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 The England Free Press (21/5/06)

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PostSubject: The England Free Press (21/5/06)   Wed 24 May - 9:06


Front Page

Old Habits Die Hard: Norman and English tensions flare!

On the 11th of May of the year of our Lord 1454, in the early morning, anto_capone posted the list of English prisoners condemned to 500 pounds and 5 days in prison by the Norman courts without the consent of England. Futhermore, these prisoners were not even currently residing in France, let alone the Norman County. The verdict was issued by Claudal the Norman Judge the night before after having posted an RP trial on the French forums the 4th of May.

Contrary to popular belief, the people who were arrested and condemned (the perpetrators of the Dieppe attacks by the Knights of the Phoenix and the NNGO) were informed of their trial both RP and IG, however most failed to present their defense or were uncooperative and rude. This was mainly because they were unaware of the game mechanics that dictate that Judges can issue sentences on all people in the Renaissance Kingdoms, regardless of their geographical location. Indeed, all in England were not aware of this and were particularily enraged by the fact that Normandy used this against them. The anger was inflamed by the fact that His Royal Highness and Game Administrator LJS issued very vague and largely unsatisfactory statements:

Quote :
There was no extradition. Any judge from any county is able to suit and sentence a character that lives in another county. That's what happened. The thing is, I don't like it, as the characters need them to travel to the county in order to participate to the debates and defend themselves. So what I ask in these cases is for the prosecuting county to start an RP process with the players and the counties involved, in order to define some rules (extradition, compensations, ...). So did I in this Normandy case, and so did the normand players. But they also told me that the english players, particularly the councils, never answered their requests and never accepted to negociate, play a nice RP and find a solution. So after one month of vain negociations they sentenced some of the players that they were sure took part in the revolts in Normandie. You can notice that they played it RP, as they didn't sentence everybody, but just the ones they could catch during the revolts.

Now what I propose you to do is to really take care of that purpose, RP speaking, and try to contact the english and normand players to find a solution, a treaty, whatever... to play.


The English population was in a general uproar and the situation seemed to be worsening by the hour. This reporter has heard that the Knights of the Phoenix are preparing more raids on Normandy at this very moment, though no official statement has been made. In parallel to these moves towards war, a peace and diplomatic movement emerged, spurred on by His Majesty LJS who created an Extraordinary forum to resolve this issue, thereby revealing the urgency and importance of the situation. The forum is situated here: http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewforum.php?f=97. The King himself issued an invitation on the Norman forums for them to come, however this proved fruitless as no one came. However, a two pronged personal invitation by two citizens succeeded in getting the Judge Claudal to the forum. The new Norman Ambassador soon followed. Translations are being done by volounteers to keep the debates running.

Many things are being discussed, topics range from what the KoP could have done to what the English Parliament could have done differently to what the Normans could have done. So far the discussions have been moving forward in a very positive manner towards mutual understanding of the judicial game mechanics and the ways in which RPs and trials should be conducted. There is also a rumour that judicial treaties are currently being voted upon by the Councils, however nothing has been issued concerning this.

Communication was judged to be at the base of this problem, a break down on both sides caused the Sussex and Cornish Councils to be unaware of the RP trials and the Norman frustration and consequential sentencing. If anything this situation has succeeded in making one thing clear that England can no longer be ignored by France and England can no longer isolate itself.

We are entering a new world where politics and diplomacy are all the more important. England and Normandy's relations await to be decided. Read the Free Press for more about the Norman-England situation!

Captain Talwin.


The Count Executed for Witchcraft

The Sussex council, and all of the county, woke up to a political crisis this week. The Count, ZeroStar, has been removed from office and been burned at the stake for witch-craft. Zerostar has made headline latly for leading a KOP raid into Normandy, and then being elected to the office of County in Sussex.
He also raised a few eyebrows when he made the following remarks.
Quote :
so ljs says we and normandy are to blame for this latest spit in our face he says kop didnt rp the way they think we should have yet for a year we have been getting attacked in the same manner as kop attacked dieppe yet ljs didnt care one bit. he never said they must continue a rp with you guys and he never said we had the power to prosecute players who left the country but here we attack dieppe once and failed to rp to their standards and we are to blame this is edit. ljs knew that the normands were rping a trial that would have in game consequences to his supposed citizens why not let us know. instead he had kept his mouth shut and let normandy continue with there unprecedented nuclear trial. well what a king huh,

and to clear up something about the attack on dieppe. me and anto kept ljs notified of our actions and just what we had planned to do. he knew that we planned on taking the town and then fast traveling back to sussex. he didnt say one thing about it then. now 2 months later he wants to say he didnt approve, me and anto listened to everything he said, if he would have asked us to do some bs rp we would have done it. nowhe says i am demanding he help my men and to release them wich i never did. i demanded an answer to his actions, i then told him i would pay the fines of all men even the ones who are not kop. if ljs was not an admin and we had the ability to revolt against our king he would of been hanging for the last 2 days, well who knows maybe normandy can help us get somthing done in that department it seems they are pretty good at changing the game mechanics or maybe england needs to practice the fine art of whining their edit off.

***edit*** i just wanted to add there is no other way back from france other than to fast travel. i dont understand how else we were expected to return.

No cussing. ~Rhiannon
Count of Sussex

Leaders in France, X_Cli and Levan, along with HRH King LongJohnSilver, announced that Zerostar has created possible as many as 20 persons and has been using witch-craft to control these persons for personal gain.
They informed England of there findings here and here

Several citizens of Sussex, lead by the spirit of Zerostar, have suggested that this is punishment for Zerostar'a attacks against France, and his comments against King LJS.

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."
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PostSubject: Re: The England Free Press (21/5/06)   Wed 24 May - 9:07

New Mayor for Barnstaple!
Anto_Capone resigned as mayor of Barnstaple and Cassandra takes power through rebellion.

In a sudden turn of events, the citizens of Barnstaple woke up to the following message from the mayor.

Quote :
The Mayor

It is with great regret I announce my resignation as mayor of this great own. As bittersweet as it may be, my work here is complete, and I leave you in great hands.
Please continue to work with the mayor I have chosen to replace me, so as to make the transition as smooth as possible.
Best of luck to all of you!

Soon thereafter the news hit the streets that Cassandra had rebelled and taken office as mayor. Naturally, many questions were on people's minds. Mayor Cassandra addressed the town to alleviate their fears.

Quote :
*She walks slowly out the door of the mayors office to face the people of the town. She is a bit nervous but her voice is strong and steady as she begins*

First I want to assure all of you that this was not a hostile takeover. The actions of last night were done in accordance with the wishes of Anto himself. My orders to take over his post came directly from him. I know many of you probably have questions and I will be happy to answer them as I can.

I assure you that I shall do my utmost to insure that this town remains a viable wonderful community to reside in. My first order of business shall be to create a town council to aid me in the smooth operation of this community. I ask that anyone who would like to undertake this task please contact me as soon as you possibly can. I shall be looking for the following:

A level 0 mentor-preferably a level 1 will take this post
A level 1 mentor-preferably a level 2 will take this post
A level 2 mentor-preferably a level 3 will take this post
A Sheriff-This will be someone who shall help me handle complaints of slavery, profiteering and such.

This is only a prelimanary list and if any of you can think of other posts that may be helpful please contact me. I will turn away no one who is willing to help this town remain the wonderful place it has become.

*She steps back and waits to see if anyone has any questions for her*

Mayoral candidates for Barnstaple are now able to register for election. Though elections are in 12 days, nobody has declared their canidacy. Anto_Capone was last seen sailing for France.

By Lorudce

Cornwall Elects First Council!

Elections of the council of Cornwall : The Cornwall League has an abosulte majoirty (source: PARIS (AAP)) -

Results of the election:

1. "Cornwall League" (CL) : 63.2%
2. "English Coalition" (EC) : 26.4%
3. "The Coalition of Freedom and Justice for the Health of the T" (FREEDOM) : 10.4%

The following list now makes up the first ever elected council of Cornwall :

1 : Dame_vaness (CL)
2 : TonyRC (CL)
3 : Nogwa (CL)
4 : Smithwick (CL)
5 : Nightbliss (CL)
6 : Malasorte (CL)
7 : LeonardWashington (CL)
8 : Egolend (EC)
9 : Lynet (EC)
10 : Malone (EC)
11 : Chrissss2 (FREEDOM)
12 : Methos (CL)


Almost a month ago, Launceston elected Malone as mayor. However, after about to weeks on the job, he entered the Church, and has not been seen since. It is believed that he has spend the last week meditating in the church.
During his absence, the Town of Launceston has had some problems. Many farmers have been unable to sell to the Town Hall, which now seams to be broke. Also, nobody has any idea of what the current status of the town is, and what professions we need.
In the last few days, a small group of citizens became fed-up. After contact with the Count, this small band tried to lead a quick and secret attack against the Town Hall.
The band of simple townspeople, who can't be named at this time, attacked early Saturady morning. The council had indicated that the County forces would be romoved from the Town before the attack.
However, The band of lightly armed citizens were quickly confronted with a problem. The council did not remove the all of the army from Launceston, and the soldiers had no intention of allowing the Town Hall to be attacked. The battle was fought for several hours, and ended late in the night with the Rebels taking control.
An un-name able source within the revolt said
Quote :
As everyone knows by now the Mayor has been in retreat for about a week. No one knows when he is coming back and no one is running the Town hall. As you know, this has led to no bread and little corn on the market.

He did not brief the Count on where he was going so the Count has asked that we hold a revolt and take the city, to put a temporary mayor in while we wait for elections...
The new Mayor is Drrino, a level one farmer. In his mayors message he states:
Quote :
To the people of Launceston.
I have taken Power here in Launceston. I was asked, by a group of citizens, to join a rebellion in order to remove the former Mayor Malone, who has been in retreat for several days.
I DID not lead the rebellion, but was ASKED to join. I will run this town as well as i am able to for the time that I hold this office. At the present time i don't intend to run for office in the election.

If anybody has ANY question, please PM me me, IG mail me, or post on the forums. When i get a handle on the status of the town, I will post that in the Forums.

I would ask that you all be patient and understanding at this time. Launceston's Town Hall has been neglected, and it may take time to solve all the issues. I would also ask that ALL players follow ALL the laws of Cornwall. Any player found to breach ANY of these laws shall be punished to the full extent of the law.
PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THE MINIMUM WAGE TO HIRE AT HAS BEEN SET AT 16.00 POUNDS BY THE COUNCIL. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS LAW!!! Also, bread and corn have limits to the prices, 9.50 for bread and 5.00 for corn. These are not optional, and MUST be respected. For all the laws, please see http://www.acilion.com/englishforum/viewtopic.php?t=9466 .
The rebels, including Mayor DRRINO, have cited reasons of personal security, aswell as a fears of someone else Highjacking there rebellion, for the tight secretcy.

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."
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Registration date : 2005-11-12

PostSubject: Re: The England Free Press (21/5/06)   Wed 24 May - 9:07

friday (2006-05-19)

saturday (2006-05-20)

sunday (2006-05-21)

monday (2006-05-22)

tuesday (2006-05-23)

(no, i didn't make a mistake. it's just the famous english weather :P )

From the Locals

(Thank you, Zubin Arak, for permission to reprint this story.)
Quote :

Editorial: The recent deaths of Dugustus, Ailee and Bojidar, along with the demise of Eniwetok, has touched us all in one way or another.
Today, The Winchester Crier pays tribute to those departed citizens and we begin with an eulogy by gracious father Remox…………

*once there was peace over earth*
*everything was growing well, and all the people on the planet where happy*
*but after a while, some people begon thinking "if there should be a leader, everything can go better" *
*so 2 of the oldest players rised above the otherones*
*and they created a biuetifull world to live in*
*a paradise on earth*

As we all know, things can go wrong !
Allot has gone wrong now !

In my eyes, i see no reason annymore to live.
some of the best and most well known "Lords of the World" stepped out of this little "paradise".

they will be missed by everyone they done so mutch for there fellow paradise citisens

As soon as i heared the news about the huge disaster...
*Remox falls on the ground in tears, but recovers his self quickly*
There are no word to subscribe the good that these people have done for us !

some of us had the opertunity to see the "Greath Lord Dugustus" for the last time in "the Duke of Winchester"
it was a hard goodbye
... he, WHY HE
if it wasn't for him, this little paradise was already gone up in flame's and war
he not only helped the angels in this little paradise
he has helped souls all over the worls
i will follow his path till in the darkest times
no one knows the way of life more than he did

another and maybe even the hardest one to see leaving is "Ailee"
*again Priest Remox is quiet for some seconds, maybe to give Ailee some rest before the last goodbye, or maybe becose he can't get the words out of his mouth annymore*
together with Dugustus she learned the people in this little paradise to love and take care of eachother
every time a soul will be born, there will be the words "if only Ailee was here"

she will be remembered till the end of times

... Eniwetok
the one with who we could talk in times of need
the one with who we could discus things that happened all over in the world
the one with who we could have a good laughf wile the hole world was on his head

Nobuddy can replace a greath man like him

and as the latest news is ariver ,
von_Alric is going to be out of our range to

in the beginning we all known him as a little pleasant fellow
always messing with the people and fooling them
but when i came to words he could be verry serious
he was one of the greath names the people heard
he was the invisseble righthand of allot people of us
and a man can live without his righthand but it will be verry dificuld

i'm sure i will speak for all the people if i would say "you will be missed"

Bojidar to has been gone

i'm sad i don't know mutch about this man
i heared greath tales of him
he was not a God, but i'm sure everyone has heared his name somewhere, somehow.

as i walked tro the streets this morning i also saw that allot other of my beloved friends are gone

i hope the players that are now still here will stay here
we can still try to make something of it
but it will be hard without these greath greath people

lets pray in silent so than they can begin there trip to the calm beyond.
a place where their souls will find eternal peace

That God may bless them in heaven like i did in this paradise

Priest of Winchester
Member of The Patrons

His Lordship, Martur, Mayor of Winchester……

“People of Winchester, today is a woeful day for our fair city. Our Patron leaders, Dugustus, Ailee, and Eniwetok have taken leave of us as well as Von Alric, Bojidar, and a few others. They felt they could no longer support our King and because of it, England. They have been slain then for their inalliegance to the crown, but they will be remembered as the true good people they are. They have helped build Winchester to the greatness that it is more than anyone. They sacrificed themselves to make Wiltshire better and more self-sustaining. In the end, it did not save them.
It does not have to be the end for us though. It is not the end for the Patrons, it is not the end for the Knights of the Realm, and I will not let it be the end for Winchester! We can and we must rebound from this loss. St. Cross needs a new Leader, Willum needs your support for the Mayoral Election, the Patrons need your support for the Wiltshire Elections. This is not the end, we will go on and strive to live up to Baron Dugustus, Dame Ailee, Lord Eniwetok and all the rest. We shall be their Legacy! The criminals have not killed our leaders, but gave us Martyrs. We must go on, the only way the winds of change can have any effect, is if we make the wind be heard. Let us bring forth the Winds of Change! Let our good works be spread to other towns as the seed blown in the wind. Let not our grieving hearts be distracted whilst we lose what we have strived so hard to get and can so easily lose. Sally forth Winchester, Sally Forth and bring the Winds of Change to England!”

In my own hand,
Lord and Mayor of Winchester

Editor's Note

Thank you for reading!

We apologize in the delay of press time, but held the paper due to a tip about one of the stories which needed to be finalized. We felt completness and accuracy were important.

As always, The Free Press is looking for new and talented writers. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Free Press, contact Whit.
Thank you to all the people who helped create this issue of the Free Press!

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."
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PostSubject: Re: The England Free Press (21/5/06)   

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The England Free Press (21/5/06)
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