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 [Slavery] Guissepe vs Wiltshire - Guilty

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PostSubject: [Slavery] Guissepe vs Wiltshire - Guilty   Mon 2 Oct - 13:44

Lawsuit between Guissepe and Wiltshire

Guissepe was charged with commission of slavery.

The sentence has been passedStatement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of slavery.
It is a well established principle that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Yet, because you are a poor man and this is your first offense, I am only going to levy half of the prescribed fine. You are found guilty of slavery and fined 18 pounds. You must also give a trust point to Werekiller, failure to do so will result in contempt of court.
The defendant has been sentenced to 18 pounds fine.

Bill of indictment
The defendant is charged with Slavery-001-minimum wage. The defendant did hire Werekiller, a citizen of Gloucester, at 12 pounds, 4 pounds below the legal minimum wage.

First defence pleading
Im sorry I didnt know that the minimum was 16 pounds. Im new, sorry.

Prosecutor indictment
Your honor,
As a citizen of Gloucester I was checking the job offers and saw the defendant offering a job for 12 pounds. I PMed him to warn him of his mistake and never received a response. The job offer was listed for almost an entire day before Werekiller accepted it. Here is the screenshot.
This crime was also duely reported by Trixobel,a citizen of Gloucester in the prosecutor's thread of the wiltshire inn as a matter of public record.

Last defence pleading
If it was slavery then nobody would have taken the job. Listen, Im just a poor farmer and I dont have all the money in the world your honor. And so now Im being prosecuted for not being wealthy. I find this very accusation to be a crime far above my own. And for the record,your honor, I recieved no message that day from the prosecutor.

The prosecutor called Trixobel
His statement:
When I logged in to see if I had hired anyone yet to harvest my vegetables, I went to job announcements to see if a job was available for me and I saw the announcement posted that Guissepe had hired Werekiller at 12 pounds. I posted about that in the Prosecutor's Office. I did not mail Guissepe because I felt that was to be the Prosecutor's duty and not mine, as the hiring had already taken place.

The prosecutor called Werekiller
His statement:
im srry i dont usually read the pay i just work

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[Slavery] Guissepe vs Wiltshire - Guilty
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