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 [Traitorousness] LeonardWashington vs Barnstaple - Guilty

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PostSubject: [Traitorousness] LeonardWashington vs Barnstaple - Guilty   Thu 8 Jun - 14:21

Bill of indictment wrote:
Treason 3 counts - Fraud 1 count

Volume II - Chapter 6 - Treason
Any use of an office against the good of the town, county or kingdom

Volume II - Chapter 6 - Treason
purposely causing level 0 to leave the game

Volume II - Chapter 6 - Treason
willfully manipulating the market against the interests of the town/county

Volume II - Chapter 3 - Fraud
Whosoever shall attempt to manipulate any market in the county of Cornwall for their own purposes and attempts to destroy, for either greed or malice

I will show LeonardWashinton as mayor used his position to destroy the econimy of the town. I ask for the maxium posible for this offence, 5 days in prison for each count of treason, 5000 fine for each count plus the same for a count of Fraud, totaling 20000 fine and 20 days in prison.

The acusations are namly
He set an extionate tax on all level 2 in an attempt to spite them.
He sold goods at 1 pound, and bought at rediculus prices.

I also hand in screen shots which are prosecution exhibes A-G, http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=12537

More will follow during the case.

I also have reason to believe he will join all revolts to remove him, and as such will keep on gaining power, I therefore ask you arrest him (I will also speak to LJS about that) and will file seperate charges if needed.

First defence pleading wrote:
Permission to commence, your honor?

I, Leonard Washington, have failed. I have failed as a politician, I have failed as an Englishmen, and I have failed to uphold the standards that I set upon myself. Throughout my life, I have been committed to helping others. I have done so throughout my entire existence.

When I was a blacksmith in Dartmouth, I sold one of my fields for 400 pounds, so that I could change professions and become a Miller, because that is what Dartmouth needed. When fellow Englishmen came to my office, or sent me a mail, I was always there to respond the best way I could. If I couldn’t personally answer the question, I found out a way to find out. I have poured much more of my money into helping others than many other selfish Englishmen. I have maintained an active role in this game, for it is needed if you wish to help others. In short, there is nobody in England, who can honestly or truthfully say that I have ever thought of myself before England and her subjects.

But, I am a man, and a man who is considerably affected by his emotions. My emotions took hold of me after Dartmouth was attacked twice at no fault of my own, and I reacted harshly by traveling to France in an attempt to bring Justice to England. My cooler head prevailed, and at the advice of the esteemed council, I came back to England no harm done. After that episode, I came to Launceston for she was most in need of my skills as a Miller. I came to Launceston, to help her, and one of the greatest ways I know I can help Launceston, could have only been possible, if I was mayor. I was more than committed to dedicating my goods, and my services, to the town in need. This is what I did for quite some time.

However, shortly after I decided I wanted to run for Mayor, the flaming which occurred in the Taverns and in the forums by Zalmy and others amplified to the point where I could not stand it. It was yesterday, when the flaming reached its pinnacle, and I broke. For a period of about 3 hours, I was temporarily out of control. I was not thinking clearly, and so I was acting well outside the norm of my character. For yesterday, I am sorry. I am sorry for what I have done, and am glad that I am being punished, for it was wrong.

Yesterday, I manipulated my position as mayor, and I took back what I had given, and more. I sold to myself cheap meat, vegetables, axes, and most other valuable commodities. I have those goods right now, and I intend on giving them back.

As this game has definitely taken a turn for a worse, due to crazy accusations that I incited the attack so that I could take power, that I am solely responsible for lowering the wages, and that my style of leadership is Stalin-esque, I will not feel any remorse by quitting this game. I cannot find joy in a game where I am attacked with absolutely ludicrous accusations, when I have done so much for England.

I understand however, that I may still be able offer my advice to level 0 players, and give my flour to the town for very cheap. I can understand the courts decision in fining me to the fullest extent of the law, and throwing me in prison for 5 days. And if this happens, I bid adieu to my fellow comrades I have helped, and to those players who I could have helped.

I hope however, that the court can recognize my reconciliation and can rule accordingly. I will willingly give back all the goods I have taken, and I will willingly serve my sentence. I only hope however, that the court understands my willingness to help other people, and will not destroy my ability to do so.

As I am in jail right now, I cannot access my case, nor can I appoint any other player as my witness. I wish to call SeaWarrior and Shewolf to the stand, and I hope you will weigh their testimony heavily in your decision as to whether I deserve a second chance to help other people.

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
I am somewhat confused as to what I am supposed to put in here, your honor...

I don't know how much I can stress, that I am willing to do whatever the court wishes. If they wish for me to move to Dartmouth to help fill the mine, I will do that. I will wear any sort of mockery on my profile you wish. I beleive the court has a chance to expand outside the box, and to punish me in ways other than making it impossible to play the game by fining me. The court has a really good opportunity to forcing me to help other people. I will do whatever the court wishes....

Last defence pleading wrote:
There is some sort of bug, I beleive I have written in the Prosecutor's indictment, but before I wrote in it, it did not say anything about being a prosecutor.

I have nothing more to say, and you can find the testimony of Both Seawarrior and Shewolf in the forum. I wish that the public prosecutor, or whoever has this case would speak more often, and that my judgement would be more swift.

Mr.Pulverizer (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
I don't know why i have been called here, No one asked me to, Who ever called me please PM me why. But seens as i have the chance to speak my mind i will.

I have known Leonard a long time, he taught me the ways of RK and helped me imensley. Now i pass that knowledge on to others who was where i was. LeonardWashington is a patriot. He believes firmly what he thinks, Leonard helped dartmouth to its feet, being the first mayor, since he left they have been a shamble. no perminant mayor, no decent sized CRG force. But you can see how leonard didn't want to rule from the start he told us to vote for SW and he helped us take the town back. Since the town is under his control its been doing fine, he has remembered what its like to be a leader and wants to rule again. After tons of critism for doing things that are part of a mayors duty. People have been swayed by a few lvl 0, saying he's a "BAD MAN".

When i found he was selling goods like that i was alarmed but i gave him the benifit of the doubt,i dont see any punishment for him other than to make him give the goods back. There are more guilty people in Launceston than Leonard Beleive me, Hoping your given a pardon Leonord Good luck in the election,

Thank you for you time my lord.

Seawarrior (called by the prosecutor) wrote:

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of traitorousness.
This court finds LeonardWashington guilty, in the case of LeonardWashington vs Barnstaple. For wrongfully using the mayor's powers of the town of Launceston.

As it seems you have been in jail for this entire trial process this court punishes you to 30 pounds and time served, you must also stay in Launceston helping them rebuild until the mayor feels you have repaid your debts.
The defendant has been sentenced to 30 pounds fine.

Case judged by Nightbliss

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."
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[Traitorousness] LeonardWashington vs Barnstaple - Guilty
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