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 [Public disorder] Dede20000 vs Cornwall - Guilty (3/6/06)

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PostSubject: [Public disorder] Dede20000 vs Cornwall - Guilty (3/6/06)   Sun 4 Jun - 9:12

Bill of indictment wrote:
The defendant robbed and killed Ancillon in Flanders, then moved here. Under our extradition treaty, located here: http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=9971&start=15 , we must prosecute this defendant. It is important for the villains of the world to know that Cornwall is not their refuge.

The proof of the crime is located here: http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=12040 . As some people may not be able to access that page (it is in the Cornwall Embassy), i have taken the liberty of copying the relevant portions to here: methos.250x.com/dede.html .

What all this really says is that the defendant robbed and killed another human being. This must not be allowed to happen. I would like to call for the death penalty in this case.

First defence pleading wrote:
My lord,

Escuse me for my english,

It's a persecution against me! The Languedocian's tribunal had abort this "procès" because their rules are disagree with the légal admission in this bussiness.

In fact.
I don't killed Acilion and i don't to do that on the Languedocian territory like your territory.

You don't accuse me to an action (perhaps) which don't used on your territory. (It's not english isn't it?lol)

it's the rules. You haven't yours rules between the Flanders and the Englands.

Then, i don't guilty of a thing i don't.

(HRP: it's the rules of Lévan, not of me)

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
Your honor, the defendant claims he did not do it, then proceeds to claim that his reasoning is that we cannot prosecute him. According to our treaty, we can indeed prosecute him.

Why would he try to say we could not prosecute him if he were truly innocent? We have irrefutable evidence that the defendant did rob and kill Arcalion, and run here, thinking we would not prosecute.

We must put this villain to death. We must show every person like him that we will NOT be bullied by terrorists. There will be no circumventing of the law.

Here, we draw the line. We wsay "No Further!" We say that theis man must pay for his vile crimes.

Thank you,

Last defence pleading wrote:
I shouldn't be here. It's a prejudice under my person.

Dear Juge, understand my protestation.

I 'm not a murderer or a rob on the British Land.
This tribunal/Procès shouldn't be existing.

Thank to ear me.

Alfron (called by the defence) wrote:
The 'irrefutable proof' that the prosecutor has put forth says nothing but that a man is dead and Dede, my client, happened to be defending himself from a Brit. There is no solid evidence here, Methos doesnt even present solid evidence saying he was attacked. I say this case is not a case of murder in the meaning implied but a case of murder of a Frenchman. Shall we convict every Frenchman of murder? Shall we go, with our team, and pick a fight (on French territory) so we can claim some treaty we drew up and kill them? What this is is anarchy. I can not and will not believe we have sunk so low as to this. If you will review the case, honor, then you will see that its not murder. Its no where near murder. Unless the prosecutor holds some evidence back that i can not see then i say this is not murder. Until evidence is shown that plain and clear, in English, convicts my client of murder then i ask this case to be excused.
My client is a Frenchman, and by that he should be judged on French laws; on French territory. I will not stand amongst savages who will tear this man apart for not belonging to this nation, that is ludicrous.

Methos (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
The following is Arcalion's witness testimony, copied from the Embassy forum:

Judge, Public Prosecutor

I was slowly leaving Mayenne in the direction of le mans, when I was suddenly attaqued by sir Dede20000. I was returning to my homeland, Flanders, so I had all my belongings with me. In total it was about 1300 pounds worth of merchandise and some other stuff. He has robbed my of al my belongings, and nearly killed me (NRP: if we say he was actually murdered, it's a bit hard for him to witnes of course^^)
I have a lot of trouble to recover at the moment, and I only ask that justice shall be done.

I thank you, my lords

Your sincerely,

Methos (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
Your honor, Alfron said many things in his defense. First, he says that tghe evidence should be in English, then he says his client is a Frenchman, and should be judged by French law. I agree with him, and that is why we have a treaty with them. The public prosecutor of Flanders, kristof had this to say in the matter:

The kills of the flander Arcalion on the french's road by Dede was a infamious crime who is severly condamned by the flander Law. Hi,Kristof, Prosecuror of flanders in the times of the crime, is very honored that the English court had captured the criminal and we are very confident in the incoming judgement.

So, please, judge him according to their law, and ours, and hang this villain by the neck!

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of public disorder.
As it appears that the defendents only excuse for innocence is that this case should not be occuring in this court. We find you guilty in the case of Dede2000 vs Cornwall.

Understand that Cornwall has a treaty with Flanders that states we can hold trials for escaping criminals from Flanders if the Public Prosecutor and Judge from Flanders agree that we can.

Also understand that Cornwall will not be used as a refuge for escaping french criminals. Do not think that you will be safe in this county.

This court sentences Dede2000 to death as it seems the criminal tried to flee judgement in Flanders. May god forgive your soul.
The defendant has been sentenced to death penalty. His execution will take place in 3 days.

Case judged by Nightbliss

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[Public disorder] Dede20000 vs Cornwall - Guilty (3/6/06)
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