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 The Herald (04/01/06)

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PostSubject: The Herald (04/01/06)   Sat 7 Jan - 7:40


Happy New Year! Today is, Wednesday Janurary 4th, 1454
Edition XII


Invasion or Inspiration?

Citizens of the world have been dealt a serious blow. It all began early yesterday as the sun began to go dark. Something seemed to be moving in front of it and blocking much of its light. One eyewitness said, “I saw a dark circle appearing across the sun and that is the last thing I saw.” The sight apparently left him blind. As panic struck, the citizens all fled to the church for sanctuary and retreat. Most finally settled down as the priests ministered to them and began to pray for the Lord to have mercy on them. This surely was the end of the world! Confessions were being blurted out to anyone who would listen. Communion was being demanded.

People soon realized something more sinister and less divine was happening. Something must have caused a deep sleep to come upon everyone, for several hours later, they all awoke in jail cells! Mysterious hooded guards were standing outside the cells laughing at the imminent execution of all the citizens of Sussex! Slowly the panic stricken citizens watched as their comrades were called out beginning with people whose names began with an A. Some prayed, others closed their eyes and mumbled, “This is all a dream… This isn’t happening… Wake up now.”, and still others tried to organize a resistance to the strangers. As citizens were taken through an ominous appearing door, their screams could be heard by those left in the cells. With people at near panic levels the largest of the hooded guards turned to the holding cells and extended a bony hand. Something which looked like lightening but was pitch black extended from its fingers and washed over the citizens.

The next anyone remembers is waking up in a cold sweat. As citizens left their homes this morning, they began sharing the strange dream they had all shared. One devout lady said, “This is a sign from the Lord that the end is near!” A gentleman deep in his cups at the tavern was overheard saying, “’Tis the work of Mother Earth. We are neglecting her and she wanted our attention.” An even stranger proposition was that this was the work of beings from another world.

Regardless of who one blames the fact remains that all of the citizens saw the sun going dark and then entered a dream or trance that was shared by all. We are happy to report that the “executed” seem none the worse for the experience. However, people are a bit jumpy today as they resume their work.

by Lorudce

Trouble in the Mines

Sheriff Zymurge has recently completed his survey of the county’s mines and has released the following recommendations:

zymurge wrote:
Mayors and Citizens alike, as the Sheriff of the Mines of Sussex, I call upon you to make the most of our resources and to mine as directed. Your cooperation and participation in this effort will provide us with the maximum amount of resources with the minimum amount of upkeep costs. This will lead to a stronger and more prosperous Sussex, from which we will all win!

Arundel: best option is iron to E. Maximize mining

Lewes: best option is iron to E. Maximize mining

Salisbury: only option is iron to SE. Maximize mining

Southampton: only option is iron to NW. Maximize mining

Marlborough: only option is stone to NE. Maximize mining

Sevenoaks: only option is stone to SW. Maximize mining

Winchester: only option is gold to SE. Restrict mining to only as needed.

Canterbury: only option is gold to SE. Restrict mining to only as needed.

Dover: best option is gold to NW. Restrict mining to only as needed.

The Sheriff has explained that if citizens would go to the “best options” as listed above, the county can be the most prosperous. Recently mine maintenance costs have changed and there has been a shortage of workers. This has led to the closing of some mines, at least temporarily, leaving some towns feeling ill used since their vagrants have no convenient place to work.

Dugustus, mayor of Winchester, responded to the closure of Winchester’s gold mine by stating:

Quote :
Winchester / to the southeast / Gold / 0 closed.

The people of Winchester are not amused.
They openly curse the mine for being closed leaving them jobless without warning. I'm compensating by opening more militia posts and encouraging them towards the orchard but the gains are less so they are not happy peasants.

The Herald sat down to interview Mayor Dusgustus:
Quote :
Lorudce: Did you get any forewarning to recruit more people to work your mines?
Dugustus: I'd like to rephrase that if I may. Did I get any warning of the closure? No. The Sheriff doesn't want more people working in our mine.

Lorudce: Has the sheriff and/or council done anything to offer alternative jobs or funding for you to offer militia posts to make up for the lost jobs from the mines?
Dugustus: No, when concerned citizens came forth to complain they/he just dumped it in our laps (as Mayors). They offered no plan to us and no assistance.

Lorudce: What alternatives to closing the mine have you suggested to the sheriff and/or would like to suggest?
Dugustus: Unfortuneatly I could make no such offering to him. Now the maintenance situation has changed and as long as the people of Winchester don't swarm to the mine it's maintenance should no longer be a bother as we have a half capacity mine in the first place.

Lorudce: Have any of your citizens complained to you about the loss of the mines? If so, how many? (a few, everyone, 100’s?)
Dugustus: Every constiuent I've spoken with. 16 at least. They been researching council demonstrations and revolts and discussing this at length in both Taverns, as well as the percieved agenda of our Sheriff

Count Baiboe weighed in on this issue by releasing the following statement:

baiboe wrote:
first of all we don't want to close the only mine in a town even if it's a gold mine. That was just a temporary problem that has been discussed and fixed.

Sussex needs more stone and iron if we want to be prepared for a war. We can get money from trade and taxes but we don't have that option for stone and iron. Therefore it's better if more people work in the iron mines and stone quarries than in a gold mine.

The maintenance of a gold mine requires more stone and iron than an iron mine of the same level so this is another reason for promoting the iron and stone mines.
Oh and a closed mine doesn't need repairs so when you re-open it then it will be in the same state as before the closing.

At this time, the Winchester mine is open at minimum capacity thus giving a few jobs for citizens while costing the least amount for maintenance possible.

Sheriff Zymurge allowed The Herald to interview him to get his response to the questions and accusations coming from Winchester and other towns. His response to our questions follow:
Quote :
Thank you for the inquiry and willingness to help inform the public of the mining situation. Naturally, my responses here as well as anything that I've said in a public forum can be used in your article, although I'd certainly appreciate it if full context was maintained to avoid any unintended views.

As far as the perception of singling out towns, I don't even understand the logic behind that viewpoint. The only town to my knowledge that was ever affected was Marlborough. I have no issues with this town and in fact a good repoire with Mayor Dugustus, whom I find is mostly supportive of the same economic principles as myself. It would be refreshing as well as educational to see why some opt to spin my actions as anything other than for the betterment of Sussex, alas, all we get is blind hatred and unsubstantiated statements.

The one most important underlying them to explain to people here is this:

It takes iron and stone to support each and every mine. The more people that work a mine, the more the support cost. The iron and stone mining that we have today is self-supporting and in fact profitible, in that it produces more of each then it spends.

Gold mining on the other hand appears to use an inordinate amount of both iron and stone to support, and of course produces neither of those materials to offset this cost. When factoring in the gold mining support costs over the past few weeks I've held this office, we are at a loss in the range of 10-50 units each of iron and stone per day. This is not sustainable, as the County supplies are dwindling, and it will lead to the eventual forced closure of mines to prevent collapse and total loss.

This leaves me with the uncomfortable position of either removing a work source for towns with only gold mining options (Winchester, Canterbury and Dover) or to allow the bleeding to continue if we cannot find an alternate method to produce enough iron and stone to stay viable in the gold mines.

Your specific answers:

1) Lorudce: Does every town have an open mine at this time?
Sheriff Zymurge: Each town does now have a mine open. See the Mining Destinations Announcements in the Sussex Inn for specific details.

2) Lorudce:Did you give any forewarning to recruit more people to work the mines before closing any?
Sheriff Zymurge: The only mine that I ever closed unexpectedly was the Winchester Gold Mine. When I was learning the ropes, I realized that not closing this mine would cause the County to lose approximately 50 each of precious stone and iron. I did this before I had the nodes in the Sheriff control panel mapped to the actual locations, so by doing it blindly I was wrongfully ignorant to the impact.

3) Lorudce: What alternative source of jobs have you suggested to any towns which have no active mines, if there are any?
Sheriff Zymurge: I believe that the County should work on this problem in a wholistic manner. The pool of Government jobs are: Mines, Town Militia, County Militia (Barracks). Since the Town Militia is quite limited the Barracks option seems to be the ideal choice for towns with unwanted (i.e. - gold) mining. In order for this to happen, we must direct the workers across Sussex to work in the most effective places for the County: those with wanted mining (iron and stone) must concentrate on mining and leave the Barracks jobs open to those from the towns with only the gold option.
(note: I was completely unaware of any game related bugs that prevented people in Winchester to access the Barracks)

4) Lorudce: Have any citizens complained to you about the loss of the mines? If so, how many? (a few, everyone, 100’s?)

Sheriff Zymurge: Dugustus was the only one vocal that I recall. I'm sure that there were a few others in my surveys, but I'd estimate that at less than a handful. That doesn't mean that more than that were affected, this is only who chose to write about it.

One idea circulating the county is to encourage more citizens to work in the mines at least one day a week. The thought behind this is to increase iron and stone production to help offset the cost of keeping the gold mines open. The Herald also asked our sheriff for his view on that option, here is his response:

Quote :
Loruce: It has been suggested that towns have “Everyone Mining Days” or at least encourage all to mine 1 day out of 7 to help produce stone and iron. Will that help keep gold mines open for towns with no options? Will 1 day out of 7 be enough to make a difference?
Sheriff Zymurge: This is an interesting option, but one that I would reserve for a state of crisis in iron and/or stone supply. In doing this, it is unknown what the loss of the other production would do to the economy. Until we declare this type of action we should:
A) Wait until the holidays are passed and people are back to normal RL and see if mining activity picks up on its own.
B) See what the effects are of the new direction policy. If people are very compliant, then we will use our mines most efficiently and perhaps produce enough material to support robust gold mining.
C) See if the County Barracks offer a viable solution that will (when bugs are addressed) bleed off miners from the gold only areas.
Again, it should be noted that all towns have a functioning mine at this time. The sheriff is requesting that citizens of Winchester, Canterbury, and Dover use mining as a last resort for work. All other towns are asked to “maximize mining”. Keep reading The Herald and we will keep you up to date as this story unfolds.

by Lorudce

Ecthelion Steps Down from the Council

Ecthelion, mayor of Marlborough, though exempt from the new law prohibiting the holding of two offices due to holding both of the offices of mayor and council member before the law was enacted, has stepped down from the council. He released this statement.
Quote :
Regarding my recent resignation from the Council:
I was elected to the Council and Mayorship of Marlborough on the same day. Within two days of the new council's election, talk of making a law that banned multiple function was well received. The council made the proposal a law on December 19, but agreed that it should not be applied ex post facto; therefore I was allowed to serve out my mayoral term and not make the decision.
With 13 days left until the next Marlborough mayoral elections, I warned the council that I was planning on resigning and registering my candidacy for the mayorship again. Now, I have resigned from my position, and Lorudce is replacing me as the Sussex Sergeant. I did this with the full understanding that it was not required of me, but I wish to follow the will of the council and the spirit of the laws.

Lorudce has already taken up the position of council member and Sussex Sergeant.

by Staff

The First Canterbury Lottery Winners Announced!

Shortly after Mayor Belzebar took office he arranged a lottery to not only help the town's deficit, but to give the town's inhabitants a chance at some great prizes as well. There were five winners, with prize packages ranging from a boat, a shirt and a loaf of bread to the fifth place winner taking five loaves of bread.

Winning numbers announcement:

Belzébar wrote:
Lottery Results:


Thanks to Number 19, Foupios wins the 1st prize ( 1 boat + 1 shirt + 1 bread loave).

Thanks to Number 24, Santarus wins the 2nd prize (1 boat + 1 bread loave).

Thanks to Number 33, BrianDuffy wins the 3rd prize (1 shirt + 1 bread loave).

Thanks to Number 36, Nanagalli wins the 4st prize (2 vegetables + 2 fruits + 1 fish + 1 piece of meat + 1 bread loave).

Thanks to Number 1, ChristShep wins the 5th prize (5 bread loaves).

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants who helped Canterbury to out of the red buying lottery tickets

by Whit
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Number of posts : 433
Registration date : 2005-11-12

PostSubject: Re: The Herald (04/01/06)   Sat 7 Jan - 7:40


by Baiboe


Letters to the Editor

Hello everyone, well I thought it would be good to say this to everyone. You all of course know of my envolvement with this “treason” and betrayal that everyone is saying here. Well to help straighten it out for some of you here. Well I started out by getting in touch with Pathus through someone. This may be hard for some of you to believe but I set out to join IS through this CUS stop CUS from elections. Well I had planned to see IS and its senators for what they were not said about them or they told us. So it wasn’t hard to get into IS Pathus if anything welcomed me in after he went on for awhile to “persuade” me. So when I first was in I met all the senators though I can’t remember who was all their but Pathus ,Anto , Lokdar ,Jones , and the other’s I don’t think Darmor was their though he could have been. Also Zymurge was their I believe though back on subject. So I got into IS and was told by Pathus to sit in France for awhile till elections were over actually he told me to return a day or so before. Though I was in France I couldn’t move for one of the days then had planned to move back to Sussex. I did 5 days before elections. Then I had been removed from the list okay. So I’ll take my blame if people still want to charge me for it. Though all the plans and ideas were straight from the mastermind behind it Pathus. He did plan to do this to other groups including the other groups he had planned. I myself have seen Pathus, and IS. I personally am shocked to see how far he and the senators were really willing to go to take Sussex it’s crazy what he planned though he also said weird things like armies from France to come here and take out CUS. Though that’s my story on this all if anyone’s mad, disappointed or whatnot. You can angry pm me and I’ll apologize to anyone that thought I have gone too far to help expose IS. I also want to say IA do you want to follow people like this that are willing to go this far for our country.

I’m sure know one will really believe me well I don’t care if you do or not I just feel better that I didn’t wait to long to say this though it’s delayed. Though I had some of the people that care for Sussex and England had helped me decide to tell this out here. For those in the IA think hard if you want to follow your leaders blindly not including how some are crazy and like to shout rebellion. Well that’s all I have to say right now and that’s most of it to. If you doubted the screenshots their real quite real everyone so again IS lies and IA members fall deeper into the web by supporting them. So if you have more questions or want to yell at me just pm me in here well goodbye and goodnight everyone.

by Trontor


whit wrote:
Zymurge and Anto Capone are the only original Senators from the Imperial Senate still in existance.

Anto_Capone was not a senator of the Imperial Senate. Credit to thelastdhali for initially correcting The Herald.


Cultivating Co-Operation

The tasty taters vegetable guild has been approached by the French vegetable guild. Late on Friday night, the leader of the French "Guilde des maraîchers" contacted the Tasty Tater vegetable guild. He noted that the two guilds share a common goal, "working with and for gardeners". He also suggested that we could trade veggies between France and England, if one country has produced more veggies then it can use. A few members of the English guild have voiced their opinions on the idea, and all of these farmers are supportive of the co-operation. While the guilds are still working out what this co-operation will involve, both Edge and the members of Tasty Taters seem optimistic.

by drrino


Name that Tavern Contest

Quote :
I am holding a contest for the residence of Lewes. I am looking for a new name for the towns pub. I would like it to be a name from back in the 1400's if at all possible. It has definitely got to be English though. I am also looking for originality too. If you think you have a name that sounds like it captures the Lewes or Sussex's flora and marina ambience. Maybe the marine life. I have a problem trying to RP where we are in Sussex. I find myself in Pikes Street Market watching the fish being flung around. The winner will get an item from the TH for the price of 1 pound. Not sure what it will be yet.

These were the rules for the Name That Tavern contest held in Lewes over the past week. Most of Lewes joined in as they thought up names for their town's tavern. A few of the names thought up where
Quote :
The Fisherman's Rest or The Sunken Schooner
both given by shaderon. Also
Quote :
Dragonfish inn
Sealegs' Pub, Shark's Den, Whaler's Pub, Captain's Retreat, Dockside, Old Salts Inn, Fish and Ale Inn, Drunken Fish.
all given by Destion. Still many more tavern titles where posted. Then Emunah posted that the winner was JSH1 with the tavern title of The Swinging Anchor. JSH1 was rewarded a pair of shoes for only 1 pound. The runner up was Phoenxx, for all his historical information. Phoenxx was rewarded a piece of meat for only 1 pound.

by DariusFarlenz

Mayor Sevare and Rhiannon Wed

On January 2nd of this year in a small outdoor ceremony, Mayor Sevare and Censor Rhiannon promised their futures to one another. Several people congratulated the new couple including the Mayor of Winchester Dugustus Dudley and Judge Nordicnorn.

by Whit


Weekeewaka has been charged with fraud.

The charge description:
You are charged of profiteering for having sold a bread loaf at a criminal price

31-12-2005 13:40 : You have bought from Weekeewaka 1 bread loaf for 12,95 pounds.

TonyRC has been charged with fraud.

The charge description:
After a self-denunciation in the forum/Sussex Inn:

Five days ago, Lord Firgold of Solenzara and his wife Lady Blanche41 of Solenzara came in Southampton. They sold items (as half hundred weight of cows).

I bought some items of this two guys. The two persons were new in Southampton, they came after election where I sent to everyone my tracts.

I looked at them identity. No one owns a field or a ranch in England. So, i immediately thought that the two persons would destabilized our market.

At the same time, I asked our mayor Lord TheSnowMan, why he decided to increase the purchasing price about 1/2 hundred weight cows. I told me that it is an economic policy.

During 5 days, I bought all items of cows because I was persuaded that these persons were guilty of market destabilization. During 5 days, I accumulated proofs against these persons.

Yesterday night, him Lord Firgold sent me a message and accused me of profeteering, I sent back his e-mail to know more information about them activities; so I accused him of multiaccount and to break business. "


Darmor has been charged with Traitorousness.

The charge description:
Sir Darmor, you are charged by the Council of Sussex for Treason regarding the law:
"Multiple Functions

In order to avoid a possible conflict of interest, a player can not be a member of the council and a mayor at the same time. Should this apply to someone, he or she will have to make a decision and give up one of these functions. Giving up the mayor position will have to be dealt with by the mayor and the running council, for the interest of the Town. "

The council has stated that what you did is illegal. As a council member, you were aware of this law and your position is an aggravating circumstance.
The council asked you to resign from one position, and unless you do it before the end of this trial, you are charged for Treason.


Knightkiller has purchased a sheep farm.

If YOU want YOUR name in the paper like this, please contact Whit!


Come to Caesar's Palace, a new tavern in Canterbury, you will find fine beer and meals over there!


Mayor Belzebar of Canterbury asks citizens of Canterbury:
If you go up at Level 1, I advise you to cultivate vegetables or breed sheeps.
If you go up at Level 2, I advise you to become Miller.


Thank you for reading!
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The Herald (04/01/06)
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