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 [Traitorousness] Soroin vs Cornwall - Guilty

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PostSubject: [Traitorousness] Soroin vs Cornwall - Guilty   Mon 2 Oct - 13:23

Lawsuit between Soroin and Cornwall

Soroin was charged with commission of traitorousness.

The sentence has been passedStatement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of traitorousness.
This court finds you guilty in the case Soroin vs Cornwall. For revolting in Fowey you are guilty of treason, for this you will receive 3 days in jail
The defendant has been sentenced to prison penalty 3 days.

Bill of indictment
Soroin, you are accused of Treason.

You have revolted in Fowey without any consent of the Council, removing the current duly elected mayor from his office. This is considered as a crime by Cornwall laws; Now face the Justice !

According to our laws, you have the right to defend yourself or to be represented by a lawyer. If you don't have one, you can find help in the Attorney's Office:

First defence pleading
i did and i'd do it again whenever i considered necessary for the goodness of the town

Prosecutor indictment
Then you admit having doing it wilfullingly. Moreover you claim you will do it again ! This is unacceptable, No one can hurt a town stability just for fun. If you want to act for the goodness of your town, you should be more involved in your town life and do things in the legal way.

Consequently, as the defendant does not present any remorse and threaten to do it again, the prosecution requires a heavy penalty of 3 days of jail. No fine is required due to the low level of the defendant and as it seems the Town Hall did not suffer of his acts.

Last defence pleading
I have nothing to say. Jail endurance souls, but also makes them more unfriendly. I will accept the punish but I would not be pleased with the destiny that is awaiting for your souls

The prosecutor called Chinahero
His statement:
Honoured court, I, Sir Chinahero was part of the counter-rebelion to re take the Town Hall.

Once the Hall had been retaken I was appointed as Interim Mayor untill full, fair and democratic elections can be held.

After talking to other members of Fowey and a review of purchases and sales there does not seem to be any great damage. ( Dashboard info will be forwarded to the PP, Leonard Washington and Lynett for review).

The taking of the Town Hall was a foolish action and one that could be "almost" excussed if the player did not know what they were doing. However, in view of Soroins first statement, he obviously knew what he was doing though he had little chance of success and is even threatening rebelion again.

I ask for the full penalty of the law to be applied in this case.

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[Traitorousness] Soroin vs Cornwall - Guilty
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