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 The Herald (23/04/06)

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PostSubject: The Herald (23/04/06)   Sun 23 Apr - 13:30


Good Morning! Today is, Sunday April 23rd,, 1454
Edition XXII


In Bridgewater, there were few revolts.
To they who don't know what happened, I will try to tell them. There will be included some interviews of some of the people who were important on the happened revolt.

Badboyandmystick, the Mayor of Bridgewater let me do a interview. I asked some of the basic questions and I got some basic answers... Nothing too special...

Elve wrote:
How did you feel when you got mayor?

Badboyandmystick wrote:

Elve wrote:
Is it easy?
Badboyandmystick wrote:
The job? Not if you want to do a good job, and i fully intend to

Elve wrote:
How did you react when you heard about the revolt?
Badboyandmystick wrote:
I knew it was comming, so i wasnt too suprised, just disappointed

Elve wrote:
Why do you think french people are revolting towns? For revenge?
Badboyandmystick wrote:
Because they are pathetic low lives and have nothing better to do (not all french people, just the revolting organizations)

Elve wrote:
Were you prepared?
Badboyandmystick wrote:
Fully, nothing was lost

Elve wrote:
You told that you didnt expect the revolter to do an revolt, why?
Badboyandmystick wrote:
I was on full guard, the reason i said that is in hopes that incase they read the forum, and would think i have lightened up the preparation.

Elve wrote:
How did you react that Lia got the mayorship, even when she didnt want?
Badboyandmystick wrote:
I was glad it ended up in her hands, instead of someone untrustworthy. i already knew she did not want it before the revolt.

Elve wrote:
How about when Lorduce got in the office?
Badboyandmystick wrote:
lol I'm not sure how that happened, but it was all good, since he has had experience as mayor and council member, i know it was in good hands.

Elve wrote:
Our King, he gave you your position back, how did you feel?
Badboyandmystick wrote:
I'm an eternally grateful of the king.

Realy he was the second I interviewed...
Lia, was interested on the interviwe too. I chosed her, becouse she was a mayor, but didnt want it. She had long, but interesting answers. Also I was wrong with somethings... Lets see what was in her mind...

Elve wrote:
How did you feel when the first revolt happened?

Lia wrote:
I think that with Badboyandmystick we were well prepared. We felt that something was going on, and when I discovered the town had been taken over, I wasn't all that suprised. We knew exactly what to do, we were prepared for an immediate conter-revolt.

Elve wrote:
What about when you needed to attack the castle?

Lia wrote:
Excuse my correction, but we had to attack the townhall, which is not quite the same thing. I knew I would have to do this if the town would be taken over and I was proud to fight for Bridgewater.I was delighted to see the unity with which the citizen fought the town back.

Elve wrote:
Was you scared of something? Interested?
Lia wrote:
I trusted the citizen of Bridgewater would take the town back sooner or later. I was a little concerned that there might be some enemy revolutionnary with high charisma joining the revolt who would take over the town (I would have prefered to prepare the counter revolt through PM with all the honest citizen of Bridgewater who had expressed their wish to be part of this potential counter-revolt) However, to be honest my greatest fear was to end up as Mayor. I wanted the best for Bridgewater, and wasn't sure I would have enough time to dedicate to her well-being. We had agreed with Badboyandmystick of how we would proceed if I was to become Mayor. He trusted me, and even proposed me to step into office for real, which I refused.

Elve wrote:
Why do you think the French attacks allways somewhere?

Lia wrote:
I do not think that French always attack somewhere. I refuse to support any statement against the french. There are as many english brigands as french ones, and many honest frenchmen live in our neigborhoods. I believed we talk a lot about the french because the tensions between our two Kingdoms. Also, the thieves might be steamed up by the dishonest events in France caused by englishmen. However me must bear in mind the close relationship between France and England and that it is normal to have many frenchmen in england.

Elve wrote:
You didnt know you will be the mayor by the revolt, how did you feel?
Lia wrote:
I knew there was a risk of me becoming Mayor when I chose to revolt. I knew my and Lorduce's charisma were about as high. When the burden fell on me, I wasn't too suprised, rather amused (at least at first). I got to discover how the Mayor's office worked, and was delighted to discover that the towncoffers had not been emptied. I started to panic when I thought I would have to be Mayor until elections (even if we had talked with Badboyandmystick about how we could restore him into the office). This didn't last long, since through some peculiar event, Lorduce, for no appearant reason, found himself Mayor and I discovered I couldn't enter the office anylonger. Neither of us knew why or how this had happened, and Lorduce didn't seem too happy about it.

Elve wrote:
Were you disapointed when Badboyandmystick took over the mayorship again?
Lia wrote:
When Badboy got back into office, it was Lorduce who was the Mayor (again, I do not know how he became Mayor). Since I knew Lorduce didn't want to stay in the office, I was glad that order had been restored. I consider Badboyandmystick highly, and I know he is an able Mayor. I myself had no wish to be Mayor.
Elve wrote:
Were you ready for stay like a mayor?
Lia wrote:
No. I have made it clear that for the time being, I have no intention to be a Mayor, nor even run in the elections.

Lia also made clear that she can explain me more, but I didnt want to bother her anymore.

The third, was Lorudce.
He was mayor, not a day but just few hours...
He were the one who took control and contacted His Majesty, our King.
Lets see...

Elve wrote:
Ok! Dont be mad whit me! :P
Lorudce wrote:
Laughing There is nothing to be mad about.

Elve wrote:
How did you feel when the revolt happened?
Lorudce wrote:
Anger that someone would so disregard the laws of men and the laws of God as to cast out the elected mayor. I also felt some fear of what damage they might do while in Town Hall.

Elve wrote:
Which was your first think?
Lorudce wrote:
My first thought was wondering who was behind it. When a group of lvl 0 people revolt (it took 8-10) then I wonder who put them up to it. It is cowardly to hide behind clones and/or young players to do dirty deeds.

Elve wrote:
Why you think French people are revolting towns?
Lorudce wrote:
I don't know that this was a French rebellion. We have plenty of home grown criminals and people who would do something like this for fun. The leader had been in town and had tricked us this time. Several had spoken with them. Some sow chaos and discord because they are ammused by it.

Elve wrote:
Were you prepared?
Lorudce wrote:
Yes, our mayor, Badboyandmystick, had trusted money to several players in grants so that there was no huge pile of loot for the criminals to get. We also had given thought to retaking the town and got it back in 1 day.

Elve wrote:
What about being a mayor? Did you like the 1 day?
Lorudce wrote:
I was surprised actually. I wanted to get the Town Hall out of criminal hands and at the day change, Lia was mayor and I was happy. Then sometime a few hours later, I was made mayor. I immediately contacted His Majesty, LongJohnSilver, to get our elected mayor back in office. I was only mayor for a couple of hours and did nothing other than send evidence to the council of what damage might have been done.

Elve wrote:
Did you want to be an mayor? Lia didnt...
Lorudce wrote:
No I didn't. I don't mind serving temporarily, but my focus is on spreading the good news of the Church. I will serve my fellow citizens when needed, but I don't want a political office. I offer my experiences to anyone who asks and want to see others grow and fill these positions.

Elve wrote:
How did you feel when Badboy took over again?
Lorudce wrote:
I felt relief. In 24 hours, we had the rightful mayor back in office and I am grateful to His Majesty for helping speed that process along.

Elve wrote:

Lorudce wrote:
No problem.

After I got the opinion of who could be the revolters, I got 3 suggestion.
Badboy's theory about the french.
Lia's theory about English's
Lorudce's about clones of French's

They could be french, but why just level 0's? To make them no so obvious?
They could be English, but why? To make them feel like french?
They could be clones, but why? To not get guilty if they were level 3?

All of this could be true. I personally support the Lorudce's theory.

After a day long of pain, the mayor Badboy, didn't notice much things robbed... So I think that the revolters wanted just some attention.
After the re-nomination of Badboy, citizen's of Bridgewater are happy.
At least some of them... 😉

I hope that this was enough interesting to get you read the whole article!

Thanks, Elve


Quote :
On the 4th of april, a new council was elected for Wiltshire. It was a fiercy "battle" between CUE and the Patrons but at the end it was CUE who got almost two thirds of the votes.
Quote :
1. "Citizens Union of England- Wiltshire" (CUE-W) : 61.4%
2. "The Patrons" (PEPPL) : 38.6%
Appointed by the majority of the new council, LordLED had to make the difficult decision of dividing the functions between the other officials. If he made the right decision will be a question that has to remain unanswered for a bit longer.
Quote :
Lordled (Count)
Harekr (Public Prosecutor)
Aanien (Captain)
Bossmustang (Constable)
Björkel (Judge)
Bohr (Sergeant)
Dugustus (Sheriff)
Willum (Spokesman)
Eniwetok (Mines Superintendant)
Ailee (Trade Minister)
We can already say that Wiltshire will have some challenging times ahead if we look at the first action of the newly appointed sheriff, Dugustus.

by staff


The Curie declares the the first Vatican council to be open.

The Council will have the goal to rethink the Aristotlelian church, through the experiences and the knowledge of all the members of the Aristotlelian Churches, from believers to the Cardinals.

This Council is opened to all, Clergy to laymen, the French, the English or the German, we ask all to inform the everyone possible of the holding of this Council. Information circulates by parishes in parishes, by dioceses in dioceses, by markets in markets, by taverns in taverns (by RPs for example).

All the debate should themselves be constructive, show courtesy instead of harshness, insults and violation of regulations of accounts will be banished. The Cardinals will not allow any floods of improper behavior.

Good courage in your lines of argument.


If all the Priests, Bishops, and Archbishops could organize the communication on the existence of this council, we would be delighted.

Ideal would be a posting in all the markets, all the taverns and all the churches.


I will briefly explain the functioning of the Council:

1st step: Discussion and debate of ideas
->Will last several weeks.

2nd step: Syntheses of the ideas and polls

3rd step: Make concrete decisions and finishing (on the points more discussed)

Last step: Creation of a new forum for a new departure.

Taken from the Vatican Gardens and translated by the hand of Father Loyats this day the 4th of April, in the year of our Lord, 1454.

You may locate the forum on the council here.


Lorudce is now Bishop of Clifton Diocese. Congratulations to Lorudce and to those he serves

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."

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PostSubject: Re: The Herald (23/04/06)   Sun 23 Apr - 13:30




Law of Mechanical Repair:
After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch or you'll have to pee.

Law of the Workshop:
Any tool, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible corner.

Law of Probability:
The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.

Law of the Telephone:
If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal.

Law of the Alibi:
If you tell the boss you were late for work because you had a flat tire, the very next morning you will have a flat tire.

Variation Law:
If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were in will start to move faster than the one you are in now (works every time).

Law of the Bath:
When the body is fully immersed in water, the telephone rings.

Law of Close Encounters:
The probability of meeting someone you know increases when you are with someone you don't want to be seen with

Law of the Result:
When you try to prove to someone that a machine won't work, it will.

Law of Biomechanics:
The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach.

Law of the Theatre:
At any event, the people whose seats are furthest from the aisle arrive last.

Law of Coffee:
As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold.

Murphy's Law of Lockers:
If there are only two people in a locker room, they will have adjacent lockers.

Law of Rugs/Carpets:
The chances of an open-faced jelly sandwich landing face down on a floor covering are directly correlated to the newness and cost of the carpet/rug.

Law of Location:
No matter where you go, there you are.

Law of Logical Argument:
Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about.

Brown's Law:
If the shoe fits, it's ugly.

Oliver's Law:
A closed mouth gathers no feet.

Wilson's Law:
As soon as you find a product that you really like, they will stop making it.

Law of the Appetite:
A small morsel is delicious. A medium snack satisfying, but a feast is asking for stomach cramps.

Law of the domestic Pet:
If claim how good you are with cats or dogs at a strangers house, you’ll get a growl out of the pet.

Law of the Intoxicated:
Being severely drunk generally leads to putting salt in your coffee, and lack of sugar in your love-life.

Law of the Lawn:
If you step outside to mow the yard after weeks of procrastination, you might as well have just performed a rain-dance.

Law of the guest:
As children, only when you stay at friends houses for sleepovers, do you wet the bed or drool on the pillow.

Law of the guest #2:
You’re always clean and tidy at home, but you only ever leave “evidence” in someone else’s toilet.

Law of the Cinema:
You can generally last hours on end without the need for a toilet break, but you always have to go during a movie.

Law of the Dinner Date:
At home, you’re a tidy eater - you only get beef or spinach in your teeth on a first date.

Law of the Urinal:
You mustn’t stand directly next to another man. If you happen to walk up to a urinal with just enough free space for you, you must pick the alternative – the cubical.

Law of the pimple:
It only arises just before an important upcoming event.

Law of Love:
At eight, it’s a crush. At sixteen, It’s lust. At twenty-five, it’s life. At forty, it’s overrated.

If THEY get along, why not the rest of us?

A Florida biker and his babe

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."
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PostSubject: Re: The Herald (23/04/06)   Sun 23 Apr - 13:31


Raid in Normandy!

The day dawned as any other. As the citizens of England started leaving their homes to begin their days work, they were stunned by the placards which had appeared overnight. The mysterious message was this:

anto_capone wrote:
Swift retribution is upon you. For too long our people have been pillaged, left to pick up the pieces of a growing Country torn apart by French raiders. For too long our people have been plundered without justice. Today justice is upon you.
This great city of Dieppe has been reduced to rubble. Today Dieppe will be held accountable for the actions of the many crimes against England and it's people.
Long live the King!

Zerostar, General of the K.O.P. wrote:

Hello the attack which has just occured in your town has been brought on by months of invasions by french players against mother England. We will no longer deal with this endless wave of french revolts and any attack on England will not go unanswered. We do not wish for war but will not bow down to you and let you walk all over us. This attack was not sponsored by any English Council but performed by members of the KOP and NNGO.

We have been gracious as per the King's request and left your town treasury with 7,000 + pounds so Dieppe may owe the Great King of England a huge thank you for his generosity.

If attacks on england persist i can not gurantee his generosity will last for long.

The day of Reckoning has come, none shall mourn over this former 'great city'. Let force become dealt with force, let a stance be taken! England shall stand tall and proud, without shadow and bleak.
Long live the King!
Immidiately the debates began. Some viewed this as the action of heroes. Others say this as a criminal act which endangered all of England. The English Parliament and the county councils which make it up sprang into action denying any knowlege and planning for the security of their respective charges. Diplomats were hastily dispatched to and received from several counties throughout France. The biggest question of the week is, "Are we at war?" Countess Nordicnorn and Count Lorudce both state they want peace, but that there was no treaty in place before the events in question for extradition of criminals.
The Herald was able to sit down with Zerostar, general of the Knights of the Phoenix, for an interview. Here is what he had to say:
Quote :
The Herald: First, what do you call this action? Raid? Revenge? Justice?

General Zerostar: a little of all 3 we wanted to show the french not just the normands that we are not afraid of leaving our island as they have grown acusustomed to thinking. in my opinion the french have thought for to long that we are afraid to flex our might wich might be true in some regards but the general population is not we have grown tired of the constant raids against england and this was more or less used to show that we are more than capable of

TH: Next, Who was involved in this action? The groups and any names you want to share. If it is better not to list names, then how many English citizens where involved?
Zerostar: there were two groups involved the kop and the nngo. i can not give you an exact number but close to 30

TH: What did England (Sussex, Wiltshire, or both) gain by the actions of KOP?
Zerostar: I think England gained the knowledge that we are not as weak as some would have us believe we are and that there are some of us out there who are not intimadated by the french in general and willing to fight and defend england home or on foreign soil.

TH:Why did you carry out this action?
Zerostar: mainly to show we are not the young weak country that we are precieved to be and as i do not speak for the whole of england i know we do like to think we speak for the common man and i know that from the general consensus the citizenz wanted to see some kind of sign of strength on there part and so i think we had given them that.

TH: When, what exact date did the rebellion and sacking occur and what towns were involved?
Zerostar: it occured last sunday on the 19th of march and the sacking of the town took place the next day on the 20th it took about 2 hours to do what we had to do then we had fled using the quick travel method and went to canterbury were i am currently residing

TH: How did you accomplish this?
Zerostar: the nngo had sent a couple scouts out a month ago to map out roads for us and to get a feel for the diffrent towns we were scouting, after we picked the town based on its location and importance we went about informing our troops on were to travel the whole time never telling them the target city we made sure to keep this as hush hush as we could to maintain our element of suprise.

TH: What hardships did you face?
Zerostar: there was not any hardships to speak of really the only thing i ran into was a couple of french players in the taverns who were very rude about the fact i was english and had tried to start a fight or two ( this is before i gave them a reason to hate me)

TH: Did you get the reception back home in England which you expected?
Zerostar: more or less yes. we did not expect the call to war the french had made afterwards. we had been invaded so much in the past and we had kept a straight head about the fact and never once threatened war with france we had un wisely expected the same from them after all i was very carefull to not involve our council and to make sure it was not condoned by our council i did not want to put them in the middle of it all wich did not turn out so well. in fact i would like to take this time to thank the council for there great job at dealing with this and avoiding any unnesecary bloodshed

we had expected a counter attack by private citizens but i underestimated the french love for war. the plan was for right after the attack for all those who could to flee back to england and join the millitias and watch the town hall info sheats to make sure we would be ontop of any kinda attack wich is exactlly what we did. and i am still pressing for all kop members to join the millitia and help keep an eye on our citys for anything suspicious

TH: What would you like to see happen next?
Zerostar: i would like to see england become a little more involved with foreign affairs cause like it or not we will eventually be swept into them and it is far better to be prepared. i think this has opened up a couple oppurtunitys to form alliances with others such as the brettons who have shown a very strong desire to both have a millitary alliance and a trade alliance with us.

also i think this will lead to closing of loopholes in our extradition process and maybe the stepping up of more counties in france to sign such treatys with us, so that there is no where for criminals to run.
Continue reading The Herald and we will keep you informed about all the news.

found while reading the forums

acording to Urshak:
Quote :
You should not yet worry, btw our Council wants to give zerostar to the county of Normandy.

Arynna wrote:
Quote :
What our council wants shouldn't be a question. Zerostar is in Sussex, therefore it is up to the Sussex council what will happen to him.

zero star wrote:
Quote :
...... any city affected by a counter attack will be compinsated.
Quoted in Whits post on page 7

Lady Vaness: from here
Quote :
Etant donne qu'a ce jour AUCUN traite de cooperation judiciaire, ni meme d'entente cordiale n'a ete signe avec la Normandie, nous ne nous sentons aucunement obliges a proceder a l'extradition demandee.

Etant donne que nous ne sommes pas responsables de cette attaque sur Dieppe, et contrairement a ce qui a ete affirme les auteurs de ces exactions n'ont recu aucun soutien de la part du roi d'Angleterre, sa Gracieuse Majeste LongJohnSilver
Il s'agit la d'exactions commises par des particuliers qui doivent etre traitees comme telle par la voie habituelle et ne saurait engager la responsabilite de notre gouvernement.

Etant donne que la Normandie nous presse de nous executer sous la menace d'une guerre, nous ne saurions ceder a l'intimidation et restons ferme. Sinon, cela deprecierait les efforts qu'ont fait les diplomates d'autres comtes qui ont su nouer des relations d'amities avec le Sussex bien plus tot. Recourir a la menace pour obtenir ce que vous voulez est inacceptable.
Nous restons ouvert a la signature d'un traite de cooperation judiciaire, mais celui-ci n'aura pas d'effet retroactif, en effet notre code de lois (ainsi que le votre si je ne m'abuse) exclut la retro-activite des lois promulguees.
Par contre, celui-ci vous premunira contre toute nouvelle tentative de la part de brigands partis se refugier au Sussex.

Sachez toutefois qu'etant donne les implications de ce crime, bien qu'il n'ait pas ete commis sur notre sol, par les reactions qu'il suscitent en Normandie, mettent en danger la securite de notre Comte, c'est pourquoi les auteurs de ces crimes seront poursuivis par notre propre Justice pour "Mise en danger de la securite nationale".

Je prie instamment le gouvernement normand de raison garder. Nous restons sincerement navres pour ce qui est arrive a votre ville, le meme drame est arrive a bon nombre de ville angloises sans que nous ne declenchions une guerre en represailles

Lady Vaness

Au nom de son altesse la Comtesse Nordicnorn, Lady of Sussex.
Translated into (by me, so there are likely errors):
Quote :
Let it be known that, as of today, no co-operative justice treaty, nor even a cordial ENTENTE (understanding), has been signed with Normandy [and Sussex], we feel no obligation to continue with the requested extradition.

Given that we are not responsible for the attack against Dieppe, and that His Grace LongJohnSilver, King of England, has not condoned these actions. These were takens commited by individuals, and must be trated as such, not as actions taken by our Gouvernment.

Given that Normandy has threated us with war, but that we will not backdown in the face of intimidation. If we to backdown, it would hurt the work of diplomates from counies with friendly ties to Sussex (???) Threatening us in order to get you way in unacceptable
We ramain open to signing a co-operative justice treaty, however, in accordance with our laws (and yours aswell i believe), this treaty would not be retro-active.
However, this would protect you from criminal excaping into Sussex in the future.
Let it be known that, even though this rime was not commited on Our soil, the reactions to this crime have put our county in Danger. Therefore, these criminals will be tried for ‘Endagering the Safety of the County'.

I ask the Norman Governement to be reasonalbe. We are sorry (navres?) for what happened in your town, as the same drama has unfolded in several English towns. However we did not threaten or declare war.

Lady Vaness
In the name of her Highness Countess Nordicnorn, Lady of Sussex

Hope something here is useful to somebody

"An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied."
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The Herald (23/04/06)
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