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 [Slavery] Psycho vs Cornwall - Guilty (8/6/06)

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PostSubject: [Slavery] Psycho vs Cornwall - Guilty (8/6/06)   Thu 8 Jun - 14:27

Bill of indictment wrote:
On June 2nd, prior to the enacting of the new slavery law, Psycho hired Oscuro1987 for the obscene wage of 12 pounds!

Not only did he do this, but WindWalker, seeing the posting at the ridiculous amount, contacted Psycho, letting him know that he was breaking the law. At least 2 hours later, this job was taken by Oscuro1987, who had no other choice.

Another slaver in Cornwall.

Proof located here:

First defence pleading wrote:
"I made a mistake, my coins was so dirty, you know, I'm a peasant, and I gave a coin of 1 pound instead of a coin of 10 pounds, that's not my fault, it's mud's fault."
And even then I was away for a while so I have only just logged on today and now ifeel really stupid please don't kill me I just a poor wrectched peasent with hardly any land.

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
Your honor, the defendant has admitted guilt in this matter. Since he seems to want to compensate teh victim, I would like to propose that his sentence include a lesser fine on the condition that he gives the victim 9 pounds (that is the amount he claims to have shortchanged the victim).

But he is very guilty, and should pay for it.

Thank you,

Last defence pleading wrote:
i was very tired whenI was playing and i accidentaly clicked on the button hire not knowing the laws I thought i was alright logged off and went to sleep by the time I logged back i was in court pleading this very case so sorry really am it's my first offence and i'm not proud of it. i didn't know what I was doing.

Oscuro1987 (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
I have been tricked by a slaver...
I will be more careful next time I choose my employer...
I believe in the justice to make its work and punish the slaver !

WindWalker (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
As I conducted my daily walk around Dartmouth, I noticed a job posting by Psycho for 12 pounds. I checked the forums and saw no notice had been given for this arrangement. Thinking him new to the city, I messaged him, alerting him to the fact that he had offered a slave labor wage, and that he needed to remove the offer. I also let him know that 16 pounds was the minimum. I also message Oscuro1987 to determine if he was a party to an agreement. I received no response from Psycho but I did hear from Oscuro1987 - he had no agreement and was unaware that he'd been had! As of this testimony, I still have not heard from Psycho.

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of slavery.
This court finds Psycho guilty in the case of Psycho vs Cornwall. For hiring a peasant under the slave law. Now that the new slave law is in act we find you to be punised to pay a 9 pound fee and to also give Oscuro1987 a trust point.
The defendant has been sentenced to 9 pounds fine.

Case judged by Nightbliss

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[Slavery] Psycho vs Cornwall - Guilty (8/6/06)
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