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 [Public disorder] Triznit vs Cornwall - Guilty (8/6/06)

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PostSubject: [Public disorder] Triznit vs Cornwall - Guilty (8/6/06)   Thu 8 Jun - 14:24

Bill of indictment wrote:
On the 5th day of June, the defendant openly called for rebellion against the lawfully appointed council of the county. He openly called for people to rebel. He even admitted his guilt publicly.

His own admission and commission of the act is here: http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=12528&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

There can be no question. Triznit has committed treason against the people, their elected officials, and the king.

First defence pleading wrote:
I have not comitted treason until I actually revolt you FUCKED UP FUCKS! WAIT UNTIL I HAVE FUCKING REVOLTED TO TRY AND TAKE ME YOU FUCKS!


Prosecutor indictment wrote:
Your honor, I have made my case. The fact that Triznit is in contempt of court notwithstanding, I will direct you to a threat made against this court: http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=12611

In the thread quoted in the bill of indictment, Triznit volunteers to take all legal punishment. Now he tries to back out of it. Which is it, Triznit? Are you going to be responsible for your actions?

Last defence pleading wrote:
Your honor,
I appologize for my actions shown in this court earlier. I was blinded by hatred, greed, and a wanton to be heard. My actions were foolish, and unforgivable though. I ask for the severest of punishments, yet I am afraid that you may not be able to give it. I therefore end my statement.

[RP] Triznit goes back to his home after his appearance in court and grabs some rope from the back of his home. T's skilled hands tie the rope in noose fashion and ties it to the roof. Then, standing on a chair, he puts the noose around his neck, and rocks the chair so it falls from under his feet...From the grasp of the hanging corpse fell a note. it read;

To the people of Cornwall,
I hope that you continue to fight for your rights after I am gone. I have served my purpose, and now it is up to you to decide the fate of this fair county.
T [/RP]

Zalmy (called by the defence) wrote:
ur honor, i dunno with what to begin.
Before the election i cansidered the defendant, my enemy(of course he was my cotracandidate). He won the elections and i congratulated him, for his victory. after a week resigned to RL issue, and i dont think he has aknowledge of the changes made by the council, and faced himself workless when logged in. I know many of the older players has 255 on stats but all of the middle clase lvl 1 we struglle to hit that level too. When the defendant logged in and saw the mess in his own court yard acted irational and DECLARED he will revolt. So from the words to actions might be a long or short way. All depends of ur autocontrol. And the defendant lose his temper and act like a lunatic.
In final i want to say my favorite reflection.
" a word, start a fight, and an action a war"
Just remember the war in the worlds and the fights we all fight for one word mistaked understooded.

Thank u for ur time ur honor.

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of public disorder.
As it seems he just commited suicide, *or at least tried* this court finds Triznit guilty in the case of Triznit vs Cornwall, being he has already hung himself, this court will punish him with the death sentence.
The defendant has been sentenced to death penalty. His execution will take place in 3 days.

Case judged by Nightbliss

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."
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[Public disorder] Triznit vs Cornwall - Guilty (8/6/06)
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