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 The Herald (01/05/06)

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PostSubject: The Herald (01/05/06)   Tue 2 May - 16:16


Good Morning! Today is, Sunday April 30th, 1454
Edition XXIII


Mines Collapsing?
That is right, from Cornwall to Lewes, Sussex. Mines have been updated in RR and can collapse if they are not properly maintained. According to our majesty, Long John Silver, that should not be a problem
Quote :
* I still have a lot of issues with the mines. I would like to tell the players that the management of the mines is the most difficult function in the RK, and therefore the most experienced players should be appointed as Mine Superintendent. THERE IS NO BUG IN THE MINES YET. So if something unusual happens, it's not a bug: it's just that you didn't understand the rules, or it's due to a mistake.

The sherif of Lewes, Gwendalyn, Lady of Canterbury, reported some good news:
Quote :
The count immediately replaced the Mine superintendent who in turn resigned from the council. Louwrens has been given the title of Mine superintendent and I think together we can get the mine back into tiptop shape

In Wiltshire, The Patrons seem to have a handle on it:
Quote :
Hopefully, the good citizens of Wiltshire have taken the time to read this week's Council report, posted by the Council Spokesman. Thus, you can see for yourselves that the mines, which were in deplorable condition only two weeks ago, are turning a corner and about to become profitable for the first time in the history of the country. The breeding program, which had been totally defunct, is now back to functioning and is meeting current demand. The TM shaved $68470,00 off of the debt.

Leonard Washington, Mines Superintendent of Cornwall had the worst news to offer:
Quote :
I am the Mines Superintendend for our County. Some of you may be very dissapointed to know that the Gold mines are closed. I apologize for doing this. At first we left them open despite not having enough money to maintain them because LJS had not programmed them to collapse. They got to dangerous and yesterday one of the mines' walls began to crumble. I closed it down immediately so that we do not lose the mine. The mines will stay closed until the county can provide me with the resources to provide emergency maintenance on them


On Wed Apr 26, Count Zerostar of Sussex, made this announcement:

Quote :
Today is a historical day for Sussex, we have entered in to an alliance with our freinds Brittany. I have enclosed below a copy of our treaty. I would like to thank the previouse council for making the treaty possible and also a big thank you to Wyn her work on this treaty was instrumental.

Quote :

We, citizens of England and Brittany, are proud peoples who share the same blood through our common ancestors. We share the same ocean as our horizon, and the same will to stand strong in the face of undue pressure coming from some backward duchies and counties of France. As of now, through this treaty, we're joining our efforts for the greatness and prosperity of our two lands, which have enjoyed so many years of friendship.

I. Cultural Harmony

1. Language
Each duchy or county party to this treaty will send a competent ambassador to the alliance, able to speak both languages, and enjoying the trust of the duke or count so that s/he can be certain that all exchanges will be kept strictly confidential.

2. Translations
If circumstances allow, the ambassadors can be requested by any member of a duchy or county party to the treaty to make a translation destined to the official instances of their duchy or county. For existing texts that are modified and require translation, the translation can be partial, and restricted to the portion(s) that was(were) modified.

3. The People
The dukes(duchesses) and count(esse)s hereby vow to promote exchanges between the towns of each duchy and county.

4. Financing
Any person, group or institution preparing an action/investment, even if of a personal nature, can request a financial assistance from the alliance. The request will then be discussed during the dialogue phase (see II-2)

II. Political Harmony

1. Embassies
In every duchy or county party to the treaty, a hall of discussion will be set in place (in the forum). Access to this hall will be restricted to the dukes(duchesses) and count(esse)s currently in place, as well as a part or the whole of their respective council members. Ambassadors will have the power to translate messages in a direct fashion (through edition).

2. Dialogue - Talks
At least once every two weeks, the dukes(duchesses) and count(esse)s will meet inside the alliance's embassy in order to discuss their policies, that of their neighbors and any subject placed on the meeting's agenda by any one of them.

III. Military Alliance

1. Discussions
At the request of one of the dukes(duchesses) or count(esse)s, the military staff of the alliance members can be summoned to engage in talks, and perhaps take action.

2. Engagement
In case of an offensive war started by one of the alliance members and deemed justified by the alliance, the alliance will have to give material support primarily, and secondarily its support in terms of men. If the alliance doesn't deem the offensive war as being justified, then no support is owed.

3. Alliance
In case of defensive war, the alliance will have to give its support in terms of men and material so that a common military victory can be achieved.

IV. Judiciary Cooperation

1. Cooperation
The judicial institutions of the alliance members vow to follow through all requests for prosecution placed by one of the members in order to punish crimes committed on its territory. The laws that will be used to prosecute the cases will be those of the county or duchy where the crime occurred.

2. Judicial System
The citizens of England tried before a Court of Brittany will not be subject to the laws that increase the punishments imposed on foreigners, they will be subject to the same common laws as non-citizens of Brittany.

3. Prosecution
The judicial institutions of the alliance members will use all means and networks of outside cooperation at their disposal to prosecute those who have committed a crime on any of our territories.

4. Veto
The dukes(duchesses) and count(esse)s always retain the right to place their veto on the prosecution of one of their citizens, as long as they provide a justification for their decision, this for all breaches of law that do not constitute a political crime.

V. Trade Cooperation

1. Discussions
If one of the trade ministers of the counties and duchies party to the alliance requests a meeting, the other trade ministers will have to take part in the meeting.

2. Privileges
The members of the alliance grant each other a right of mutual preference on matters pertaining to international trade: they will always favor an offer or demand coming from one of the alliance members over an offer or demand coming from another party. In the event of a foreign offer or demand that would be more profitable than those available inside the alliance, the members of the alliance involved with the offer or demand in question will meet to examine together the possibility of reaching an equivalent offer or demand. If no agreement can be reached, the original transaction will be allowed to take place.

3. Common Prosperity
The parties commit themselves to engage in profitable trade with favorable prices in a goal of mutual prosperity, under the leadership of the dukes(duchesses) or count(esse)s and the trade ministers.

It is agreed that the present treaty of alliance binds the counties and duchies signing it, without any validity limit, and that at the end of each election, the new duke(duchess) or count(ess) will pledge to remain true to the spirit and the word of the alliance's text during the dialogue phase (see II-2). Moreover, as the alliance is not a frozen entity, it will be possible, after a unanimous vote of all the dukes(duchesses) and count(esse)s already members of the alliance, to modify the text or propose new counties or duchies for membership, all this during the dialogue phase (see II-2).

I, Amalric36, Duke of Brittany
Make the decision to commit the Duchy of Brittany in this alliance,

I, Zerostar, Count of Sussex
Make the decision to commit the County of Sussex to this alliance

I, Duke(Duchess)/Count(ess) of X (add titles)
Make the decision to commit the duchy/county of X in this alliance,

On the day of X,


And in other news we have had another resignation, this time from Cassandra. she was a great asset to the council and she will be greatlly missed. her replacment is Egolend, he is in Cornwall at the moment but will arrive back in Sussex as soon as possible. may he recieve a warm welcome.

this of course leaves the judge position open, i will breplacing cassandra with wyn she has shown already great judgment and that she is more than capable at looking at both sides of the issue, and as soon as egolend gets back he will be appointed the new public prosecutor.

The council at the moment is looking over a couple other treatys and will post as soon as we have come to a desicion on them. we are also working on exporting some of our towns stockpile of fish.


Lord LED, Duke of Wiltshire, also signed the same treaty with Brittany:
Quote :
I would just like to make it common knowledge that we are in a Coalition with the peoples of Sussex and Bretagne so I ask that we all be on friendly terms with them.

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."

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Number of posts : 433
Registration date : 2005-11-12

PostSubject: Re: The Herald (01/05/06)   Tue 2 May - 16:16


1453 - Bordeaux falls to the French, Hundred Years' War ends; England's only French possession is Calais; In England, Henry VI becomes insane

1454 - Richard, Duke of York, is regent of England while Henry VI is insane; Printing with movable type is perfected in Germany by Johannes Gutenberg

1455 - Henry VI recovers. Richard of York is replaced by Somerset and excluded from the Royal Council; War of the Roses - civil wars in England between royal houses of York and Lancaster (until 1485); Battle of St. Albans. Somerset defeated and killed

1460 - Battle of Wakefield. Richard of York is defeated and killed; Earl of Warwick (the Kingmaker) captures London for the Yorkists; Battle of Northampton: Henry VI is captured by Yorkists

1461 - Battles of Mortimer's Cross and Towton: Richard's son, Edward of York, defeats Lancastrians and becomes king; Edward IV, King of England (to 1483)

1465 - Henry VI imprisoned by Edward IV

1466 - Warwick's quarrels with Edward IV begin; forms alliance with Louis XI

1470 - Warwick turns Lancastrian: he defeats Edward IV and restores Henry VI

1471 - Battle of Barnet. Edward IV defeats and kills Warwick; Henry VI dies, probably murdered in the Tower of London

1475 - Edward IV invades France; Peace of Piequigny between England and France

1476 - William Caxton sets up printing press at Westminster

1483 - Death of Edward IV; Edward V, King of England; he is deposed by his uncle, Richard Duke of Gloucester; Richard III, King of England (to 1485); Edward V and his brother are murdered in the Tower of London

1484 - Caxton prints Morte D'Arthur, the poetic collection of legends about King Arthur compiled by Sir Thomas Malory

1485 - Battle of Bosworth Field: Henry Tudor, with men, money and arms provided by Charles VIII of France, defeats and kills Richard III in the decisive (but not final) battle of the Wars of the Roses.



don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive


It is because the light moves quicker than sound, that most people seem brilliant before turning up stupid. (c'est pasque la vitesse de la lumiere est superieur a celle du son que beaucoup de gens parraissent brillants avant d'avoir l'air con)


On a plane bound for New York the flight attendant approached a
blonde sitting in the first class section and requested that she
move to economy since she did not have a first class ticket. The
blonde replied "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to New York
and I'm not moving."

Not wanting to argue with a customer the flight attendant asked
the co-pilot to speak with her. He went to talk with the woman
asking her to please move out of the first class section. Again,
the blonde replied, "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to New
York and I'm not moving." The co-pilot returned to the cockpit
and asked the captain what to do about her.

The captain said, "I'm married to a blonde, and I know how to
handle this." He went to the first class section and whispered
in the blonde's ear. She immediately jumped up and ran to the
economy section mumbling to herself, "Why didn't anyone just say

Surprised, the flight attendant and the co-pilot asked what he
said to her that finally convinced her to move from her seat. He
said, "I told her the first class section wasn't going to New


A guy gets pulled over for speeding 88 MPH in a 45 zone. The cop
askes for his drivers license and the guy says, "I'm sorry
officer, but my license was suspended after my 5th DUI."

The cop askes for his registration and the guy says, "It's in
the glove compartment, but it's not in my name because I stole
this car in a car jacking and I killed the woman that owns the
car and stuffed her in the trunk and the gun I used is in the
glove compartment. At this point the cop tells the guy to keep
his hands in sight and he radios for back-up.

When a supervisor shows up, the cop tells him the story and he
walks up to the guy in the car. The supervisor asks to see the
guy's drivers license and the guy hands it over and it is valid
with the guys real name and information.

The supervisor asks for the registration and the guy says, "It's
in the Glove compartment." The supervisor tells the guy to keep
his hands in sight and walks around to the passenger side and
opens the glove compartment. There is the registration in the
guys name and everything seems in order.

Next the supervisor asks the guy to get out and open the trunk.
The guy opens the trunk and the only thing there is a spare tire.

At this point the supervisor tells the guy what the other cop
had told him. The guy says "I'll bet that lying S.O.B. told you
I was speeding too!"


A little girl and her mother were out and about. The girl, out
of the blue, asked her mother, "Mommy, How old are you?"

The mother responded, "Honey, women don't talk about their age.
You'll learn this as you get older."

The girl then asked, "Mommy, how much do you weigh?"

Her mother responded again, "That's another thing women don't
talk about. You'll learn this, too, as you grow up."

The girl still wanting to know about her mother, then fires off
another question, "Mommy, Why did you and daddy get a divorce?"

The mother, a little annoyed by the questions, responded,
"Honey, that is a subject that hurts me very much, and I don't
want to talk about it now."

The little girl, frustrated, sulks until she is dropped off at a
friend's house to play. She consults with her girlfriend about
her and her mother's conversation. The girlfriend says, "All you
have to do is sneak and look at your mother's driver's license.
It's just a like a report card from school. It tells you

Later, the little girl and her mother are out and about again.
The little girl starts off with, "Mommy, Mommy, I know how old
you are. I know how old you are. You're 32 years old."

The mother is very shocked. She asks, "Sweetheart, how do you
know that?"

The little girl shrugs and says, "I just know. And I know how
much you weigh. You weigh 130 pounds."

"Where did you learn that?"

The little girl says, "I just know. And I know why you and daddy
got a divorce. You got an 'F' in sex."


Believers! Your Fellow Citizens Need You!

At this time we have a need for 4 priests in England, (Chard, Plymouth, Fowey, and Launceston) and at the rate colonies are being added, we will need many more in the coming weeks. Mass cannot be said without a parish priest. The spiritual wellbeing and the mood of your town's citizens depend on your parish having a priest. Please consider a life of service to your town. Ideally, we will have a level three priest in every parish. Until that time, we are allowed to appoint level 2 citizens to fill these offices.

To become a priest, you must be either level 3 and chosen to study the way of the church, or be level 2 and desiring to become scholars of the church way when you reach level 3. You can still run for and hold political office, work in your workshop, own and work your fields as a priest. You will need to enter your office a minimum of twice per week to prepare mass (clicking 1 button). The forum is where baptisms, weddings, funerals, etc will take place. You and/or your deacon will be encouraged to work there as well.

Citizens desiring to take up the mantle of shepherd/shepherdess of your town or other towns which are in need should contact the Bishop of your Diocese. (He/she can be found by going to your town's church.) Level 1 citizens wishing to help the church can become deacons in their parish and assist in the forum aspects of church life. This will be a great way to prepare to become a priest in the future. Contact you priest or bishop for more information.


Mayor of Marlborough, Bohr:
Quote :
Marlborough is looking for meat and a town to trade wood with.

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."
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The Herald (01/05/06)
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