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 [Slavery] Sirbehetron vs Cornwall - Guilty (11/5/06)

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PostSubject: [Slavery] Sirbehetron vs Cornwall - Guilty (11/5/06)   Fri 12 May - 3:11

Bill of indictment wrote:
Your honor, Sirbehetron did on the 7th day of May, hired Littledud444, in the town of Barnstaple, for a wage of 12,00. By our laws, this constitutes as slavery.

07/05 15:12 : Sirbehetron hires Littledud444 for 12,00 pounds

A warning was sent to Sirbehetron before any applicants had taken the job, however, the job posting was not removed. Littledud444 has been cheated out of a fair days wage.

First defence pleading wrote:
yes I did hire him for that amount... for that i also say that Im so sorry.... I was a honest mistake, and I will explain...
That day the server was so slow that the game was not responding at all... i barely could log in, and when i did the first thing I wanted to do was to pick my vegetables... but I wanted to hire sombody to help the town grow. It was soo frustrating to see that the game did't respond and when i press the button for hire i noticed the amount wich was a low 12 pounds.... for that I'm sorry and I have hire many players before and never for that amount.
I contacted the plyer the next day and I apologized from my heart.. I sent him an e-mail explainig the mistake, and I sent him a reputation point to show that I was really sorry.. On top of it i also offerd him to sell either vegetables or corn to him at a real low price.... to repay him... or I can rehire him for 20 pounds next time
I'm a law abiding citizen and this would be my first offense.. hopefully you will understand, but I know I broke the law even when I didn't wanted to.... I'm at your mercy

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
Sirbehetron of Barnstaple has admitted his guilt and he seems to genuinly repent his crimes. I suggest leniency in this case, especially as Sirbehetron has already made an attempt to right his wrongs.

Last defence pleading wrote:
as I said before I'm at your mercy.... I didn't do it in purpose and in the future i will pay more atention when hiring some one... I also may add that I really like this town and in the tavern when my vegetables are ready i have offered to pay someone 18 pounds not 16 or 12... I havent hired anybody for that amount yet but I have made that offer... thank you for hearingmy case

Littledud444 (called by the defence) wrote:

Anto_capone (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
Greetings, Your Honor.
I am current mayor of Barnstaple, and have talked to SirBehetron many times. He is an excellent citizen, and his productivity and reputation in this Town is impeccable.
SirBehetron admits he made a mistake, and has contacted Littledud444 to make ammends. Even after I informed him due to the lack of employment in our Town the Minimum wage law was loosely enforced, he still felt the need to rise above and beyond what would be required of him and still will give reparations to Littledud444.
I humbly ask for the charge of Slavery in the docket of Cornwall vs. SirBehetron be discharged without prejudice.
Thank you for your time and your consideration on this matter.

Nogwa (called by the prosecutor) wrote:
Indeed your honor, I did send a message to Sir Behetron that very day, but I have still received no reply.

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of slavery.
Considering that the defendant claim for a mistake and did prove by his acts a real will of reparing his fault. As he already gave a compensation to the victim.
And considering the excellent reputation he has in his town. The Court decides to only charge the defendant for a symbolic fine (administrative expenses)
Classified case
The defendant has been sentenced to 1 pound fine.

Case judged by Lady Vaness

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[Slavery] Sirbehetron vs Cornwall - Guilty (11/5/06)
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