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 [Betrayal] Cc_hris vs Sussex - Discharged

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PostSubject: [Betrayal] Cc_hris vs Sussex - Discharged   Fri 14 Jul - 2:47

Bill of indictment wrote:

You are being charged with one count of swindling and market manipulation. You were caught buying a knife from KublaKahn for 20.00 pounds and resold the knife less than an hour later for 25.50 pounds.

First defence pleading wrote:
your honour,

I am sorry for the mistake done as I have wrongly post the sale as a result.

I am willing to compensate Mr KublaKahn for his lost if there is a need.

I am not into swindling and market manipulation nor I am controlling the market.

I am sorry to cause any inconvenience and I would like to settle this issue privately with Mr KublaKhan.



Prosecutor indictment wrote:
Your honor, I have contacted KublaKahn about this offer and he seems to feel that it may have been a mistake and that Cc_hris means to make it right. It is my belief that if a COP judge feels there is some good in this defendant, then I agree. I ask that you show grace and mercy to this man. I await your response.

Last defence pleading wrote:
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

KublaKahn (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
I try to Provide for the towns People of Sevenoaks with my goods for reasonable prices, to ensure a proper growth of the Community. I am also a Pig farmer, as such I know how tough it can be to not be able to afford a knife, when slaughtering. If CC_hris is willing to work with me to settle this then I have no Complaints and ask that the Courts Be Leniant with the Defendant, perhaps even drop the charges if he fulfills his promise to make right by his actions.

Yes he bought my Knife for 20Pounds and yes he resold my knife for 25,50 in less than an hour back to me in fact. I took a printscreen which is available in the SevenOaks Police Thread.

Again all I ask is that Cc_hris be given the chance to Make things right, as it seems he is willing to do so Privatly so am I.

This is my Sworn Oath, So Help me God
Justice KublaKahn

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been discharged.
After receiving mail from KublaKahn it seems that Cc_hris has attempted to right his wrong. If KublaKahn is happy with Cc_hris attempt to fix up this problem, then I am - there will be no punishment.

However I shall be watching the Whitchery trail with interest and this recent case in mind as well.

Case judged by Eddiemillions

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[Betrayal] Cc_hris vs Sussex - Discharged
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