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 The Herald (27/11/05)

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PostSubject: The Herald (27/11/05)   Sat 7 Jan - 7:46


Good Morning! Today is, Sunday November 27th, 1453
Edition VII


More Council Tumult

This week Mike1981 has stepped down from his post as public prosecutor.
Unfortunately, mike1981 chose not to explain to me in full as to why he stepped down. The situation boiled over when Tetsu, a popular tavern owner in SevenOaks was charged for speaking a foreign language. Speaking languages other than English in Sussex is a crime, however many think it was too strictly enforced on Tetsu, since his crime was the sign on his tavern was in Dutch. Said Mike1981 "Oh well I'm not prosecutor anymore so nothing I can do bout it...I've been out of town all weekend and was drunk most of last week. If you don't believe me, ask Joel. Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm watching as the council backstab me a few more times. Bye... enjoy your new prosecutor. Oh and btw... it was Darmor who told me I should prosecute for this so, he's in on the backstabbing too."

Ecthelion was tight lipped about the current situation: "I know some of the reasons, but I'm certain that I do not fully grasp all of them. I am relatively certain that the nagging of Darmor did help push his decision" said Ecthelion, leader of CUS and new Public Prosecutor.

Mike1981 has no position on the council at current, and Ecthelion has dismissed the charges on Tetsu.

by Whit

Lord LED Comes Back to Win Salisbury!

Lord LED wins the runoff between Pathus and himself, taking the mayorship over for Baiboe. At the end of the first election Lord LED was the second leading vote getter at around thirty percent, while Pathus surged ahead in the late days to over forty percent. Since no one gained a majority of the votes, a runoff between the two candidates was held. Lord LED emerged victorious in a huge victory – sixty three percent to Pathus’ thirty six percent.
“Thanks to all who have supported me. Now that all the politics are out of the way I can buckle down and focus on the wealth and prosperity of Salisbury.” Said the newly elected mayor.

by Staff

Darmor, Tetsu and Uranium Square off in SevenOaks

SevenOaks is graced by a group of capable and driven candidates to succeed Mayor Teignat, the outgoing mayor of the fine colony.

Darmor, currently a council at-large member and a leader of the Imperial Senate gives his speech: ”I am incredibly proud to be a citizen of Sevenoaks. Although I have moved about from place to place as a member of the Sussex Council, the experience has left me lonely for this remote wood town. I was the second Mayor of Sevenoaks, and contributed significantly to the growth and development of the town in its early days. I have a thorough understanding of the management and economics of a wood town, and can do all that Sevenoaks needs to continue the upward growth and prosperity that Lady Vaness and Teignat have given us.”
Lately Darmor has been involved in trying moments in Sussex’s political scene – with him stepping down from a member of CUS, to inserting himself into the mayoral debates in Marlborough, to leading the front in attempting to expose CUS’ corruption, to being removed as Trade Minister, and now playing some part in Mike1981 stepping down as Public Prosecutor.

Tetsu is currently a member of OPE and Zulu, and close associate of Teignat, outgoing mayor of the city. “I'm member of Zulu team, a group of level2 players of all jobs who came to Sevenoaks. Working together with people of Sevenoaks, this new town grew very quickly under Dame_vaness and Teignat's runs. During dame_vaness’ run i joined O.P.E. (organisation for prosperity of england) because it seemed to me that this political group had good objectives and was not rulled by gurus. During Teignat's runs, we worked together most of the time, as we are used to do it since we were vagrants (level0 players)
A few weeks ago, i opened a tavern in sevenoaks, i'm now selling food cheaper than you can find it on market place. I'm not loosing money this way, i just find good deals with producers who make me very low prices.
Now, i run for our town hall to continue our great development, here is a list of my objectives : Recruiting people to make a great town hall council, such as :
* - a representative for the vagrants (level 0) (actually Goatoles who is welcome in this council )
* - a representative for the peasants (level1)
* - a representative for the craftsmen (level2)
* - a local sheriff
* - one or two official traders
- keeping sevenoaks taxes-free for all
- keeping market place with good prices and offering all needed goods.
- Swindling and profitering will be severly hunted, as all county laws of course, but those are often forgoten or unknown. Information will be our first objective, then we'll have to see with the local sheriff how repression must be.
- keeping the "old mac donald's raffle" and work on the "lumberjack contest", an additionnal and very motivated representative for this job would be very great.
- making sunday as "solidarity day" where town hall's tavern will sell food for very low prices, to help our poor citizen to increase their strength and intelligence, depending on productions.”

Uranium, a man who hardly needs introduction, was one of the first people here in Sussex to post guides on how to best grow certain crops, raise animals and run certain workshops. His contributions in this respect are remembered by nearly everyone. He is currently the leader of KotRT, and says this: “Sincere respect to all people of Seveoaks, Im Uranium, traveler, who visited nearly all towns of Sussex.Who have seen much, who have experienced a lot... I am here to bring you a new way of life, simply renaissance... Leave all business behind, its time for fun, leave all job to me Discover new things everyday with me...”

All three of these men are widely recognized for their contributions to Sussex and all have leadership experience.

by Staff

Dead Man Among the Demonstrators

Marc359 of Lewes is dead, yet his compatriots keep his body in front of the castle to demonstrate. Ior_tiger and Reefer's reason to demonstrate? "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" is the official reason.

In another separate demonstration, Blade7777 and Phatman0321 have proven their interest in the democratic way "If you vote for me i will make the game play better than ever. I believe in a political and humane society." Their reasons and motives remain unanswered.

by Staff

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Number of posts : 433
Registration date : 2005-11-12

PostSubject: Re: The Herald (27/11/05)   Sat 7 Jan - 7:47


by Baiboe


Meat Hits New Low in Southampton!

The price of meat in Southampton has been driven downward over the past week from just under twenty pounds to eighteen pounds even. The mayor of Southampton, Lorudce considers it an aberration and does not expect the price to remain as it is. "I believe it is a case of a butcher or merchant who had inventory and wanted to undercut the price others had their product listed at in order to make a quick sale. That was 50 pence lower than the next highest meat which was at 18.50. It also may be an attempt to compete with the taverns which now also offer meat in their meals."

He, however doesn't completely dismiss the notion that meat could be seeing a low price for some times to come. "Since there are currently 83 pieces of meat on the market, we will probably see lower prices for quite some time."

Kiolan, the Meat Producers Guild leader views the large supply as the reason. "If I look at the situation in Southampton I see two things happening. First, there are 5 butchers present now and they are really competing with each other. The second thing is that all the butchers must be supplying their own meat or buying it from the Town Hall for 16,10 (pig) or 32 (cow), because not much trade is going on in HHW's at the market. And the HHW's offered at the market are very expensive (Since they are supplying their own meat or buying it very cheap from Town Hall, the prices can be so low. The fact that prices are not even lower, I think, is that there is a guaranteed price for HHW's for which the Town Hall is buying them. If there would not be such system, prices would even be lower in Southampton, because the supply of the cow farmers (14) and pig farmers (3) is higher then the demand of the butchers."

To curb the wild inflation and deflation of prices, Kiolan suggests meat producers become members of the Meat Producers Guild, in hopes that the market will stabilize. "I hope that they will become a member, so that we can discuss prices and limit the competition. Competition is good, but only to a certain extent. Prices must be high enough for farmers to produce meat and for butchers to earn a decent income, so that they keep supplying meat. At the other hand, prices must not be to high, because meat provides food and valuable characteristics for the players and it must be available to them for a reasonable price. Leveling up must not become very difficult."

The eighteen pound meat has been purchased, with none replacing it. Currently the low price of meat is 18.40, with thirty pieces on the market at that price.

by Whit


Letters to the Editor

Some correction here.

Lady Vaness founded CUS.

I was in CUS before Darmor as were several others like Riane, Joeljr110, Calisupafly, Harald Jarl, et al.

He founded nothing, he simply joined a party. This is the arrogance that Harald tired of. .

Lastly, since he is no longer in CUS how would he know if we are fragmented and a "shell?" Wanting it to be true does not make it so.

by Judge Nordicnorn


Alcoholism in Winchester

In light of a burst in new arrivals.
There was a drinking binge of hurtful proportions over the weekend.
The rowdiness and dedication to the cause of emptying tankards with newcomers was such that that essentially operation of the entire town slowed.
Much enjoyment was had by some of the town's noblemen, notable freemen, and the Mayor.
Unfortunately, Town hall for all but routine transactions and the smithy were closed for a couple days.

by Staff


CCCP Organizes in Sussex
There is a new and odd movement in the County...

Seems the women have tired of all the men bickering and have decided to take matters into their own hands.

The have a party called Cute Chicks in Control. CCCP

Where this is going is anyone's guess, but several well-known women in Sussex have joined this "club" Dame Nordic, Lady Vaness, Shanly, Cassandra, Minaserana and several others.

by Staff


Constantinople has fallen to the Ottomans?

During the winter of 1451 Mehmed II, an Ottoman Sultan began recruiting competent builders, familiar with military works and fortifications, to build a Fort, named Boghaz-kesen or ‘Cutter of the Throat’ to control the sea way.
1452 a Venetian vessel attempted to pass without paying the required tolls. The new fortress’s guns sank it, the crew of thirty men were taken prisoner. The officers and sailors were brought to the Sultan, who ordered their immediate execution. The Venetian and Genoese governments rightly interpreted the act as an indication of hostilities that were soon to break out.

Reports suggest that the Sultan had over 150.000 men, including thousands of irregulars, from many nationalities, who were attracted by the prospect of looting, were ready to assault the city.
The Ottoman fleet. Composed of approximately 200 ships of various sizes and displacements.

The siege ended with waves of Janissaries, followed by other regular units of the Ottoman army, crashing through the open Gates, mixing with fleeing Citizens and slaughtered Christian soldiers. Eye witnesses state that the Emperor, realizing that everything was lost, removed his Imperial insignia, and followed by his cousin Theophilus Palaeologus, the Castilian Don Francisco of Toledo, and John Dalmatus, all four holding their swords, charged into the sea of the enemy soldiers, hitting left and right in a final act of defiance. They were never seen again.

Thus, bands of soldiers began now looting. Doors were broken, private homes were looted, their tenants were massacred. Shops in the city markets were looted. Monasteries and Convents were broken in, their tenants were killed, nuns were raped, many, to avoid dishonor, killed themselves. Killing, raping, looting, burning, enslaving, went on and on according to Islamic tradition.
The great doors of Saint Sophia were forced open, and crowds of angry soldiers came in and fell upon the unfortunate worshippers. Pillaging and killing in the holy place went on for hours. Similar was the fate of worshippers in most churches in the city. Everything that could be taken from the splendid buildings was taken by the new masters of the Imperial capital. Icons were destroyed, precious manuscripts were lost forever. Thousands of civilians have been enslaved, soldiers fought over young boys and young women. Death and enslavement did not distinguish among social classes. Nobles and peasants were treated with equal ruthlessness.


The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity
Scene in Washington, DC this Christmas season.
This isn't for any religious reason, they simply have not been able to
find three wise men and a virgin in the Nation's capitol.
There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.

by Emunah


The Organization for the Prosperity of England.

We are currently looking for valuable and reliable members. If you read our program and think it matches your opinions, feel free to join us.

If you want to take part in this challenge consisting of leading the smallest party (for the moment) to doing great things, and join a bunch of experienced players, we are waiting for you.

In OPE, there's no such irrelevant things as Imperators and other weirdo rank names, no barely legal Army, no false promises. We know what we can do, and what we cannot do, we try to respect the historical scope of action of the game, and we give advices and assistance based on these points. We're just starting, but we're motivated to achieve our goals! it's not just yet another political party to gather titles and have cool signatures. We want to get some work done, and only this.

OPE members feel more concerned by dealing with real problems than by going on endless rants and flamewars in the forums.

In our members, we have active or former mayors liked by their town citizens, we have almost all kinds of people Sussex has (vagrants, peasants, craftsmen, and people involved in the university), and we're all willing to share our experience with you, and have you help us achieve our mutual goals for Sussex.

You're bored of all the bla bla? You want a party acting instead of spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt? You're bored with the politics in Sussex being mostly flamewars between some individuals? It's time for a change! Join us!

Thank you for reading!
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The Herald (27/11/05)
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