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 [Slavery] Ras_aghul vs Cornwall - Guilty

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PostSubject: [Slavery] Ras_aghul vs Cornwall - Guilty   Mon 4 Sep - 15:24

Lawsuit between Ras_aghul and Cornwall

Ras_aghul was charged with commission of slavery.

The sentence has been passedStatement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of slavery.
This court finds you guilty in the case Ras_aghul vs Cornwall. For hiring under the minimum wage you are guilty of slavery. You have to pay a 20 pounds fine and the obligation to give to the victim a trust point
The defendant has been sentenced to 20 pounds fine.

Bill of indictment
ras_aghul , you are accused of Slavery... You hired someone under the minimum allowed wage in Cornwall : 16 pounds.
After several warnings from the Police Officer you ignored, it's time now to face the Justice.

Accordging to our laws, you have the right to a lawyer. If you don't have one, you canfind help here:

First defence pleading
What is this? I don't understand, I recieved some mail about this 'slavery' thing and it makes no sense.
I can't hire for under 16 but I was only being paid 15 by the barracks, why is not the owner of the barracks also with a lawsuit?
This is not fair, just because I am a newbie doesn't mean I should have to be treated like this!

Prosecutor indictment
The evidence is clear. His defense is irrelevant. The law is clear on this issue, specifically citing that the county was on a one month exception to the 16 pound min wage law. If the repeated warnings had been heeded, it may not have come to this point - but as such, this is a clear case of slavery.

Last defence pleading
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

The prosecutor called Archie
His statement:
Thank you, your honour. I allege that at 05:43 on the 11/08, ras_aghul did commit slavery by hiring worldsreject for 12.00. Ignoring warnings, he later went on to hire the same person for 15, at 06:03 on the 19/08.

The evidence:



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[Slavery] Ras_aghul vs Cornwall - Guilty
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