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 [Betrayal] Dark_Devil vs Cornwall - Guilty

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PostSubject: [Betrayal] Dark_Devil vs Cornwall - Guilty   Mon 4 Sep - 15:25

Lawsuit between Dark_Devil and Cornwall

Dark_Devil was charged with commission of betrayal.

The sentence has been passedStatement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of betrayal.
This court finds you guilty in the case Dark_Devil vs Cornwall. You will receive 5 days in jail and the obligation to wear at your neck(so that it can be seen)a paper with the writting..." I Dark_Devil am a proud cornish citizen , I respect and i'm proud of our prince, his majesty Dugustus. ". Also you have interdiction to enter Barnstaple for 2 months since today 27th august 1454
The defendant has been sentenced to prison penalty 5 days.

Bill of indictment
In that Holy day of 17th August 1454; Sir Dark Devil you are accused of High Treason.
You took possession of a Cornish territory (the road from Barnstaple to Bridgewater) and declared this road 'Barnshire territory' by establishing here a fort blocking the road.

Extract of the Law:
"TREASON : opposing official Cornwall county force anywhere or the force of our allies or,
willfully increasing the vunerabilty of a town or the county or,
trying to depose the King (RP) or,
willfully aiding others in any of the above. "

You're clearly opposing the County forces asking you to surrender. You're clearly trying to depose the King and his representants by mocking and provocating his Army. You're clearly increasing the vulnerability of the County by reducing the Cornwall domain.

Now face the Cornish Justice for your acts !

First defence pleading
I don't deny having declared this node Barnshire territory. This territory was legally given to me by the Princess Nordicnorn (see Official document : https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img63/562/ndddjf0.png)
So I'm officially Duke of Barnshire.
This document has never been contested and is signed with the seal of the Princess.

Consequently, I deny this Court of Justice to have any rights to judge a Barnshire citizen.
This is a juridiction issue, the facts happened in Barnshire territory, so I can only be judged by a Barnshire judge.

Prosecutor indictment
The veracity of the document can not be authenticated here. Nordicnorn is not present to confirm or dispute is authenticity. However, The current regent has declared DD and the WoS criminals in post:http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=17203&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
where he states "We Decree there shall be no quarter, no mercy, and no passage for any of the Wolves of Sherwood. All those under the banner of the Wolves of Sherwood shall be put to death. All those speaking support of thier ideals and designs shall be held to account for treason. There shalt not be any quarter given. We hence forth declare that no surender shalt be accepted from any one raising arms against Loyal forces for the duration of this action."

He also writes: "Hense forth all of the Wolves of Sherwood are branded criminal and traitor to the Kingdom by decree of the Throne of England."

Since the defendent does not dispute any of the facts or the harm he caused, and as the Regent, speaking for the King, does not recognise the county of Barnshire, and as you have been informed of the Regents decision and choose to continue your offenses anyways. It is clear that you are guilty of High Treason.

Last defence pleading
The authentication of this document is at the node of the problem indeed.
Its veracity has never been contested and no investigation has never been done in this way. Consequently : it's an authentic document.
Who should be trialed for High treason ? Me or the current Prince who denied the decisions done by the previous princess ??

The defense rests on the obvious point that this Court has no juridiction to judge me or my men. I am a Barnshire citizen, tha acts committed were done on Barnshire territory and I only depend on Barnshire Constitution. As no retro-activity of the law can be applied, you can't say that now I'm a Cornish citizen and apply on me the Cornish law.
(Moreover it has been clearly stated in the forum that I had no more the citizen rights to complaint for robbery, therefore you admitted that I'm a Barnshire citizen.)

The defence called Drrino
His statement:
Your Honour,
The events in question are not being contested by the defence.Dark_Devil and some other persons DID take over land that was formerly part of our county. This land included Barnstaple, and the Wiltshire areas of Chard and Bridgewater.
However, that land is NO LONGER part of this county. I refer this court to the paper Dark_Devil presented.
In the absence of the King, the Regent is in total control. The King had named the late Nordicnorn as Regent, and therefore she had all the rights and privilages of that title.These rights and privilages include the ability to award persons with land, and title. This is what the Regent did. May god rest her soul.

While the next regent COULD (and did) then call Dark_Devil a criminal, he did NOT give the land BACK to cornwall, and therefore this court doesn't have jurisdiction. This case should be judged by a Barnshire court, or atleast have some Barnshire representation, as the land was called BARNSHIRE by the regent, and that was not changed by the next regent.

Also, this county has removed the rights of my client, prior to this judgement. This Council had sanctioned the robbery of Dark_Devil, by private citizens. I would remind the court that at the time, Anto was not with a, official CRG force, but acting on his own.
Why is this county removing the rights of it's citizens?
I would suggest that the County was happy do deny the WoS the rights that being a citizen of Cornwall entitles us to, until they needed that citizenship. I ask the court if this is proper?

Let it be on the record that I, Drrino, contest the neutrality of this court. I request that these court proceedings be held in a more neutral location.

However, since you seemed to be judging him:
I request that any sentance take into account the treatement that my client recieved after his capture.
Dark_Devil requested a "cessez le feu", a ceasefire, a chance to talk. He then approched his captors, unarmed and in peace. They proceeded to capture him.
While there is nothing wrong with capturing Dark_Devil, these men went further. I refer the court to the town square: http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=17663&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
Clearly, this is NOT accpetable. Dark_Devil, and a few other persons, were sublected to public torture and humiliation. Also, some people attempted to kill Dark_Devil and the other men. I ask that they be brought to this court.
Futher, the results of torture were made clear by CRG captain Nogwa More. He removed Dark_Devil from the square, and placed him in a jail cell. However, he was removing "the unconsious DD".
Your Honour, if we are civilised, why are members of our county being beaten unconsious, regardless of what they may be accused of doing.

You Honour, the defendant has paid for these acts. He was robbed of over 1350.00 pounds, and has then been submitted to the public humiliation mentioned before.

In closing, I feel that this county, in not allowing DD his rights as A Cornwall Citizen, has agreed that he was not a citizen of cornwall. Therefore, the acts of DD, and his friends, are not punishable by a Cornish court, under Cornish law.
Since I am only given one change to speak in this court, I would request that, IF this court finds DD guilty, that the sentance be the lightest possible (perhaps public service), as he has already paid financialle and emotionally for this. THIS is not a capitulation by the defense, only a statement made IN CASE, as I am only given one chance to speak.
I thank the court for its time, and I hope that justice is served.

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[Betrayal] Dark_Devil vs Cornwall - Guilty
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