties for Harassment shall vary, but shall never exceed the following**

*Fines totaling of 150 pounds PER Harassment charge.
*Limitation of freedoms for a period of 10 days.
*3 day jail term.

m. Strategic resources : iron and steel

Any person purchasing iron or steel from a town should be a blacksmith
living in Sussex or an official guild merchant on a trade mission
within england.
To purchase iron ore or steel ounces from a town hall market and not
meeting these requirements, is an illegal action punishable by the
following guidelines:
1st offense: 10 pounds per iron ore or steel ounce + 1 day in mine per 5 ores/ounces (rounded up)
2nd offense: 15 pounds per iron ore or steel ounce + 1 day in mine per 4 ores/ounces (rounded up)
3rd offense: 18 pounds per iron ore or steel ounce + 1 day in mine per 3 ores/ounces (rounded up)

The offender may avoid prosecution if he or she sells the iron/steel
back to the Town from which he or she purchased it from for the same
price of the purchase within 48 hours
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Information: Updated Sussex Laws
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