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 [Public disorder] Dark_Devil vs Cornwall - Discharged

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PostSubject: [Public disorder] Dark_Devil vs Cornwall - Discharged   Mon 4 Sep - 15:22

Lawsuit between Dark_Devil and Cornwall

Dark_Devil was charged with commission of public disorder.

The sentence has been passedStatement of accusation
The defendant has been discharged.
This court finds you innocent in the case Dark_Devil vs Cornwall

Bill of indictment
Sir Dark_Devil, you are accused of Robbery.
You have attacked Cassandra in the road between Barnstaple and Bridgewater and stole her all her goods.
Evidences have been posted by you in the forum : http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=17203&start=60

First defence pleading
That's right I don't deny having attacked Lady Cassandra.
But I deny the Robbery accusation as this happened during a RP Battle. The configuration of this day was clear: we were fighting for the independance of Barnshire against Anto and his group among them Cassandra. As there's no other way to fight than robbing, so we robbed her, but there was no intentions to steal her anything. By the way, I would gladly accept to give back everything i stole her, unfortunately Anto took me everything. Sorry about that Cassandra ! Maybe she can ask a compensation to Anto now he has everything ?

Prosecutor indictment
Robbery is defined by Cornwall County law as:
"Whosoever shall commit robbery against an innocent traveler and steal his/her hard-earned wages, or property shall be charged with robbery."

As Cassandra states below in his testimony: he was not an innocent traveler. As such removing goods from him is not considered Robbery.

As PP, I am charged with prosecuting any case for which some evidence exists that a crime has been committed. No such evidence exists here. Therefore this case was started in error and there is nothing more to present.

My apologises to the court and to the defendents.

Last defence pleading

The prosecutor called Cassandra
His statement:
I consider this incident to be a part of the battle in which I agreed to take part, which is why I never reported the incident myself. Since there is no other way to have a battle and he never could have robbed me if I hadn't screwed up and left my group, as far as I am concerned this matter is closed. I was beaten fairly in a battle I agreed to be a part of.

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[Public disorder] Dark_Devil vs Cornwall - Discharged
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