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 [Slavery] Harley vs Cornwall - Guilty

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PostSubject: [Slavery] Harley vs Cornwall - Guilty   Fri 11 Aug - 16:02

Bill of indictment wrote:
Harley, you are accused of Slavery... you hired someone under the minimum allowed wage of Cornwall which is 16 pounds
here is the evidence:
04/08 10:23 : Harley hires Dawn1398 for 15,00 pounds

Accordging to our laws, you have the right to a lawyer. If you don't have one, you canfind help here:

First defence pleading wrote:
Your Honor,

any infraction needs 2 elements
the first one is the fact of the infraction
the second one is the intention

I admit that I hired someone for 15 pounds but I plead the error of law and the time of tolerance that is usually given when the law changes.

The day I hired someone for 15 pounds, I did not notice the message of the mayor in the city hall of the village. I received a mail, and I immediately tried to remove the offer but it was too late. I answered to that mail saying that it would never happen again.

I did want to hire someone with no points for 15 pounds but I never intended to break the law !

I watch the messages of the mayor very often to check the changes, and I always read my mail to see if there is any notification of changes in the minimum wage law.

I did not see it this time, and I am really sorry, it was a terrible mistake. I did not intend to break the law or hire someone for an indecent salary.

with all my respect,


Prosecutor indictment wrote:
Considering the defendant is respectful and admitted his mistake, I suggest to apply the same symbolic sentence than we did for michmich.
The Court is kind for this transition period, but don't forget that the next time there will be no mercy.

Last defence pleading wrote:
I will accept a symbolic fine but I am a little bit surprised by the testimony fo your witness and I wonder a lot about this court. I read what michmich wrote, analyzed the situation thought about it and here is the conclusion.

you had not less than 5 cases of slavery in one day, I will not make any judgements on the other cases but som are just like mine. People who simply didn't see the message, either on the forum or in the message of the mayor. And for the ones who did, there was no date in that message.
I think it is strange to convict people for a mistake of the city hall which did not
1) date the message
2) notify a change of that importance, especially considering that there was no more slavery law for a while, by email
3) update the topic on the forum.

As to answer to Waldo the witness/prosecutor, an infraction like this one needs an intention from the person who committed it and as I said, I was of perfectly good faith and had absolutely no intention to break the law. Moreover, I feel it outrageous to be accused of civil disobedience by a witness ! a witness should restrain himself to the facts and not trying to be a second prosecutor.
Therefore, your Honor, I ask you to not take this testimony in the balance when you will have to give your judgement.

I repeat that I had no intention to break the law or cause a prejudice to Dawn1398 to whom I already gave a trust point since this is the only way I see to repair that prejudice.

Waldo (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
The fact of the infraction is established. It is for available for all to see in the job page listings. I do not know how to post a screenshot here - but can if someone teaches me how. Does the accused claim he didn't commit the crime? That just shows a level of obstinance and lack of remorse that should bring about the maximum of penalties.

As to your point that intentions are required - that simply iosn't true. The law does not in any way call for a knowing of the accused intentions. Since the intentions are impossible to know - a requirement for such would lead to lawlessness.

This is a clear case of slavery as defined by the laws of cornwall. I suspect that it was part of Yablos' civil disobedience and designed to bring about a lawlessness in our town.

Giapettin (called by the prosecutor) wrote:

Friday morning i was looking for a job, becouse there were none available i stayed on the Th to search...after a wile Harley posted a job offer, but at 15gc, i learned from the Mayor message that we have a minimum wage of 16gc, so i sent Harley a message telling him that he underpays...after a wile(30 min) i have seen that the job was taken, and after a few hours Harley replyed to my message (i posted his reply at the end)

i dont know for sure the time at wich he read my message, but becouse this is his first mistake, i sugest that he pays twice the diference (2gc) and give Dawn1398 a trust point.

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of slavery.
This court finds you guilty in the case Harley vs Cornwall. Because you hired under the minimum wage of Cornwall you are guilty of slavery. This time you will receive only a 1 pound fine and the obligation to give to the victim( Dawn1398 )a trust point
The defendant has been sentenced to 1 pound fine.

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[Slavery] Harley vs Cornwall - Guilty
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