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 [Fraud] Bangum vs Sussex - Guilty

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PostSubject: [Fraud] Bangum vs Sussex - Guilty   Wed 9 Aug - 11:10

Bill of indictment wrote:

You are being charged with Profiteering. You sold at least two bags of corn for more than the legal price for that produce.

09-07-2006 12:30 : You have bought from Bangum 1 corn bag for 4,50 pounds.
07-07-2006 03:30 : You have bought from Bangum 1 corn bag for 4,50 pounds.

First defence pleading wrote:
Well I didnt play for a few days a week or so ago. SO throw my butt in jail ifin ya want. I dont care. I'll just stop playing.

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
Your honor,

It is obvious from his defense that this man has no respect for the laws, or those who uphold it. He is obviously not sorry for his crimes and the people insist that he be punished as harshly as the law allows, not to hurt him, but to hopefully teach him a lesson and any others who would follow his ways. The proof is clear. We await your wise decision.

Last defence pleading wrote:

Police_chief (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
As i am the current police officer to sevenoaks i was looking at the market to find any profiteerers and i found 3 corn for the price of 4,50pounds each, i bought one to find out who sold it and it was bangum as you can see in the picture: (https://2img.net/h/i51.photobucket.com/albums/f355/Police_Chief/Proofofprofiteering.jpg)

"07-07-2006 03:30 : You have bought from Bangum 1 corn bag for 4,50 pounds."

as the law requires:
"Whosoever shall profiteer at the expense of another, sustenance foods (defined as bread and corn), at an inflated price shall be charged with the crime of Profiteering and shall face a competent tribunal appointed by The Count(ess), representing His Majesty the King.
This is a reprehensible crime that preys on the poor souls who toil for their days wages. The offender shall be given one warning to re-price his/her product and 2 days since the mail is sent to do this. If the accused does not respond, they will be charged with profiteering. If found guilty the accused shall pay a heavy fine calculated with the following formula: Fine = #ofItems * (Price sold at - Max Recommended Price)*5*(2^(#ofOffense-1)).

Corn shall be sold at
* Max. Recommended selling price: 3.80 pounds
* Criminal offence price: 4.50 pounds or higher"

i mailed him right after to tell him that he was breaking the law and told him to check out the forum.

I waited 2 days and the i bought another corn to make sure that it was the same person:
09-07-2006 12:30 : You have bought from Bangum 1 corn bag for 4,50 pounds.

you can see both in the picture and then i mailed the pp and mayor for my town, i ask that he not be over punished as he is level one and this is his first crime to my knowledge but i ask that he is punished since i sent a letter to him and he has not yet responded and hasnt taken the corn down

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of fraud.
3 days for the 3 bags of corn and 2 days for disrespecting the court twice. In addition 15 pounds for the 3 bags of corn.

You can quit, it will not hurt our feelings and will not hurt the county.
The defendant has been sentenced to prison penalty 5 days.

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."
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[Fraud] Bangum vs Sussex - Guilty
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