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 [Public disorder] Zakku vs Cornwall - Guilty

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PostSubject: [Public disorder] Zakku vs Cornwall - Guilty   Mon 4 Sep - 15:26

Lawsuit between Zakku and Cornwall

Zakku was charged with commission of public disorder.

The sentence has been passedStatement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of public disorder.
This court finds you innocent in the case Zakku vs Cornwall. You are discharged of the acusations of robbery but because you didnt showed to the trial you will receive a 10 pounds fine
The defendant has been sentenced to 10 pounds fine.

Bill of indictment
Sir Zakku you are accused of robbery .
You and a group lead by Anto_Capone have attacked Dark_Devil and Zekiel on the road between Barnstaple and Bridgewater.
Robbery is a crime punished by our laws.

First defence pleading
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

Prosecutor indictment
Robbery is defined by Cornwall County law as:
"Whosoever shall commit robbery against an innocent traveler and steal his/her hard-earned wages, or property shall be charged with robbery."

As PP, I am charged with prosecuting any case for which some evidence exists that a crime has been committed. No such evidence exists here. Therefore this case was started in error and there is nothing more to present.

My apologises to the court and to the defendents

Last defence pleading
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

The prosecutor called Dark_devil
His statement:

As the Battle in Barnshire was standing on a tie (1 victory for Anto, 1 victory for us), I asked to negociate because I'm civilized, contrary to some people in this Court (looking at the accused). And I didn't want this battle to degenerate in a bloody civil war.
But Zakku decided to attack a man with a white flag ! What a shame for someone pretending to represent the Prince's will.
Does it mean the Prince himself has no honour to attack a single man wanting to talk ? I hope no.

He robbed me about 800 pounds in money and 15 fruits, 15 veggies, 25 breads and 10 corn bags, so approximately 550 pounds in goods.
That's 1350 pounds stolen !
If this fight was an Official battle asked by the Regent, then Anto must give back the stolen stuff ; like I would have done myself if I had win.
If it's not, then the charge of Robbery makes sense.

In Anto's trial the prosecution has stated that there was no evidence.
This is absolutely ridiculous ! What other kind of evidence do you need ??
The screenshots have been posted in the forum, the battle and my "white flag" before the ultimate attack from those guys have been clearly stated.
If the prosecution absolutely wants to release these man without even considering the evidence brought to this court, then it means that Cornwall Justice is CORRUPTED or incompetent !

The prosecutor called Zekiel

Close the window

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[Public disorder] Zakku vs Cornwall - Guilty
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