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 [Fraud] Xelia vs Cornwall - Guilty (19/5/06)

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PostSubject: [Fraud] Xelia vs Cornwall - Guilty (19/5/06)   Sat 20 May - 5:07

Bill of indictment wrote:
Your honor, the defendant Xelia, is accused of fraud of the most foul sort. She is offering expensive meals in her tavern, and then serving up empty plates to her customers who pay good money and expect a full belly in return. At first glance, a piece of meat and a vegetable at 25,00 may look like a good deal, but then no food arrives.

This is crippling to the citizens of Launceston who give up their hard earned money and expect to receive characteristic points from the meat they are supposedly buying. This is detrimental to the honest citizens who may not be able to afford a decent meal after buying one at such an inflated price. This is money that is not going into the economy of the town, and is instead being pocketed by the nefarious tavern owner. As our law clearly states:

Whosoever shall attempt to … destroy, either for greed or malice, the economy of the County of Wiltshire, shall face a competent tribunal for the crime of Swindling/Confidence Racket.

This tavern must be closed! Xelia must be made to pay the money she has earned at the expense of others. We cannot allow this brand of underhandedness to prevail in our colony!

First defence pleading wrote:
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
Your honor, The Celtic Pub, which had been run by the defendent is no longer an opperating pub in the town of Launceston. The tavern simply no longer exists. Perhaps it was destroyed to hide evidence that could have been used in the trial. In any case, Xelia has failed to present herself in court. This is proof of her guilt.

Last defence pleading wrote:
The defendant didn't present to the Court.

Mr.Pulverizer (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
The Tavern almost drew me into buying one of there veg & meat meals it looks like a bargin, but i saw the plate of nothing, so i looked on the forum and found that she had no stock, but i do have a screenshot to prove her deeds


Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of fraud.
I'm very uncomfortable with this case.
In one hand, the Fraud is clear, this kind of crime start to be very common in france and we don't want to see that in England. It's nearly impossible to estimate the amount of people swindled.
Moreover, the defendant did offense the Court by not responding to the convocation and this has a name: Contempt of Court.
In another hand, the tavern has been closed, no victims have been found and the defendant is a poor vagrant who may die of hunger if I charge her with a too heavy fine.
Consequently, I choose the middle path and charge this Frauder for the half of his possession : 50 pounds.
The verdict would have been (and WILL BE) very different if the swindler is lvl1 or more...

Classified case
The defendant has been sentenced to 50 pounds fine.

Case judged by Lady Vaness

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[Fraud] Xelia vs Cornwall - Guilty (19/5/06)
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