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 [Public Disorder] Gruagach vs Cornwall-Discharged (22/05/06)

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PostSubject: [Public Disorder] Gruagach vs Cornwall-Discharged (22/05/06)   Wed 24 May - 9:29

Bill Of Indictment wrote:
Your honor, on the 19th of May Gruagach attempted to rob atlastiamborn. Fortunately, Gruagach was foiled in his attempts due to strength and skill of atlastiamborn.

Despite the fact that Gruagach was not successful in his attempt to do harm. He must be punished! He has admitted to his unlawful ways and shows no sign of reform. Bandits like this must not be allowed to roam the roads of our county. He must be put behind bars to prevent him from attempting to rob or kill any other citizens of Cornwall.

Evidence is posted in the Prosecutor's office of the Cornwall Inn.

First Defence Pleading wrote:
I really hope you have a screenshot because for the last week and a half I have even come close to taking money from anyone but DEAD (EX)players. The only person that I have attempted to rob and defeated me was, Alexander de Por. I do not even have a record of meeting this atlastiamborn person. Not in the last 3 weeks.
Since when is attempted robbery on French soil against the LAW in Engalnd? If you would care to notice, since I am sure not many of you actually travel the roads. The roads of Cornwall and Wiltshire are under the Sovereign Rule of France, not England.
If you can show me proof of this act, especially since it has been proven by UrShak that a person can succesfully tamper with screenshots, will I succumb to your ridiculous accusations.
I am being accused of NOT breaking the LAW, in French territory. Do what you will. You will only make things worse for the people on the roads if I go to prison for this inane reason.

Prosecutor Indictment wrote:
Your argument that the attempted robbery took place on French soil is completely and utterly ridiculous. Everyone knows that the signs in this coorbpart of England were improperly made. Despite what the sign may say, your crime occured on English soil, NOT French. Anyone who possesses skill with a map can tell you that you never set foot on French territory when traveling through Cornwall.

The problem with the signs has already been discussed.

The evidence is available for all to view in the Cornwall Inn, as previously stated. It was posted their by your intended victim, atlastiamborn/Alexandredupor. I see nothing to show that these might be faked. The evidence corroborates the testimony given by Alexandre.

The law states:
Whosoever shall commit robbery against an innocent traveler and steal his/her hard earned wages, or property shall respond to a competent tribunal for the charge of robbery.

You admit to attempting rob the victim Alexandredupor. It was your intent to knowingly go against the laws of our county. It was your intent to harm an innocent traveler on the roads

Last Defence Pleading wrote:
I think to actually ROB someone, would I not have retained his goods? Neither of us took anything from the other. So other than attempting to ROB someone, which there is NO LAW against, I have done nothing to harm this man.
Maybe I should put him up on charges of beating me up?
Your recital of the LAW just proves my point.

"The law states:
Whosoever shall commit robbery against an innocent traveler and steal his/her hard earned wages, or property shall respond to a competent tribunal for the charge of robbery."

Was a robbery commited? I think not. If you are to enforce the LAWS then you should follow them a little closer. I chose this trade, just as a farmer chooses to farm. Would you tell the farmer not to farm?

Alexandredupor (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
atlastiamborn is my name on the forums, I know it's confusing and I apologise for the confusion it has caused. I hope this vile person will not get away unpunished because of it.

At the time of the attempted robbery I had been on the road for some time together with Caesar, Ravenlord and Darksbane.

However, when we got to the capital we parted ways and while my travelling partners went on to Barnstaple I stayed in the capital for one more day. It is possible that they saw something but I'm not sure.
It was then that this man tried to rob me. He soon turned out to be the lesser fighter of the two of us and I wiped the floor with him.

I'd also like to note that the defendent openly pleads guilty of trying to rob me in his first defence pleading.

I thank you for your time your honor.

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been discharged.
Considering you have been witnessed attempting to rob someone, you're guilty of Robbery attempt.
But considering the victim defends himself, there was no harming, moreover, you're right on one point: our law condamn Committed robbery.

But I can't let you go out of this Court of Justice free as "a bird".

You are condemned to hold a panel around your neck saying "I'm a pityful robber, you are free to spit on my face" during 2 weeks !!

(NRP: you have to put this message in your forum signature and in your ID profile during 2 weeks)
If I notice you don't display this message, you will be prosecuted for Contempt of Court.

Classified case.

Case judged by Lady Vaness
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[Public Disorder] Gruagach vs Cornwall-Discharged (22/05/06)
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