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 [Slavery] Skyp3 vs Cornwall - Guilty (5/5/06)

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PostSubject: Re: [Slavery] Skyp3 vs Cornwall - Guilty (5/5/06)   Sat 6 May - 3:23

Bill of indictment wrote:
Your honor, evidence has been given to the court that the defendent, Skyp3, has committed the crime of slavery, not once, but twice.

01/05 03:03 : Skyp3 hires Senseiryu for 15,00 pounds
29/04 15:43 : Skyp3 hires Libra for 15,00 pounds

The laws of the county are clearly posted in the Launceston Town Hall, so no citizen may plead the excuse of ignorance.

Senseiryu and Libra have been cheated out of a fair days wage Skyp3. Skyp3 is a craftsman of the town and he is more than capable of paying his workers a decent wage.

First defence pleading wrote:
yes, but i arrive from france and in my village the price of work was between 15 and 16, if i remember...
So escuse me for my price, i am ready to pay the difference...

but commited me for this crime will be hard...

Escuse me for my english ^^ !!

Prosecutor indictment wrote:
15,00 may very well have been a common hiring price in France, but I should not have to remind you that you are in England now. While you are living in England you are expected to abide by our laws.

The laws are publicly posted for all to read:

therefore, ignorance is no excuse.

Last defence pleading wrote:
ignorance... this want all to say. i recognize my fault but my ignorance is real. So i'm guilty because i'mnot read the forum or mayor's message...
For this i'm guilty but for slavery, it'snot my real intention and for 1 ecus... i havenot need 1 ecu.

So i accepte your sentence but it's a litlle crime, and involontaire

Sentence wrote:
Statement of accusation
The defendant has been proved guilty of slavery.
Considering the defendant recognized his mistake and this is his first offense, he shall face our Justice, and this way learn this particular point of the law:
Slavery First time offense the penalty is:
lvl1: (x + 2) + 1TP
lvl2+3: (x + 2 ) + 1TP
x = amount under min. wage

So the fine is 8 pounds for each job offer, plus one Trust point to the 2 victim (to give within 2 weeks)
The defendant has been sentenced to 16 pounds fine.

Case judged by Lady Vaness

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[Slavery] Skyp3 vs Cornwall - Guilty (5/5/06)
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