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 [Slavery] Tatarikun vs Cornwall - Guilty

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PostSubject: [Slavery] Tatarikun vs Cornwall - Guilty   Fri 11 Aug - 16:04

Bill of indictment wrote:
Tatarikun, you are accused of Slavery... you hired someone under the minimum allowed wage of Cornwall which is 16 pounds
here is the evidence:
05/08 08:03 : Tatarikun hires Salient for 15,00 pounds
Accordging to our laws, you have the right to a lawyer. If you don't have one, you canfind help here:

First defence pleading wrote:
hmm...ok, my mistake. i m waiting your instruction to tell me how can i give the 1 pound missing to salient who is working for me today. it s a real mistake, i was not trying to do "slavery".
i don t think people can make benefit by not respected the law (1 pound benefit a day, XXX pound of penalty the other day, lol, i m not that crazy!)

now, let me explain u how it happens (if u r interested by an explaination) :
it was 6 am just before working, i didn t read the cityhall news, and forum (my mistake again), i just put my add without knowing the new law. i used the former law saying there is no minimum wage limit (that s a old one i think), even if i ve never put any adds under 15 pounds since i live here.
i know that i should be aware of the law, my mistake, but i don t have so much time to play this game and read all the forum topycs...but i m glad that you give a chance to pay Salient 16 pounds for his work; just tell me how to do it.

i gave my explaination. now i would like to talk as a normal citizen with other citizen who have responsability. here i will give my point of view on some fact(my point of view is totaly neutral) :
1- the mayor didn t write any dates about this law...even his message was not dated.
2- i still don t understand why the laws change so fast! players like me who don t have so much time for this game always get troubles. i saw many slavery case today... i can understand that the bosses often change but "too much laws kill the law", lol.

anyway all i want it s to play peacefully without any trouble.tell me how can i pay salient to let me live my life in peace.i m ready to give him a trust point as he is a new player!

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
Considering the defense is pleading guilty with regrets, I suggest the usual symbolic penalty for administrative costs and procedure rights.

Last defence pleading wrote:
I m ok with that.
but i just want to point out something!
i will pay you cause i waste ur time...but who will pay me? 'cause i waste my time too.
Salient as a level 0 has to learn quick! it s his 2nd time to be hired at this wage...and 2 citizen has to come here, wasting there time n money.
new players are not informed by cityhall about that kind of thing? aren t they read the forum and informations? by the way, do salient really want to accuse me for slavery?
2nd point : i gave him money (less than the lawlimit...ok) so it can t be called slavery. i m guilty of anything u want but not slavery! it will be a shame for my people.

after saying what i need to say...i m ready to pay.

Salient (called by the prosecutor) wrote:

Waldo (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
I saw the slavery (a job hired below 16 poundS) posted while looking for a job. It is a fact that he committed this crime.

His remorse and intentions to correct this time, obviously mitigate the crime.

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of slavery.
This court finds you guilty in the case Tatarikun vs Cornwall. For hiring under the minimum wage you are guilty of slavery and you will pay an 1 pound fine and you have the obligation to give to the victim(Salient) a trust point
The defendant has been sentenced to 1 pound fine.

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[Slavery] Tatarikun vs Cornwall - Guilty
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