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 [Public disorder] Zalmy vs Cornwall - Discharged (18/6/06)

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PostSubject: [Public disorder] Zalmy vs Cornwall - Discharged (18/6/06)   Mon 19 Jun - 14:41

Bill of indictment wrote:
Our case today is a very serious one, that affects the lives of all people in Lanceston. The defendant, Zalmy, stands accused of treason. The law he broke:

Chapter 6 - Treason

purposely causing level 0 to leave the game,

The maximum penalty is 5 days and 5000 pound fine plus any profit from such an action for a first offence and death for a subsequent one.

Zalmy did willfully and knowingly sexually harass Shewolf and Waite, when they were both level zero players. It was so bad that both of them were going to leave the game. They only stayed because of Seawarrior and LeonardWashington, and others in Lanceston. These people helped them realize that there are decent citizens in Lanceston.

The scope of this harassment includes the references below. It should be noted that while Zalmy owns his own tavern, he goes into the other taverns to do this harassment. In order to prove what is going on, I will call one of the victims, Shewolf, and one of the witnesses, Seawarrior.

The point of this prosecution is to get this to stop. We would like to seek punishment for his crimes, but it is more important for him to not be allowed to continue them.

His state of mind: Avia collected this from his forum posts: http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=12850
His comments to Shewolf: https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img146/5561/zalmy19sg.png https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img240/1533/zalmy23rp.png https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img146/4386/zalmy33tm.png https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img146/2659/zalmy45nx.png https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img141/7714/zalmy54xl.png
https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img141/7714/zalmy54xl.png https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img100/979/zalmy68gb.png https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img110/934/zalmy72fy.png https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img110/934/zalmy72fy.png https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img110/9238/zalmy96me.png https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img100/3637/zalmy106xn.png

These are the specifics. One need only walk into his bar in Lanceston to know more.

First defence pleading wrote:
Soo. this Nonsesnse started.Good. I already started to be bored about this game. And btw since all of the one accuse me, are americans ill say this is dicrimination and a rasist trial. Remember this is not ur game. And beeing sweared in public tavern its normal in this game,and Public dishorder doesnt aplye here. try other aproach if u want me to quit the game.
Ill take prison 5 days even 21 days and all the amount of money u can count but we will see next time in heaven

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
Your honor, the defendant has made many claims in his mockery of our court. He claims that we are prejudice, that we want him to quit the game, and that he is bored with the game. At no point does he claim innocence. This might lead one to wonder why...

The truth is, there are too many people that know better. Since beginning this case, I have been contacted by many Lanceston citizens, such as Typhoonuk and mantitan. They all agree with the assertions of the case. They all know what a public menace Zalmy is.

Who is Zalmy's chief witness? The mayor of Plymouth? I would like to know how this man can testify to anything said in Lanceston...since he has not been there! If he had brought forth the mayor of Lanceston, then that would make sense. However, he couldn't, since that mayor is testifying against him! This type of smoke and mirrors should not be tolerated.

If the defendant would please read the indictment above, he will know that none of the claims he has made make any sense. The point of this prosecution is to get him to stop.

Everyone seems to be missing the charge here. The charge is that Zalmy harassed level zero players into almost leaving the game. Zalmy all but admitted that in his first defense pleading.

Zalmy owns his own tavern, and I do not presume to ask the court to tell him what he can do in it. It is important that we defend the rights of our citizens in the other taverns. It is important that these ladies can have a place that they are not harassed. It is important that we send the message that we should be acting like adults.

Nowhere in any defense does it say Zalmy did not do these things. In fact, he says that he will do it no matter what consequence he gets. I would like to suggest to the court a consequence that is less than the maximum. I think Zalmy should be barred from the TH tavern, plus a fine. This will allow him to realize that he cannot be beligerent and attack others. This might help him to realize that the people of Cornwalol are not prosecuting him to get him to leave the game. It might even make him think about it beforeharassing others. (this is why we are in the court in the first place)

The accused is guilty. I ask that he be punished for his crimes.

Last defence pleading wrote:
Ur honor

Im accused of public dishorder with the treason law. That’s strange for me.
In the bill indictment the prosecutor writes this “purposely causing level 0 to leave the game,” and in indictment “Everyone seems to be missing the charge here. The charge is that Zalmy harassed level zero players into almost leaving the game”
Below ill have a list of lvl 0, lvl1 who reach this lvl with my help and some who i just chat in my tavern. Ill start with Typhoonuk witch is in the prosecutor indictment and ask him where he learned the first steps of this game. The others who passed the doorway of my tavern:
Timbim, Andrewq2 , Heygirl18, Oh_zut, Dreadhulk, Naughtyboy, Succi, Cadarn, Cap16, Henrod, Heripy, Jinx44, Jayven, Hasheen, Radical_FX, Siward, Vivi32ro Gunmar, Maldius, Gimilex, Dragonbane, Charnman20. The last 2 added me on their friends list. ”The truth is, there are too many people that know better”. Did prosecution asked these peoples of the atmosphere from my tavern? And if they were harassed?
“They all know what a public menace Zalmy is.”
Let’s see who is the real menace. Beyond being a trial this is a personal revenge of Shewolf. From the proves showed by prosecution u can see I whisper her” hehe take a pic? or what” and when she’s asked what I said what she say? “He is inciting for trouble”. And after I whisper to her to take pic, she does and type “STOP IT, knowing she will take a screenshot.
”In the indictment prosecution say:” Zalmy owns his own tavern, and I do not presume to ask the court to tell him what he can do in it. It is important that we defend the rights of our citizens in the other taverns. It is important that these ladies can have a place that they are not harassed. It is important that we send the message that we should be acting like adults.”
Now lets see how a lady behave in a tavern https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img149/4569/s32zz.jpg
“Who is Zalmy's chief witness? The mayor of Plymouth?”
Has mutch more experience then half of the players. But I can say the same for prosecutor ”One need only walk into his bar in Lanceston to know more.” Was the prosecutor here in my tavern to know what is the atmosphere in my tavern. NO
He mad his case on one side story “story”, he didn’t asked me nothing.
“However, he couldn't, since that mayor is testifying against him!”he don’t wanted to testify against me.
U can see that in this thread in page 5
“I like and care for both Shewolf and Zalmy. He is active and runs a good tavern - generously providing level 0's cheap food.” This passage must slipped to the prosecution.
Now im being accused of harassment. Lets see what can be said about Avia harassment who from 11 post 8 are against me.
In bottom her comment.
She started this thread. So I think I’m not the harasser but the one to be harass.
“I think Zalmy should be barred from the TH tavern, plus a fine.”
I can go in city tavern and advertise mine. But I’ll never use the language u see in this pics witch I posted in forum. Yea is in TH tavern. And all against me who im accused.
This must slipped to the prosecution too.
I will wait until the tavern law is voted and those who swear in my tavern will come to the court. Lots of the players have between 12 and 18 years old. And I don’t want to teach them swearing in my tavern.
This game must be fun for all. Can some1 tell me how many peoples use forum? Half of the England citizens. And many are just registered without any post. Because its easy to log in run for a job, eat and log off. Not to mutch headache.
Who drive away new players? The prosecutor enthusiasm, who charge noobs for slavery.
I managed to not have in court a noob for slavery cause the worker and employer made a deal after.that was vivi23ro hiring waldo. But the prosecutor knows that too.
The noobs don’t know the law.
I know ill hear from the prosecutor “ Not knowing the law is not an excuse”
Might be use an excuse, since no1 explained them how this game works, and yes those are the unlucky citizens not living in Launceston were can be teached in Phoenix Inn everything they want to know.

Now I hope the judge will find me NOT GUILTY, to be able to help noobs who start the game and strange all come to my tavern. Whys that? Maybe because i’m there all time, or one of my bartender who can help them

Tnx for ur time ur honor.

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."
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Number of posts : 433
Registration date : 2005-11-12

PostSubject: Re: [Public disorder] Zalmy vs Cornwall - Discharged (18/6/06)   Mon 19 Jun - 14:41

Malasorte (called by the defence) wrote:
Your honour, maybe Zalmy doesnt have it with words but based on the screenshots that the acusation has shown us i dont see any sexual harassments. We cant acuse people based on some words we must have solid proofs. Also from what i have read in the forums zalmy is constatly atacked . So that zalmy must be found guilty some solid proofs must be showned. I hope that the honourable judge will take the right decision

Johanes_Corvinus (called by the defence) wrote:
Well... for start. You are acusing Zalmy of public disorder and in the bill of indictment you are using a law about treason. This is at least strange. You are acusing him of public disorder or treason?
I don't see how you can combine those two.
About the evidences:
1. Avia's post is about the acusations that Zalmy maked against Leonard Washington. Accusations that have been proved true at some extend and Leonard Washington has recognized that by honourably pleading guilty at his trial. Also Avia uses parts from posts that are not written by Zalmy and claims that Zalmy has written them. Latter Avia has recognized the mistake here : http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=12850&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=15. More, from the 11 posts of Avia, 8 were against Zalmy in a form or another so it is doubtfull that she is an impartial whitness. This can't be used as a prof.
2. From the screenshots that Shewolf posted, I can see that they have argued in Zalmy's tavern. I haven't seen any... I repeat ANY... sexual innuendo in those screenshots so sexual harrasement isn't proved at all. If she has something against Zalmy, she can never enter his tavern again. Problem solved. She hasn't provided any proves that Zalmy has sexually harrased her unprovoked in the forums for example so this was a quarrel in a tavern, not public disorder and not at all a sexual harrasement. I know that Zalmy has his "way with the words" that can be annoying, but from that to treason is a very long way.
3. The last statement in the bill of indictment is a shame to the justice system. It's a clear affirmation that if you are entering Zalmy's tavern, you will be automatically attacked or harrased. This is not true. I has spent a lot of time in Zalmy's tavern and nothing happend.
In conclusion I ask the honourable judge to not allow that a personal revenge to be turned into a public trial. I think that the prosecution has failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Zalmy is guilty of Treason or sexual harrasement and I ask that this would be declared a miss trial by vice of procedure. If the plaintiff wants to prosecute Zalmy further, we need more clear proves and a different approach of the acusations.

Shewolf (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
Your honor, I joined this game not so long ago (May 24th), and about 2 days or so after joining I moved to Launceston to be with my friend Waite. Early on in the game I got involved with being in the taverns. It was at this time that I met Zalmy for the first time. Shortly after meeting him, he first asked, "will you marry me". I said no to him and told him that I didn't want to marry anyone.

He continued to ask me everytime he saw me for a few days, and then began adding pet names to the mix, such as "wolfie". Also several times he has referred to Waite as "his wife", making her uncomfortable as well. After about 2 days of his persistant advances, I tried to make a joke out of it to help me deal with it, while trying not to show that his antics were hurting me. During this time he also made similar comments toward Waite, also asking her to marry him.

After approximately 5 days of this constant barrage of comments by him I started the thread on May 31st titled "regarding the phoenix inn". On that particuar night he was especially rude and innapropriate toward me. Although I tried to avoid having my emotions flow over into the game, I couldn't avoid it any longer. That night, I started that thread, as an outlet for alot of the bad emotions he caused me. Several times because of his constant harassment I considered leaving the game, but because I had met several nice people as well, and feared leaving my friend alone I stayed.

In the thread "regarding the phoenix inn" I mentioned how he had harassed me and my friends. His response was "name those female friends". At this point not only was I hurt by his current actions, but fearful that he may try to retalliate toward me or my friends. I wanted to leave the game, because I feared what may happen if I stayed, but I felt obligated to stay as well, because I couldn't leave my friend here alone dealing with him. After posting that thread "regarding the phoenix inn" I got several PM's from male friends that agreed that Zalmy's actions were innapropriate, and that they didn't realize how much it hurt me.

Since posting this thread his abuse toward me has changed from sexual ones, toward general bullying, where he would try to push me to say something, so that he could take a screenshot and post it. Avia coming back to the game recently, met me in the tavern, and heard of Zalmy's abuse. She then went through the forum documenting several cases of Zalmy's abuse toward several people.

Your honor because of this constant harassment by Zalmy, I am now almost afraid to sit in any tavern in our town. I constantly fear that he will come in to say something else to me. Zalmy ownes his own tavern, and still comes to the town tavern, where I usually am. I am sad to say it, but there is no longer anywhere in Launceston that I feel safe because of him.

Seawarrior (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
First off I want to dispute Zalmy's contention that this is racial - its not. Anyone who makes consistent sexual innuendo to another player is out of line once that person makes it clear the innuendo is unwanted. Zalmy has been approached by me many times asking him to stop it and asking him to apologize to those he has offended. He refuses.
Looking at the screenshots - it is clear that Zalmy was agitating Shewolf. We can't know what he said when he was whispering, but her response is clear. I would expect that after driving a person to shout "STOP IT", that the behavior would stop.
It would be better not to handle such matters here. Grown ups should be able to police themselves in these matters. However - I don't know what other action Shewolf could resort to. She talked with him privately, asked others to talk with him, avoided his bar, and posted her concerns on the forum. Yet he still approached her and needled her. A player should be able to come to a tavern without wondering when she will be attacked.
I like and care for both Shewolf and Zalmy. He is active and runs a good tavern - generously providing level 0's cheap food. But his animosity to Shewolf needs to come to an end. It is bad for the town. She is likewise very active and a valuable member of the town and should not be chased away.
I recommend Zalmy make a heartfelt apology and cease his attacks on Shewolf. I think if he did, this issue will blow over quickly.

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been discharged.
This court finds Zalmy not guilty in the case of Zalmy vs Cornwall. As it seems you may have harrassed shewolf, this court asks that you stay away from the Town Hall tavern whenever Shewolf or any other person that has openly complained about you "attacking" them is in it.

This court will no longer listen to complaints from people if they enter Zalmy's tavern, and leave feeling insulted.

"Court is now dismissed."

Case judged by Nightbliss

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."
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[Public disorder] Zalmy vs Cornwall - Discharged (18/6/06)
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