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 The Herald (16/01/06)

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PostSubject: The Herald (16/01/06)   Mon 16 Jan - 3:29


Good Morning! Today is, Wednesday Janurary 11th, 1454
Edition XIV


Wiltshire Council Changes

Temporary council member, Chinahero, was more temporary than expected. Citing a lack of time and desire, Chinahero has resigned from the temporary council. At this time, it is unknown if anyone will be put into his place. The Wiltshire council, which had 2 open places before Chinahero's resignation, now has 3 open places.

This leaves the current Wiltshire council as:
Quote :
LongJohnSilver (Count)
UrShak (Judge)
Whit (Public Prosecutor)
Harekr (Sergeant)
Ecthelion (Sheriff)
Nataniel (Captain)
Lorudce (Trade Minister)
-- Free place --
-- Free place --
-- Free place --
This council has been comissioned by the King to help organize the county and oversee a fair election for the first elected council which will be held in 19 days. As of press time, no list has been published for that election.

Keep reading The Herald for the latest news.

by Lorudce


Judicial Unrest

Early last week, judge Nordicnorn rendered her verdict in a trial. That would seem to be a fairly normal thing for the judge to do. She found that Dragothar was guilty of robbery, and sentenced him to "one day in jail and 3 days toiling in the county mines and 25 pounds. Further, the Accused must give one trust point to the Victim".
The prosecutor, mayor Testu of Sevenoaks, has stated "I require a death sentence for this guy" in his Bill of indictment. This request was due to the fact that Dark_Devil, another robber, had also been found guilty of robbery days earlier. Both crimes happened near Sevenoaks, and Testu was the prosecutor in both cases.
Dark_Devil's sentence was "I have chosen to let the defendant sit in jail for two days and think about the crime he has perpetrated on an innocent traveller in my County…If I see you in this court again, you will hung by the neck until dead…..I Further order you to toil in the county mines for 5 days after you are released form jail. I would like to see you in some way repay Pastix for his time by working in his fields if possible for a reduced rate". That all boils down to 2 days in prison, 5 days of working in the mines, and working for the victim at the minimum wage, plus a warning.
Mayor Testu was not satified with these verdicts. To show his displeasure, he and other members of Sevenoaks protested in front of the Castle.
Quote :
Demonstration: We want a tougher Justice
Quote :
Criminals are not being punished in Sussex, and they see no reason to stop being criminals, for what they face is a couple of days in jail, or a 25 pounds fine. We need a tougher Justice to get rid of the thieves on the road!
This is a legal and normal way to show displeasure. Howver, Mayor Testu took the unusual step of placing a bounty on the head of Dragothar. He told bounty hunters that " the city of Sevenoaks offers £500 to the bounty hunter which will bring Dargrothar's head to town hall.
The bounty hunter can keep all Dragrothar's goods and money in addition of the £500
" Judge Nordicnorn, and many others, have told Testu that this bounty is illegal, and if paid out would expose him to legal action.

In response to Questions from the Herald, Testu said that
Quote :
this action was more like 'bluff' i wanted to show to county that there's a problem on roads and that it has to protect us.
He added that "i do this cuz i think that it's my job and that people voted for me to have prosperity and safety"

Judge nordicnorn has so far not answered The Herald's questions about this issue. However, she did publically state that
Quote :
I will not take a defence of vigilate justice in my courtroom. If you kill someone or pay for someone to be killed, you will be charged under the laws of this land for murder.

That brings a death sentance with it.
by drrino



Lorudce, formly the butcher of Southampton, has answered the call of the church. For full details in his own words
By Staff

Quote :
1st earl of Shrewsbury, John Talbot

shrōz´berē, shrooz´- , 1388?-1453, English soldier. As lieutenant of Ireland (1414-19, 1445-47) he quelled unrest in that country, but he achieved his greatest fame for his military daring in France during the latter years of the Hundred Years War. He was present at the siege of Orléans and was taken prisoner (1429) at Patay and held for four years. He was slain at Castillon.
Authored by the internet


Hunting dogs of the South...


The Veggie guild
England's Tasty Taters Vegetable Guild may undergo another change soon. About a month ago, Adla, the former leader of the guild, stepped down without warning. After a few days of chaos, Mike1981 became interim leader of the veggie guild. Now, he has asked the guild to chose an elected leader. He has asked for nominations from the members of the guild, and after the candidates are nominated, and the nomination is seconded by another member, there will be an election. Currently, there are no seconded candidates, however Mike1981 and Drrino have been nominated.


Quote :
Oda of Lewes has bought a Cow ranch. He is now a citizen and can vote. Please give him a hearty welcome to Sussex.

If YOU want YOUR name in the paper like this, please contact anyone from News First
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The Herald (16/01/06)
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