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 [Fraud] Necromicron vs Cornwall - Guilty (15/6/06)

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PostSubject: [Fraud] Necromicron vs Cornwall - Guilty (15/6/06)   Fri 16 Jun - 14:46

Bill of indictment wrote:
Necromicron has broken the profiteering law.

Chapter 4 - Profiteering

Anyone who sells bread above 8.75 or corn above 4.50 shall be guilty of profiteering. This does not include prearranged deals to give/loan a player money. The maximum punishment is 20+ any profit for a first offence, 50+ twice any profit or 2 days in gaol for a second offence and 100+ twice any profit plus 2 days in gaol for any subsequent offence.

WindWalker bought the corn, proof here: http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=9676&start=90

I sent mail to Necromicron on the issue yesterday, no reply.

While necromicron is new to the business of selling corn, it is important that we let send these lawbreakers a message in these troubled times.

First defence pleading wrote:
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
The bill of indictment speaks for itself. Necromicron insults the court by not appearing. I suppose it can be rough when the world knows that you take advantage of the innocent.

the evidence is laid before you. There can be only one verdict...guilty!

Last defence pleading wrote:
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

WindWalker (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
This corn had been on the market at least 3 days - and on 1 of the those days was dangerously close to being the only corn avaialbe - additionally, 2 of the days on which it was on the market at this price, our Mayor had stated in his town message that those with illegal prices had best remove the goods....I bought the corn in my capacity as Town Sheriff to flush the perpetrator out after these 2 days....Dartmouth cannot be held hostage by those who wish to profit illegally!

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of fraud.
This court finds Necromicron guilty in the case of Necromicron vs Cornwall for profiteering in the town of Dartmouth, when bread was sparse. Necromicron is also found guilty of contempt of court for not showing up to this court case.

For punishment the defense is to pay 18 pounds for the profiteering and 5 pounds for the contempt of court.

From now on I hope Necromicron will thinks before selling corn at such a unreasonable price.
The defendant has been sentenced to 23 pounds fine.

Case judged by Nightbliss

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[Fraud] Necromicron vs Cornwall - Guilty (15/6/06)
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